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    New Versions Available at https://github.com/InfamousMusicify/TRMotd/

    Version 6.5: NOVID (PG/Lite)
    Added COVID messages to main lists.
    Tweaked Lite Version to great new players with a special Message.
    (Updated Lite messages with newer list.)

    Version 6.5: NOVID (Full)
    Added 53 New Messages! Updated Effects for 2500 Messages for the future.
    Tweaked Code/Mechanics to work better per player.
    Updated Commands:
    /trigger <motd-stopmusic-rfx-loginmusic-loginrfx>
    motd: sends the player a random message
    stopmusic: stops the music that plays.
    rfx: Turn on Infinte Effects for yourself. (login effects must be on.)
    loginmusic: Toggle wether Music plays on login
    loginrfx: Toggle Whether Effects play at login.

    Version 6.4: NOVID (Lite/PG)
    Removed Static Messages.

    Version 6.3 COVID (Full):
    Added 49 Messages. Total now: 2000 (2002 technically, but the 2 arent ever seen.)
    Cleaned up the code, Fixed some small bugs and some new bugs and some weird bugs.
    Moved Code from add-on back over to main pack because the pack is split into 3 parts now.
    Bugs (fixed):
    Server crash would cause people online during crash to get a welcome message on return
    /trigger rfxON/OFF has been replaced with /trigger RFX due to some weird interference and to save on performace.
    /trigger motd will no longer play music when used to prevent annoyance.
    /trigger motd cleaned up code
    Other smaller bugs which slip the developers mind currently.

    Version 6.3 COVID (split):
    Same as above but this pack was split for the add-on below and only uploaded for a little while.
    Moved more code from the main datapack to the Add-on to save on performance in the case its not intalled.

    MOTDRecord v1.3:
    Updated Score Functions.
    If you update from Motd v6.1 to v6.3 you must also update this if you use the Add-On.
    Cleaned up Code.

    Version 6.3 Lite:
    Stripped Music/Effects/stoprecord.
    Still has classic 2000 Messages, much more Performance Friendly.

    Version 6.3 PG:
    Contains 1000 Family Friendly Messages.
    Stripped Music/Effects/stoprecord Functions. Very Very Preformance Friendly.

    Version 6.2 - Lite(PG):
    Has /trigger motd
    Contains 998 Family Friendly Messages.(and 2 unfriendly.) No Music or Effects Functionality.

    Version 6.1: Performance and Functionality Update.
    Added 263 Messages. Total is now: 1952
    Stripped Music and Effects into a seperate pack. Set RFX and Music to be off by default.
    Added all Futurama MOTD's, Added all of Realms's Twitch Quotes as of 3-27-20, 2b2t motds.

    MOTDRecord v1.1:
    Add-on for music andd effects.

    Version 5.8: COVID-19 Update
    Added 109 New messages,
    Added 16 Static Health/Safety Messages related to the current COVID-19 Pandemic.
    Stay Safe!
    Wash your hands!
    Use hand sanitizer!
    Shop for your elders!
    Save the world – stay inside!
    Support local businesses!
    Stay home and play games!
    Stay strong!
    Cough or sneeze into your elbow!
    Don’t touch your face!
    Support elderly relatives and friends!
    Prepare, but don’t hoard!
    Gamers unite – separately in your own homes!
    Save the world – stay inside!
    Hang out with your friends online!
    Soap and water!

    Version 5.7:
    Fixed rfxON/OFF Functionality.

    Version 5.6:
    Added 80 new Messages, Added 1 New effect.

    Version 5.5.2:
    Updated rfxON to always stay on when the player desires it.

    Version 5.5.1:
    Re-fixed Login effect bug.

    Version 5.5:
    Fixed Login Effect Bug.

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    New Version Available at https://github.com/InfamousMusicify/Flying-Raijin/

    Version 11.1:
    Removed 1499 lines of code, replaced with 1.
    Pack can now support 999999 Players before the pack resets.
    Performance Boosted!
    Help command info updated.

    Version 11.0.4
    Cleaned up Code,Updated Crafting to use Enchanting table instead of ground.(throw items on top of e-table.)
    Added help command. /trigger raijin_help

    Version 11.0:
    Fixed Raijin Enchant typo - Justsu to Jutsu. Facepalm.

    Version 10.9:
    Fixed the scores when a player is given a trident by someone else.
    Fixed a few really annoying bugs.
    Bugs: When a player was gifted a trident it broke a few peoples scores. and some people wouldnt be able to teleport,
    occasionally the player who was gifted the trident was effected by this. Now fixed.

