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    Quote from WatDaFreak

    The spoon and laser are too far fetched, and the pvp is a little bit too complex.
    I just would want different animations.

    What are you talking about, the pvp the op suggested isn't complex at all? Just a couple attacks. Complex compared to mc, sure, but to any other melee fighting game? Not in the least. MC combat sucks as is.

    Oh and to the guy who suggested that you could reach the right shift with the pinky of the hand on the wasd keys... government agents are on their way to your house right now to abduct you, you dirty alien! PAYBACK! Seriously though, wtf are you talking about?
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    I was messing around in the code a while back looking at doing something like this, before my latest computer failure some months back (I've been stringing the things together from used parts for a while, tend never to have the dough on hand to buy new equipment all at once and I hate putting stuff on credit) when I more or less gave up as the netbook I'm relegated to is a major fail at playing MC, and I was wondering if anyone else has come out with something similar. I certainly can't find it in the mods or wip mods section, and don't see anything in the servers section either.

    Basically what I'm looking for is an smp mod/server that improves combat. MC combat has always been pretty... well, pathetic. It's just a click spam contest with no depth, winning based more or less on who has the best latency assuming one player or the other hasn't been silly enough not to equip with full diamond, or on who has the best enchants these days if one combatant has them and the other does not. There is only one attack, archery is so underpowered as to be useless (without heavily enchanted bows or an enemy on the edge of a deadly drop, and people just log out to avoid fall damage anyway), so it comes down to just clicking lmb constantly and firing out a half dozen or so weak stabs per second until one side's health is slowly chipped away.

    Not very satisfying, imo, and what I was looking for was, I guess, a "realistic" combat mod. This could be relatively simple. It would require a stamina system of some sort, ofc, requiring fighters to budget their attacks and defenses, an effective blocking system - which actually stops damage if you block in the correct direction (probably with heavy durability hits to each player's weapon, with much lower stamina cost for a successful block than for the act of swinging plus being blocked, and probably a high/low block as well to add a bit more difficulty (one protects your top half, one bottom)), some extra attacks with more accurate 'area' damage (for instance a side slash which fires a string of hit detection rays along the arc of the swing, stopping when a hit is made and requiring the target to block slightly to the right or left to stop it), parrying (if two players fire off attacks at the same time they negate, causing damage to each weapon though less than blocking) and attack cooldowns. That's a big one, because you simply can't swing around a giant hunk of steel as quick as a MC player does, and being able to fire off more or less full automatic stabs like you can now means that it's practically useless to use blocking, especially the worthless block that's ingame now.

    Honestly, though, there should be more to it to add some depth to combat. Most importantly, I think, should be encumberment. Each piece of armor you wear should have a weight, and that weight should slow your movements accordingly. Inflexible (metal) armor should add to your cooldown times on attacks. A player in a full suit of iron armor shouldn't ever move much above sneak speed without sprinting, and that should deplete his stamina very quickly (such a bit of realism would ofc necessitate the addition of mounts of some sort to the smp experience (Battle Hogs! :P) to give armored players mobility when not fighting, much as knights more or less had to go on horseback if they wanted to get anywhere back in the day if they wanted to do anything other than hang out in one general area. The balance for this is that hardened armor should block more or less all damage from edged weapons until it breaks off, if it is made of the same material or better than the attacking weapon, barring the occasional low-likelyhood penetration of the armor (probably restricted to pieces that are well below maximum durability). Soft armor - leather - would act much like armor already does, taking away some of the force of a thrust before it penetrates and decreasing the damage, while leaving the player free to move at higher speed and attack more quickly (a reinforced or hardened leather armor should be added for a middle ground of damage blocking with low weight but still increasing cooldowns, with ofc much lower durability than iron).

    That doesn't mean that you take no damage in armor, ofc, but there needs to be a more complex damage system; hearts just don't do it. Stabby damage should be handled with blood loss, blunt damage (done by clubs which should replace wooden swords, or things such as maces or hammers which could be added to the game) should be handled with trauma. Either state should be capable of leading to incapacitation (the player falls to the ground for a while) with trauma having a percentage chance of immediate knockdowns (increased by the current trauma level and the total trauma of the individual hit) . Either state at high levels should affect vision (the wobbly vision effect you get from certain potions should do nicely) and increase the chance of knockdown overall (knockdown would last several seconds, putting you on the ground and greatly decreasing your attack range/speed (halving both or so), allowing you to move slowly in return for resetting the knockdown timer, causing you to take greater damage from hits/ be much more likely of taking penetration hits on your armor because of the attacker's height advantage, or taking crippling trauma from blunt attacks).

