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    This isn't actually a complete themed resource pack for any version of minecraft. It's literally just a bunch of textures I made and modified out of boredom and curiosity. I don't care if these are stolen, re-uploaded, or published elsewhere without credit. Have at it. It's mainly weapons and other forms of various or misc gear and items. You can use these in your resource packs, or on a server, to record YouTube videos, whatever. Doesn't matter to me. Also I didn't feel like making a resource pack out of these to take in-game screenshots, so you're getting screenshots of them open in their folders. If the screenshots turn out bad, (like they did in planetminecraft) the same ones are in the file you download so you can take a close look at them without actually having to look through the files. Most of the textures are 64x.

    Download R.C.M.W.G. here.

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