    # I would recommend a full re-install using the function command /function mrp:uninstall before updating.
    I would hazard to say its working 99.9% correctly.
    The only caveat is you must stand within 5 blocks of the trident when crafting a raijin now.
    Make sure no one is nearby when crafting. Especially if they are closer to the ground trident than you.

    Version 10.8:
    Added Texture to the Carrot on a stick to make it more immersive.
    Created Resource pack to go with the datapack "Raijin Textures".
    (note that if you created your Raijin before this update you will have to recraft your carrot on a stick within the raijin recipe,
    in order for the textures to take effect I.E, throw one in the crafting mix or just make sure you dont have one in your inventory!
    and re-craft the raijin if you want the textures)

    Version 10.7:
    Major Multiplayer Bug fixes.
    1: Fixed Crafting bug where old players tridents broke when new players crafted tridents when they were online.
    2: fixed crafting overflow bug of the same sort.
    3: fixed carrot on a stick not being given bug.
    Cleaned up code, performance should be optimized.

    Version 10.6:
    Updated Overflow Crafting Buffer and Debugging. Reloads entire plugin after 1500 Tridents have been crafted.
    Fixes player scores properly more or less.
    Please report any issues.

    Version 10.5:
    Removed /trigger RaijinCraft, fixed the datapack so that it is unecassary when reinstalling. it is now automated.
    Reinstalling is now super easy and simple and safe. /function mrp:uninstall, install new version, /reload.

    Version 10.4:
    Added /trigger RaijinCraft Debug for pack reinstalls.
    use trigger command to fix your trident if the datapack has been reinstalled.
    Uninstall/Reinstall Tip: "/function mrp:uninstall" "/reload"
    and then to fix your/players who had made tridents scores if your reinstalling/updating, "/trigger RaijinCraft"(per player)

    Version 10.3:
    Added Carrot QoL Improvemnets.
    Such as: Throw and old Carrot on a stick that you want to upgrade without renaming or something
    into the crafting mix before the other ingredients and it will be tagged with a Haraishin No Jutsu Enchant.
    Fixed some bugs with carrot giving to.

    Version 10.2:
    Added Name to Carrot on a stick and enchant thing.

    Version 10.1:
    Added Enchant Display Text to Distinguish Raijin Tridents.
    Text: Haraishin No Jutsu

    Version 10.0:
    Fixed Crafting so that you can keep named and enchanted tridents and upgrade them to raijin tridents.
    Fixed carrot on a stick being given when you already had one for raijin. (Unless its in your offhand for some reason)

    Version 9.9:
    Fixed Teleportation Order, you now teleport to the closest trident you threw.

    Version 9.8:
    Left this version up because it has a neat functionality, Teleports to oldest trident you've thrown.
    Fixed a small bug that caused the scores to count to quickly.
    Added Uninstall function. /function mrp:uninstall

    Version 9.7:
    Fixed Bug where Offhand couldnt use raijin tp.
    and because of that bug fix another smaller bug was patched as well, teleporting when switcing carrot back to main hand.

    Version 9.6:
    Added Crafting sound, Fixed Teleport sound.
    Fixed a Bug where Players with the same Raijin ID Both Teleported when 1 used raijin.
    (There is still a bug where if 1 of the players with that ID Throws their raijin,
    the other player will tp to it if they use the Rajin Carrot Stick click.)

    Version: 9.4:
    Updated Crafting, no longer need to right click a carrot on a stick. just throw the items together.
    Funtionality Updated, You get a special Carrot on a stick when you craft your raijin
    which is the stick you should use to teleport. it can be renamed.
    Bugs fixed in the procces of updating which are technical and no one would notice them, but they are fixed.

    Version 9.2:
    Fixed a Somewhat Major Bug in Multiplayer,
    If a player had thrown a trident and another player used raijin they would both be teleported. -Fixed
    Minor Bug fix: First player to craft trident wouldnt get Bossbar Effect ot Tp Noises. -Fixed

    Version 9.1:
    Added Teleport sounds that mimic Minatos Raijin Jutsu sound.

    Version 9.0:
    Added Crafting Recipe, No longer Works with every Trident.(Teleporting is player/trident specific)
    No Longer teleports you to he oldest Trident in the world.
    Added a system to track up to 1500 Players and their tridents, now you wont randomly teleport to someone elses.
    Fixed many Multiplayer bugs with random teleports and Bossbar display.
    Fixed Bossbar display to only display for those who are teleporting.
    There May be some bugs i didnt catch in testing, please leave feedback <3

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    The server has been Updated with new and Improved Datapacks and Resources Packs!