    Additionally area specific hit detection would be called for. I've seen a couple mods that have this to some degree (mostly minez and other zombie games, for headshots) but you'd need at least three zones - head, trunk, legs. Each piece of armor would only protect its own zone, and there would be vulnerable spots at the borders of the zones (waist, neck) where a skilled or lucky player could get guaranteed cuts through the armor (getting cut by a sword should be more or less a quick death sentence, or at least incapacitation sentence, without bandaging which shoudl take enough time to be impractical in combat assuming you don't have a buddy to distract your opponent. Knife attacks should be relatively lower on the cutting damage scale, being a weapon which would allow for low/no cooldown and full movement speed, but require a goodly number of successful hits to bleed your opponent to death and more or less never penetrate armor save for hits on vulnerable areas). Helmets should be changed up, with one 'cap' like the current which would create for a large vulnerable spot from clavicle to forehead but would protect somewhat against devestating overhead strikes and high slashes/stabs and a 'helm' which would reduce the vulnerable point to a narrow line (perhaps .1 block measurement unit) whilst blacking out your vision to a relatively narrow slit to represent the opening in the helm. Locational damage should carry different potential debuffs - a hit to the legs would carry a higher chance of knockdown with a potential chance to break your legs, requiring you to set it with a stick and bandage combo that'd be called a splint (even slower than the bandage) before you could stand back up. Damage to the head, again, would carry extremely high trauma values with perhaps the potential for a concussion (a debuff that would pretty much black out the world outside of a couple of feet, an effect i've seen in a couple mods, in addition to the wavy vision effect). Damage to either feet or legs would also slow you greatly, with foot damage potentially reducing you to a movement even slower than sneak with a funny hobble animation, and damage to the trunk would cause high cut/bleed levls, leading to quick incap or death.

    Speed should be lowered overall, allowing attack distance to be lowered to more realisic distances (a steve sized ape couldn't swing as far as the MC player can, you're basically Mr. freaking Fantastic with the stretchy arms). This would GREATLY hide the effects of latency and packet loss - the faster you move these things become exponentially more noticeable and frustrating as they get further and further from your recognition/reaction times. If the players were moving at the speed that fully armored knights moved in armed combat, this would be more or less unnoticeable. Hell, even at the speed of regular sword fighters - you don't sprint around swinging, you have to position your legs correctly to get power in your swing, and this slows you down. Perhaps a combat stance should be added as well, or simply slow players when their weapons are unholstered (in their hands) and sprint isn't activated (having a cooldown from sprint before you get full attack damage). Most certainly weapon slots should be lowered and heavier weapons should slow you - you shouldn't be able to carry more than one or two large tools in your 'hotbar' for quick access, and each one should take at least four slots in your inventory. Inventory in general being smaller, stacking limited to realistic levels (each square representing a certain cubic volume, perhaps with the option to wear a backpack for more storage) and the total weight of your items slowing you like your armor would help. Armor should be big enough that you simply can't carry another full suit, or even a chestplate/pants (storing a helm or boots is different).

    And ofc. archery. The addition of new arrowheads is much needed. The 'default' arrowhead should be considered a broadhead, with high bleed values (not like a sword but close since you get more penetration. These should be craftable in steel as well for all around better damage, as well as better penetration (flint arrowheads should have practicaly nil chance of penetrating metal armor. In addition there should be an AP arrowhead, which would require more material and would fly slower/shorter distances, but would have a high chance of penetrating armor. It should do less bleed than the broadhead, but carry high crit chances in head or neck shots (more or less instant kills if it gets through armor). THese should be craftable with a gold core for slightly slower flight but a VERY high penetration chance, more or less certain from close range. Arrow speeds in general should be upped a LOT. I dunno what speed of flight is off the top of my head in MC, but it looks and feels a ­load slower than the compound bow I've used from time to time hunting, and those things are slower than a long bow I believe. Perhaps the current bow w/ its characteristics could be included as a horsebow, with a composite version to upgrade its attributes at the cost of some steel and bone in construction, and a longbow for much much higher speed, distance and hit power but incapable of being used from horseback and with a longer draw. But basically if you take one broadhead or perhaps two APs through the chest from the most powerful bow (meaning it gets past any armor you have) you should be out of the fight. Through the head, you should just be plain incapped or dead.

    And of course, shields. I don't think i need to explain those much - blocking with less damage to the player's item, also cheaper than a sword, and a much wider angle of successful blocking than the sword (which should have to mroe or less be pointed at the incoming attack). A short sword would be needed for use with them, with perhaps lowered slash/cleave damage but a good quick stab attack. Perhaps a ­ sword for use with smaller shields.

    Finally things like diamond armor/weapons shoudl be gotten rid of completely. They are, quite frankly, ridiculous. Perhaps diamond or obsidian swords and knives could be included for massive cut/bleed damage, but they should break more or less any time they hit armor (making them an assasin's weapon I suppose) and should have low durability otherwise as well.

    All these things together would, I think, make for a MUCH more varied, deep, strategic, and all around FUN combat experience. You wouldn't go into armor and get a bunch of fools in full diamond click spamming each other. You'd have knight/juggernaughts emptying their surrounds through fear, leather or unclad warriers dodging around them and trying to hop in for lucky strikes through the seams of their armor, people in just chestplate and maybe helms being a bit bolder but risking easy knockdown leading to a fatal coup 'de grace, archers trying to pick off players from the sidelines with their expensive but potent weaponry and getting sliced up by assasins sneaking even further along the edges (it goes without saying any decent pvp mod would get rid of thsoe damned retarded nametags) to slice and dice them from behind. And when you had two decent players come together it wouldn't just be a click spam, it'd be slash and block, stab and parry, shot deflected off armor, and so forth, until someone got lucky, somoene got worn down, someone got a shot through.

