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    Been wondering what some popular modpacks are for multiplayer. Im looking to setup a modded server in the future and not sure what modpacks are considered popular currently. Was thinking something like Pixelmon but Im not too sure. Any suggestions?

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    Hello, me and some friends are running a vanilla survival server made brand new for the 1.16 update. The server was made to host our friend group of 30. However, as the update was coming up we decided it might be better to expand our community by opening to the public. Our only plugins are anti-grief related. We don't plan on changing the game too much, as we aim for total vanilla!

    We aim to grow the server to form an active community to keep the game fresh, interesting and fun. If you would like to join all we ask is that you reply to this thread (preferably here as it bumps the server) or in our Discord and follow the application form. Try be detailed in your application.

    Technical Details - Feel free to ignore :)

    Our server is hosted with gigabit speeds (up & down) so connections are stable.
    The server is well configured aiming to keep true vanilla at heart by using minimal plugins. Our server is running the latest version of Paper to ensure smooth gameplay. With fast speeds, strong hosting hardware and minimal plugins, you can be sure that our server is consistent with its TPS (~19.9-20 ticks per second).

    Server Application

    IGN (In-game name) ? -
    Age ? -
    When did you first play Minecraft ? -
    Country ? -
    Why would you like to join our server ? -
    Past experiences with community Minecraft servers ? -
    What is your play style ? -
    What might you want to achieve within this server ? -
    What are some past survival feats that you are proud of ? -
    What other games do you have an interest in ? -

    Thank you for taking your time to check us out and we hope to see you around!
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