    Come take a look at the new updates and textures!

    We also have a few new players, check out the new builds and developments!

    We are also planning a few Major Updates for 1.16, such as a new Item shop, Re-working spawn, and a new Gigantic player bank!

    Apply Today to join our little Technical Community!



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    New Updates have come out for the datapack! Check out the performance and functionality updates here!


    https://bit.ly/2TizsgS <-- Beta Server

    Version 5.4:
    Fixed the 2nd login bug where players wouldnt receive a message.
    fixed some other bugs but ive lost track of them honestly.

    Version 5.2:
    Fixed the bug where all sounds were being stopped continuously.
    and the the message function looping. Much more performance friendly now. *Nervous Laugh*

    Version 5.1:
    Fixed a bug where the random effect wouldn't go away after login.

    Version 5.0:
    Fixed a multiplayer bug where people who joined after 1 person wouldnt receive messages.

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    Rule of thumb, Most Recent Version.

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    posted a message on FamousBros Server - Vanilla Survival - Java Edition

    We were offline for a week, but now we are back and kicking!
    there are some new features and we are working on a few very large projects.

    There is also a new player made Bank!
    come join us and check out the new stuff!


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    posted a message on FamousBros Server - Vanilla Survival - Java Edition

    Now in 1.15.2!
    Today the server updated to 1.15.2, as it seems mojang has moved on to 1.16 development.

    There have also been a number of datapack updates, improvements and additions on the server!
    Come check them out!

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    posted a message on FamousBros Server - Vanilla Survival - Java Edition

    3 New datapacks! and New features as well!
    Recently we have added 3 new custom datapacks to improve the gameplay experience.

    Come Check out whats new! https://forms.gle/Nhre1xQXUqB7x7i68


    Mark/ Recall


    New player Kit

    (Also Updated Raijin and sethome)

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    posted a message on Mark/ Recall - Datapack - Java Edition
    Mark/ Recall
    Adds in a Mark and Recall ability similar to what TES games had untill oblivion.

    Ratings and Feedback Appreciated!

    Throw 3 Eye of enders, and 3 Pieces of paper on the ground together and you will receive 3 Marks.
    Place a mark on the ground to mark your location, you will be given a recall Item.
    Place Recall on the ground to return to Mark.

    /trigger sw_help
    Will explain how things work in-game.

    A special Thank you to Xisuma and the Vanilla Tweaks Team for putting together

    the beautiful sethome datapack upon which this is based. <3

    Made this for my own server but I thought other folks may appreciate its functionality.




    Vanilla Tweaks by Xisumavoid: https://www.xisumavoid.com/vanillatweaks

    Beta server:

    Thank you for checking out the pack! I hope you enjoy!



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    posted a message on Truly Random Message of the Day - Datapack - Java Edition

    New Version Planned for the future!
    Check out the Beta-Testing Server!

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    posted a message on Meta Datapack Thread Request

    I know datapacks are a newish addition to Minecraft, but they don't really fit under Discussion, Creative/Redstone or Command Block threads very well, they sort of fit under "show your creation" but hardly anyone will look for a datapack there. (or look for anything there tbh)

    It would be nice to have a Thread where we can share our datapacks and/or ask for feedback/assistance with them more directly.

    I know there are a few websites around the net that have these forum threads and functions, but most folks Ive met in my travels thru Minecraft end up on these forums before any other MC related website.

    Please take it into consideration, if you haven't already. Would be much appreciated by myself and others.



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    posted a message on Kit - Vanilla Item Kit - Datapack - Java Edition
    Vanilla Item Kit for new players.

    Minecraft Datapack, Gives new players a kit of items.
    When a new player joins the Server, they get a Kit.
    Includes: Stone Tools, Bow/arrows, Leather Armor, 2 Info Books and 3 Player Heads
    Kit Editable in new.MCF.

    GitHub: https://github.com/InfamousMusicify/FBS-Kit
    Ratings and Feedback Appreciated!

    Thanks for checking this pack out!
    I honestly just made it for my personal server to Induct new players.
    I hope it serves someone well!

    Check out the Beta-Testing Server!


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    Version 4.8 - Now available: https://github.com/InfamousMusicify/TRMotd
    Added 400 New Messages from 2b2t's Motd list. now has 1500 messages!
    Bug fixes: /trigger stoprecord command now stops all sounds. (previously just records)

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