    I dunno. Seems a lot more fun to me than just clicking the hell outta the left mouse button. Is there anything like that already, preferably already with a server (I'm sure there isn't the whole thing, but even the first couple features?) running it? If no, is there anything in the wip section looking to improve combat instead of just adding some new blocks or mobs? W/ minecraft being out as long as hit has it seems like someone would have seen fit to improve the combat by now, or at least do a 'realism' type mod that would do it as an aside. Am I the only one who thinks that this is necessary or something?
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    Very nice, I've been wondering why something like this wasn't added to smp, or modded in and made popular (though in the latter case, to be fair, its probably got more to do with the seeming reticense (sp?) of people to use client side mods ins mp, the preference seeming to lean towards the server-side, still that could be accomplished using the built-in piggy riding system probably). If you get it working well, and in such a format as to be widely adoptable, it will be a good boon to MC SMP.

    One of the biggest benefits, imo, is that it'd be an excuse for the player speed to be lowered; default speed is ludicrous, and when you consider that it doesn't decrease even in a full suit of armor it gets even nutsier. The problem being, ofc, that gamers hate slow movement and are conditioned to zipping around like borderline superheroes from all those fps games, and so won't tolerate something reasonable even if it improves gameplay. Which it would, vastly; that's one of the main problems w/ MC combat right now imo, the speed contributes to making any battle nothing but festival of click spamming, ensuring that tactics rarely enter into it. The speed also makes MC's (often blatant) latency and packet loss issues exponentially more harmful to gameplay. If it was slowed down the latency would be less noticeable, the combat would be more tactical (hell, maybe someone might actually use that block function occasionally, though that would in turn require more realistic swordplay with stance changes before and cooldowns after attacks so that a person might benefit from a well-placed defensive action), and it'd be all around more entertaining. 'Specially if more/heavier (higher level) armor meant seriously hampered, slowed movement, like irl, balancing things out so that there was a time and a reason to go leather clad or unarmored, but that's another matter.

    Horses could help with all of that in smp, reducing the complaints about slow movement (get a horse!) and giving knights (the heavily armored) a reasonable way of getting around if they were realistically hampered by their overweight kit, just like they did historically.

    As to suggestions, one would be to look more at the combat effects for smp; for instance melee attacks should increase in power the faster the horse is moving. It's gonna be really hard to hit anything at a gallop - even with the long arm of the steve (that's another thing that could be fixed with slower movement, steve-o wouldn't need to be able to reach a dozen meters for players to be able to connect in combat) - but if you do it should pack more of a wallop. This could be balanced by a chance at losing your weapon (should be small) and moreso by the fact that a moving horse would take more damage, closing velocity of the weapon still being much higher even if the target is grounded.

    Also, for any horse mod, I've always felt that the addition of a lance weapon is a must. As stated steve already has a mighty long reach, but this could extend it somewhat (certainly not as much of an extension relatively as a real lance is over a sword, but perhaps doubling or just adding a block or two) and should pack a real wallop. Should really just one-shot an unarmed or leathered player from a gallop. It should also, ofc, have extremely low durability - perhaps going so far as you lose it on every use, and preferably the attack method should not be that of the regular ole sword (which, after all, has only one attack in the short thrust/stab). The attack button should be held, and while held if something passes into its area (for simplicity just a straight line from the horse) it is hit, the attack is completed, etcetera. Again for simplicity's sake, this could probably be coded as some sort of modifier on the horse's pre-existing charging/ramming attack, extending his hitbox on mobs out by the attack range of the lance and modifying the damage from a knockback to hitpoints. Takes away the ability to aim it as much, sure, but you tend to lock up with a lance anyway, it removes a lot of necessary calculations in a potentially disasterous smp high latency/packet loss high speed situation, seems like it'd just work better all around that way. The same weapon in the hands of an infantryman could double as a pike, not doing a ton of damage against another footsoldier but doing massive damage to the horse and possibly default throwing the rider.

