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    posted a message on This, in my humble opinion, is so far the most boring survival update.
    Quote from joman195

    I find it hilarious that because he shares the same opinion as you, he is "another educated user". Ah, Bigg, please, keep going. Your blissful ignorance amuses me.

    Yet you have no argument against it.

    Quote from Bjossi

    ....Do share. All I'm aware of is just an informal promise from Notch, and Mojang by extension.

    This was 2 seconds of google.

    Notch has just announced the 1.0 version of his indie-darling creation: Minecraft. After more than two years of development, the game has already raked in millions of dollars in "pre-sales" for Mojang, which started with an employee of one. The game has also consumed millions of man hours as players built anything (and everything) they'd like in the sandbox Notch devised. Most of the features of the 1.0 release have been available along the way, but 1.0 offers an official "end" to the game, along with some more RPG elements — and of course plenty of bug fixes. Mojang promises to continue development of the game, even as it embarks on new projects, and of course the vibrant modding community isn't showing any signs of slowing.
    Nope, it was said multiple times, not only by Notch but the current developers.

    Quote from Bjossi

    A plugin interface is no eas...

    Never said it was, it has been promised ages ago, shouldve been done by now (Had a deadline)

    Quote from Bjossi

    You may .....

    That is bull. They need to expand, if they want to save the name Mojang.

    Quote from Bjossi

    You seem to purely put value on what you can se....

    Ha. funny, I actually do some programming my self, but for the sake of argument, I know nothing about coding.

    Can you tell me why other studio's(or the MC modding community) pump out more content/bug fixes with less people ?

    Could it be... horrible coding ? gasp.
    Quote from Bjossi

    Because those 12 ....

    Even more arrogant than the last paragraph, let us sum up the content from snapshots over the last year.

    -new block
    -red stone rework
    -new mob
    new block

    Again, easily done by the modding community

    The backend.. Minecraft has the worst optimalisation I've ever seen in a game, it's still crap compared to 3 years ago. And without *Tada* the modding community, be unplayable for 10% of its players.

    You talk like you know what goes on in Mojang studios. Yet you have no clue about what level of quality Mojang's work is compared to others.
    Quote from Bjossi

    If it means you'd never come back, what's your bank account number?

    Ha, ill take you up on that. I'll pm you my paypall acc, dont back down now.
    Sent, now lets see how possitive you are about MC.
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    posted a message on This, in my humble opinion, is so far the most boring survival update.
    Quote from Scum

    You have absolutely nothing to complain about. You've gotten this update for free and all the other updates for free. If they don't add very much in an update then so be it. And if you complain then you're just being selfish.

    You made me login, just to say that you are stupid.

    Here is why,

    ''Free patches'' - we payed for that, we payed for future content.
    ''Modding API'' - It should've been here a year ago.

    So saying that it takes 6 months of work to add a couple of new blocks and a mob is a bad thing, is within our rights.

    There is simply no acceptable reason Minecraft updates so slow, and without the support of its modding community, this game would be gone already. And hey, how the *childfriendlybeep* ­ is it possible that a couple of 12 year olds who study a guide on java for a week can pump out more content than its dev's ?

    In all honesty, if I could get my 5 bucks back from Alpha, I would. This game is already dead to me. It's been a year since I last played, decided to see what has changed in the meanwhile. NOTHING.
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    posted a message on Shut up about terrain!
    Dude shut up about terrain.
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    posted a message on [1.4.5] [Forge] Moderncraft
    Quote from FunkyStevens

    Wow! Another mod that adds x new ores from which y new armors and z new tools can be made + some totally random stuff. Because there's never not enough of'em, right? And it's not like there are already dozens of mods that do the exactly the same (meaning adding new ores for making new tools and armors). [/sarcasm]

    Seriously tho, why waste time making a mod that's basically reinventing the same wheel that's been reinvented so many times in so many mods by now? Why would you even need more coders to do that? There's nothing original in your mod, it's been done many times over and over.

    Quote from MineHippie

    What exactly is 'modern' about the mod?

    And you know that name was already taken by a previously released mod that actually does add a bunch of modern stuff. Granted that mod is in a state of update limbo.

    In fact, a quick search shows at least four other mods with that name.

    just shush.
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    posted a message on Eloraam's Mods (RedPower 2 Prerelease 6)
    Quote from Kyron

    The thread has been locked several times due to excessive spam, however, our job is not to stop messages but to clean up the clutter in messages. We have this topic open for people to discuss the (possibly exciting) new features that they already know of, everything that's not about that is cleaned and warned for. Most of the time, people use the thread for good reasons like discussing new features.

    How is direwolf20 related to Eloraam? Is he just the guy that got rights to publish the new features or is he a friend of her in real life?

    Than why have other mods have the thread's closed for the same reasons ? Also, if for that reason this thread is still open (...have this topic open for people to discuss the (possibly exciting) new features) Than this should be moved to the WIP section.

    Honestly, and I mean no offense, there seems to be some exeption for redpower, and yes we all mis it, but a new thread for 1.4.x / 1.5 is the best thing to do, this thread is always on top, and most of the time its a nonsense post anyway.
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    posted a message on Eloraam's Mods (RedPower 2 Prerelease 6)
    Quote from tubera

    They code too much and play too little, at least too little MC.

    Jesus why issint this thread closed yet ? Better mod threads than this have been shutdown for way less.

    Red power will be updated when it will be updated.
    Stop spamming this thread with offtopic crap and hate.
    Go find some other hobby.
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    posted a message on IridiumOre mod [Ic2 Addon]1.4.2
    Quote from Golden_Gamer10

    GregoriousT may have done it mouths ago but at some point it copyed the idea from somewhere else for iridium ore and i didn't make this mod just to put it on the forums i made it cus i wanted to.

    Yeah dont mind the haters, good job!
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