    Also pretty awesome would be if you could give the ram attack a chance of knockdown (a whole different stance to program in, i know, a pain) and give the ability to trample a downed opponent to death by standing on him with your horse and spinning around :)

    Only other thing I can think of is to change the horse type picking process from horse-shoe dependant to breeding dependant in smp (don't see why it should hurt the way it is in ssp) to add a bit of challenge in getting the 'special horses.' In this scenario the default horse would be the generalized beast, with a separate breed for combat scenarios - the default having advantage over the others of being very low maintanence, being as it is evolved for wilderness survival, requiring less food (perhaps even the others could require much more food than they could easily get from any small plot, making the player keep a trough stocked with more high end chow for the advantage of better horses. This could be combined with a bit of horse-leveling in the long run, wherein each horse within a breed carries certain stats that allow you to selectively improve them in one or more areas (probably again at the cost of maintenance, higher end horses requiring higher end chow and more of it, in addition of course to whatever other drawbacks seem logical). I played a fantastic little indie MMO which had a breeding system like this called haven and hearth, and it was great fun - towns would get raided from time to time just for the purpose of stealing their high end milk cows, and raiding was a pain in the **** in that game; unless you had a player on your team who was one of the very few people on the server who had spent the countless (I can only imagine it was thousands) of hours needed to beat the exponential leveling curve and get to where they could punch down a wall like you can in MC you had to build a battering ram pretty much within sight of their walls (they broke down quick) and wait twenty four hours (irl) for the glue to dry on the thing, then get four high strength characters and break thru their walls assuming they hadn't spotted the thing somehow. If you make the selective breeding tough and make it gradual (taking a lot of generations/realtime to get the top level beasts) they'll add a much needed rare commodity to a minecraft multiplayer experience where everyone can get more or less everything top level within a day or two of playing and is quickly bored.

    Anyway, most of that is extreme long term type ideas, but it looks like a fantastic mod. I played mo-creatures back in the day and the horses there were a lot of fun, these look better in several ways. If I wasn't reduced to a freaking years-old linux netbook that plays mc so terribly that it's not worth even installing I'd boot it up and give it a shot, so instead I'll just wish you good luck w/ the project until I can try it.
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    posted a message on Pandemonium II / Exile - A truly hardcore survival experience. - Minecraft 1.4.6
    Hey I'd love to join, this looks like a great idea for a server. I prefer games where there's a good survival incentive, and permadeath or something like it should sure fit the bill :biggrin.gif:

    Whitelist Application:
    1. What is your In-Game Name? Incorporeality
    2. Why do you want to join this server? For the hardcore survival aspect.
    3. How long do you think you will survive on your first night? I suppose it depends on what time I spawn in :smile.gif: If its bright and early in the morning mebbe thru the night, if its sunset.... heh
    4. What do you think will be the cause of your first death on this server? A stray arrow fired from on high by a drunken archer who thinks he sees flying creepers.

    Please whitelist when you see :biggrin.gif: Looks like a lot of fun, been looking for something in minecraft that'd be more towards the haven and hearth (little permadeath indie mmo) experience. Much as some people hate to admit it (gameplay over realism brah! lul) games and especially multiplayer games are seldom fun if they're easy; most of the joy seems to get squeezed out of the moments leading up to the confrontation with the swinging swords and flying arrows just being the punctuation.
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    Quote from Kame0

    Absolutely. I need at least 100 fps to make myself happy with the performance. And your wrong you can still see major differences in fps up to 250. Most laptops without a dedicated GPU need this to run the game.

    avg FPS is not so much the problem as near as I can tell as spikes. He's right, 20fps is annoying but not bad. Spikes aren't that terrible either when you're offline. But online, if its spiking, you might as well play creative especially w/ mc's 'combat' system.

    To all the guys saying 'you need to buy a new computer,' some people don't like wasting money, or don't have money to waste in the first place. There is no reason to get a top of the line computer to run minecraft, or even a decent one, because as people have pointed out it also runs crappy on those a lot of the time if its not optimized, and optimized it doesn't require them - and I'm not talking about turning off all the 'good' graphics (its nice to see graphics addicts on the forum of a game whose number one design philosophy seems to be gameplay over graphics, graphics can go bugger themselves with a knotty branch) but simple things like downloading optifine (using all ur cores instead of one for the win, did notch ever fix this in default mc?), giving mc a bit more memory and so on. It isn't exactly stable out of the box, and unless your idea of browsing the forums is closing your eyes and bashing your head into the keyboard and seeing what page you turn up on you've seen a thousand threads about people with nice rigs getting crappy performance.

    Also there's the fact that the thing doesn't render terrain much past reaching distance (sarcasm ofc, but not as much as it should be) on even the highest settings, you have to get mods for that that improve it a BIT at the cost of massive graphics hits, and even on default you are smacked in the face features popping in and out of the world all the time. So yeah, even for the case of graphics the methodology some here are suggesting (buy lewt computer, turn all settings to MAXXXXXXX) will give you something that looks like it got flushed down a toilet in Tron. I'll take being able to see past a couple hundred meters over having a butt ugly tree look a bit less fugly all day long, thanks :smile.gif:

    Good guide, tho ofc most of it is common sense or stuff posted everywhere. I run on a laptop as well, and honestly most optimization doesn't do much; it runs at an okay fps (or relatively steady on vsync) without any optimization, it runs pretty smooth with, but no matter WHAT I do nothing really even begins to address the spiking, especially in multiplayer but in sp as well ofc. The terrain is rendered and textured inefficiently, and no optimization mod does more than scratch the surface of that problem. Also the combat in pvp is horribly suited to any sort of spiking at all, melee (as opposed to fps) combat already is less suited to lag than fps due to the fact that it needs some real or at least well simulated physics involved to come off (MC doesn't ofc but even as it is) and on top of that player move speeds, attack speeds, etc, are all ridiculously above human norms exacerbating the problem further, and ofc block place/remove/inventory mechanics are just making it worse. I know a lot of people in mc don't care about combat but if its ever gonna be decent for a persistent pvp server even on a nice rig its gonna have to do a lot of things better. What it DOES do is pretty damn neat tho :iapprove:
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    posted a message on [1.5.2]STAR WARS mod - NEW 1.1.3 VERSION - Please, follow the new thread
    Quote from bumblebeejj134

    HEY!!! seriues are you guys starting a gang or something pheeww!! if you read to the threat wich you obviously didn't do: AXELTOPPOLINO wrote:
    Oh it's pretty sad. I've never noticed them! However I checked them: they aren't big mods (just some simple items or simple biped mobs with ores in a default minecraft world).

    Ok, we think it's more correct remove Official, and we will copyright all the features of this mod ("Official" was usefull to not write all copyrights..).

    This mod will be really different from the mods you linked, bigger, with new features, new systems to fight, SMP support, exc.

    I hope you will try this mod to see how beautiful can be a star wars mod

    Oh, and I also saw that you are one of the SW mods modders! You did a good work, but we are trying to do a more realistic Universe of star wars!

    so NEXT time you write something stupid READ threw the threat!!!

    And yet it still says official in the first post. So... yeah, pretty weak point for a flame, though they tend to be. As I said, I DIDN'T read it, and I didn't need to to see that the OP was entirely off. I get WHY they're doing it, and I assumed I wasn't the first to make the point, because it's an awfully large elephant crowded into a tiny room, thats the whole problem. I understand, they're trying to keep others from seeing their big hard worked SW mod and saying, "Hey, I could go do that!" and starting up a tangent instead of just maybe inquiring about and working on their team, helping to make one big mod, possibly splitting up whatever base they might have in the MC community and setting up a good 'ol fashioned fanboi war between the subscribers of several different mods.

    I love how he kinda just casually dismissed the other mods tho :rolleyes: . I'm sure they are small, most mc mods are because people tend to go out on their own rather than forming teams. Doesn't make that any less condescending, or your own comment any less rude for that matter. Personally, I tried to be very nice about my impression of this mod, despite my concerns, because it excited me to see what looked like it might become a full fledged SW mod - for instance I didn't mention that they left out one of the most important parts of SW, SPACE, and that another much larger mod is already doing it and infinitely further along on it. And even there I didn't say it like a fanboi (not really following the other mod, don't particularly care for their theme, I'm just happy to see real by-gods modding teams in the mc community as opposed to individuals no matter how talented just doing their own thing and creating a bunch of individual content with no cohesion between it b/c they don't have the free time on an individual basis to revamp whole systems) like you did when you flamed me and this other fellow above.

    Common sense dictates that when making a claim like that, that you are 'official,' or that you are reserving the right to reproduce someone else' intellectual property (gah hate that whole concept but its still a fact of this silly world) inside someone else' gaming engine, its up to YOU, the OP, to make sure you, you know, aren't lying. Like I said I understand the motivation, but outrageous claims are more likely to put the fire under some other SW fan to try and outdo you/steal your thunder than being honest and just doing good work. Yeah, sure, you're supposed to read the whole thread, but as an OP you're supposed to update the original as well so that its not making totally unsupportable claims after someone points them out, even if you somehow missed the swiss-cheese logic beforehand. Not to just leave the claim up to hold the beachhead until you can land your troops.

    The gnat here annoyed me, but in retrospect my original reaction was more out of worry than any real anger. I don't really have any desire to create a SW mod (its neat and all but nowhere near the top of my scifi/fantasy favorites list, I read like a crackhead burns his fingers) but I would LOVE to play one, or for that matter any well planned TC in MC, and the first thing I see in your post is a plea to assorted filthy stinking rich parties to crush you, and to every contentious modder out there to muddy up the waters. Like I said, I've seen it happen a couple times; consider Dragonball Quake, which was at its time one of the biggest q3 mods out there (other than maybe Urban Combat?) while it was still in development. I mean, for YEARS of development, for those who weren't into games back then the whole 'hear it, see it, get it' cycle on mods used to be a lot slower, I think MC's modding community is quite a bit more ginormous because the generation that got started gaming on consoles (or multiplayer gaming anyway, online gaming (that including the community as well as the servers, and the ability to get or create/distribute custom content without paying thru the ears to microsoft) are just now getting enough time under their belts that they're starting to see through the dumb old tricks most console games use and get bored with their flat uninteresting gameplay touched up with fancy shaders like the rest of us were when the dumdum boxes first got comm ports that could connect to the net and took over/ruined gaming for a decade. It used to be just for nerds, then everyone wanted to do it and the nerds who were also where the modders came from were overwhelmed and drowned under the waves and waves of gaming newbies who had all the standards and requirements of their game developers that a three dollar hooker does of her john, but now those folks are in the same spot that everyone else was when consoles kicked the much more flexible pc gaming scene in the gonads and drew off all the developers, sick and tired of playing a bunch of glorified quake and unreal mods that are nothin' but texture packs and lighting tricks laid atop a bunch of open source software. Now the giant console gen is starting to become gaming nerds as well, and even better a lot of them (specially with games like mc out there) are becoming modders :biggrin.gif:

    Anyway, Dragonball Quake didn't claim to be official, at least so far as I remember. They weren't the only game in town but they had the lead by leagues - something like three or four million fans on their forums, you couldn't make a post without it disappearing down the lists before your computer even refreshed the forum, and the nearest competitor hardly had any activity at all - and they still didn't go so far as to call themselves official (its been years and the whole thing was a massive disappointment tho so mebbe I wiped it from my mind heh). Didn't really matter, tho, because when they were nearing release Funimation, the company that owns the copyright to DBZ in America, sicked their lawyers on them and buried them beneath threats and suits and the project capsized almost overnight. They had a great game by those terms, they had done some things mechanics wise which many didn't even think you should be able to do w/ quake, but in the end after a lot of drama (some funny some not, one of the guys faked suicide in some posts I suppose to scare Funi off but it didn't have much effect lul) the guys ended up just releasing the early beta code with the character/location names and models tweaked just enough not to model copyright then they leaked a patch that contained all the original art/labels so people could easily fix it. It was a fun mod, it had lots of promise, but despite millions of fans you could hardly find a server with more than one or two guys tooling around, and they mostly talking about the drama and not actually playing. The development team just more or less disappeared for a while, I dunno what happened after, because I like pretty much everyone else quit the community and went onto other mods (heh, one of those I followed next is STILL in development without a release :tongue.gif: Took valve less time than that to turn the quake engine into the source engine).

    They don't even have to beat you to ruin your project, they don't have to stop you from using the mechanics, they don't have to do anything but poke the anthill just the right way and you're screwed even if you don't end up having to declare bankruptcy. I highly doubt LucasArts is as big of a bunch of tools as funimation (seeing as they are actually makers of content and Funi are just a bunch of talentless hacks who make money off putting bad dubs on someone else' cartoons) but you still shouldn't bend over and hang an "insert boot here" sign over your ****.

    Just my opinion though, gaming being a popular thing these days I don't know if some megacorp would risk the same kind of move with the possibility of a huge backlash and even media coverage. Funi did it to the DBQ team because they were about to release the first of their little cell-shaded dragonball games (wouldn't be surprised if they actually started putting money into those things because they saw the community DBQ drew) and they wanted to preserve their monopoly because I suppose it was a risky venture or they were just greedy a-holes. Either way even if you're not making a dime off it, you're never safe in matters like these. I would love to see your mod completed, and making claims like this makes it less likely not more so. Saying 'its fixed on page x' would only have any bearing if there were no edit function, and certainly has even less here where it is well established custom for modders to treat their initial post as a status update.

    Anyway good luck to the OP, hope you do something good with it. To the fanboi who was talking trash, well all I can say is lul. Have fun with your :steve_rage: kiddo. Perhaps if instead of only finding self-justification in mindlessly supporting those entities you muddily judge to be worthy you went out and actually tried doing something yourself you would discover that you have it in you to be worthy of your own accord, as more than just another set of lungs and torch holdin' hands in the mob. Even Einstein was stupid by all modern methods of qualification until he got the 'education' system out of his veins and decided to try instead to grow his own mind instead of just consuming what others told him.
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    posted a message on [1.5.2]STAR WARS mod - NEW 1.1.3 VERSION - Please, follow the new thread
    Quote from AXELTOPOLINO

    Hello guys,
    I've been working for 6 months on the Official Star Wars Mod.
    I wrote this topic because we want to:
    1) Certificate that my star wars mod will be the Official one
    3) Copyright this mod.


    This mod is a Minecraft mod, not sponsored by Lucas Arts.
    The following features are copyrighted with this mod (if you want to use the following features in your mod, ask our permission first. You can't use these features if you don't have our permission. They are all copyrighted with creative commons and with minecraft forum rules):
    - All the planets of Star Wars Universe as new dimensions of Minecraft (Dagobah, Coruscant, Kamino, Mustafar, Hoth, Tatooine, Yavin IV, the Space, Genoisis, Naboo, Mos Asley, Utapau, Kashyyk)
    - The new fight system
    - The force system and the new level/exp system (using keybinds to use the powers of the force)
    - The new world generator
    - The mobs in the mod (droids, clones, siths, jedis, hunters, monsters of the worlds, exc.)
    - The weapons (this mod has its own lightsabers, machine guns, etc.)
    - single and double lightsaber (white, black, red, green, blue, yellow, orange, purple, they use crystals as crafting)
    - The new buildings (in all the worlds)
    - The new movement-system
    - The 3rd view fights

    Okay, I'm not trying to be an a-hole.

    It's just my nature :rolleyes:

    But I couldn't help but comment on this one because its so... dunno, guess the word is presumptuous? Now I'll go ahead and admit I didn't bother to read through the whole thread because I'm in the middle of modding myself and I was just taking a breather to look and see what new wonders were popping up in the mc modding scene, its crazy the rate things are advancing now - and I'll say that, your mod looks EXTREMELY coherent and well implemented, it is certainly worthy of the (now mostly disused, tho its coming back in the mc modding scene at least) title Total Conversion.

    However. First and foremost, it doesn't matter when you post, your mod isn't the 'official' star wars mod unless you're George Lucas or Notch. That term implies so strongly that imply is hardly enough of a word that you have the backing of either Notch or Lucasarts. Lots of people ofc say that a non official mod is official but you went to such lengths with it... its not, flat, period, unless Mojang has made it so. If they have then great, but you should move their comment to that effect up to the top of the post. I wouldn't consider such a happening entirely impossible as notch and the rest of the folks at Mojang appear to be star wars fans, they might very well would put their backing behind a good SW mod to ensure that the content continued to evolve for them to play :smile.gif:

    Then there's the ending statement, where you again imply that you are reserving permission to use the intellectual property of Lucas Arts in modifying minecraft. I'm no attorney (thank the gods heh) but thats just all kinds of crazy. Not only are you hardly the first person to suggest such an idea, or the ten millionth, (and in patent and other legalized forms of temporary or semi-permanent monopoly the person who can be documented to have expressed it first is the person with the rights; even if you can prove you have been working on it for six months I'd imagine I can search the forums (or the databases from the old ones? Feeling lazy) and find suggestions for a star wars mod from the moment there was a mod section, from before, etc. Certainly I saw them in the suggestions threads more than six months ago.

    You imply that you hold sole rights to implement things such as androids, monsters, aliens, planets, vehicles, etc etc from the star wars universe in minecraft and, flat out, you do not. Again, if you own or are sponsored by either party please clarify, but even if you did you wouldn't hold them as stated. You have the rights to the code you wrote, and that's pretty much it. Hell most of your mod will be NOTCH's code, so if someone wanted to they could be as anal as to go in and see how you implemented his code, do it over in slightly different structure, and they're perfectly legally in the right, and making crazy statements like you have started this thread with is the sort of thing that makes people do that. Look at all the minecraft clones out there, do you really think you can patent/copyright someone ELSE's property more solidly than notch can his own? You can hardly say that thats because mc is basically an expansion of infiminer style gameplay because... well, you whole thing is admittedly based on someone else' intellectual property, and on top of that SW itself is just a riff on a bunch of earlier scifi work.

    I get that you're trying to keep off imitators, and you've done enough work here that it seems you're in a valid position to be pissed at people who do, but legally without Lucas on your side threatening to sue anyone else who makes SW content for MC you wouldn't appear to have a leg to stand on. I get that you probably want to make some money or some reputation off this mod, and you deserve it certainly for your hard work, but you shouldn't try to strongarm people with misleading claims and outright mistruths about what rights you have. You're not the first person to suggest it, even to do sw themed mods for mc, this is just the best one I've seen. Rely on THAT to protect your position, the fact that they can't directly rip your code unless you let them (and people are more liable to do it indirectly than they are to not credit you if you allow it anyway) and that you certainly have done one of if not the earliest fully featured MC Star Wars total conversion. For much the same reason that Notch keeps getting business despite the fact that there are dozens of rip offs, some even professional quality seeming (only calling those that sell ripoffs, ofc, the open source ones can hardly be disparaged so long as they're not directly copying code) you would be more likely to keep a community, and to make whatever sort of profit (be it gold or fame) you wish from this if you did it the right way, instead of here where you make yourself look like someone who had one decent idea and is desperately trying to milk it for all its worth. You didn't, you built what looks and sounds from your descriptions like a bad **** SW TC and you've probably got a pretty potent team that will continue expanding it, let that stand on its own. If you can't make it good enough for it to be considered the SW mod for MC then it won't be, no matter what outrageous claims you make.

    Anyway good work, hope you make well from it, but you should be careful with such claims - wouldn't be surprised for instance if your mod got really popular and LucasArts wanted to be mean about it if you've left yourselves open to a lawsuit, it certainly wouldn't be the first mod to be the target of such a thing (mebbe on minecraft, but not overall).
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    posted a message on Headshots (not a guns thread)
    Quote from Ren Partycat

    First off, change the poll. None of us want to hear or see old memes, no matter how funny you think they are.

    Disagreed. I quite like them. And besides, both your avatar and the first chuck hater's wannabe goth signature are pretty much the same thing; the difference is chuck norris is actually cool because he could beat the ever living crap out of most of the butthurt making fun of him on the internet despite being an old man, and he knew Bruce, whereas the face was only funny the first time I saw it, kinda like a youtube video of a kitten, and suburbanite kiddy goths who haven't ever experienced suffering in their life so they think the senseless rage they feel at being meaningless counts as the same (its called self-hate, btw, because part of you knows that the reason the world's so screwed up is because most people are like you and just spew hate instead of getting off their lazy arses and actualy doing something meaningful to change it, choosing rather to ask their wuvving gov'mit to fix up awww the pwobwems for them and giving them even more power to screw the situation up further, turning what pathetic measure of power they posess without even trying just by nature of being in a nominally free (hehe :tongue.gif:) country to the task of reinforcing the power of the people who are wrecking up the place for their own personal profit), well, that's still really funny just not in the way he intended.

    I mean, seriously, you criticise someone for unoriginality when your signature is full of cliches that you couldn't even re-formulate for yourself but had to get off a site called... witty... quotes... the pauses in case you can't guess are me picking my computer up off the floor and rubbing ribs that are hurting from doubling over laughing. :rolleyes: I mean... unless that sig was meant to be ironic, wow, that's even funnier than the gothy or the cookie-cutter lib who stopped liking chuck norris because he's a conservative (way to get your opinions from the news :tongue.gif:). Seriously, you think republicans or democrats are any different? You live in a supposedly free country where there are two approved political parties and none other EVER attain any of the higher positions of power, where each blatantly manipulates the minds and opinions of populaces who joke about how corrupt they are casually but are still so pathetically addicted to self-righteous indignation that they fire up in arms every four years to the twitter of the pollies' fiddles like clockwork, where people are such cowards that they willingly give up their freedom for the illusion of safety and their livelyhood for the illusion of stability, and yet you still buy into the whole party divide? I didn't think ANYONE still bought that line lul. Okay, here's a little wake-up - neither the republicans nor the democrats give a flying pig fart about the gays, the minorities, the rich or the poor, the users of non-sanctioned narcotics or the notion of 'progress' (heh). What they care about is themselves and nothing else, about mainlining a little more power and keeping on top of the pile, about filling the pockets of the people who bought their votes before they even started thinking up lies to get you to vote for them so they didn't have to go to all of the trouble of changing the ballots to make sure noone outside their little fraternity got in. All these things, these issues, they are what are called 'polarizing issues,' they are nothing but tools which you have been conditioned to react to like pavlov's pup, cept instead of treats they've instead used an inbred addiction to the highs of adrenaline and dopamine provided by hate and self-righteousness which you've been weaned on since you were off your mother's tit. The only reason they even bother to act like there are two parties is so that they can pass the hot seat back and forth every couple years.

    Its a rather neat little trick, actually, my darker side approves. I mean, mebbe I could do a little better in some areas if I ever wanted to have a bunch of mindless bipedal cattle at my beck and call, but I really admire the whole party system particularly, that was smart. Guess it evolved over time, but its really neat, especially the party system, convincing people that there's anything to it when everyone and their brother knows that corruption is the nature of politicians, that power is addictive, when a blind man could see that no matter what they SAY their intentions are (you know, all those election promises that somehow just fall by the wayside :rolleyes: every four years until they stir up a fuss about them right before the next election) every single law they pass on either side of the aisle ends up doing nothing but concentrating even MORE power in their paws, shoveling even more of the nation's wealth into coffers that will never be seen by the public eye again (cept mebbe when they need to buy votes or pay for some future election contributions heh). And yet all they've gotta do is talk trash about each other and people somehow buy that the people they know are corrupt surely wouldn't appear to criticise their own, I mean there's no such thing as a CRAFTY bad guy right, hollywood said so! Just let one head draw the hate for a few years and then the other pops up talking about how evil the first was and takes over control and suddenly all the stuff thats screwed up is someone else's fault, until another couple eyars later the other head comes back up and everyone's forgotten all the stuff they're supposedly to blame for, because now the head in power is again the root of all problems...

    Sorry, it just gives me a giggle :smile.gif: I mean, seriously, I used to be a pretty nasty person and I gave some serious thought to doing some nasty things - perhaps a religion to get my own little flock of sharp toothed dull brained sheep, perhaps a cloak and dagger climb up through one of the political parties (not like its hard to tell the magical little combinations of words that will make the average person think whatever the heck you want them to think, sorcery is an art nowadays and we call it political science :tongue.gif:), perhaps a backstabbing jaunt through the corporate world stealing the innovations of the few thinking human beings remaining on Earth in this age of willful zombie wage-slaves, and of course saying all the magic little phrases that will make the public worship you as some humanitarian god for ripping them off and bleeding massive profits out of them for a poorly implemented designed-to-fail disposable iteration of someone ELSE's bright ideas, hell perhaps even going for the whole shebang. I mean, really, if you put the effort into it would it really be so hard to get such a fundamentally mindless world to beg you to be their dictator? I don't think so. I spent a bunch of time thinking over the scenarios, and most of what I came up with was more or less the tactics already on display, but it took me years to see all the pitfalls that our current masters have avoided like ballet dancers moving through a minefield heh.

    Oh well. Hopefully I can make a bit of cash or preferably build up a bit of infrastructure and get the hell outta this joke of a country. I mean, its not like the rest of the world is any better but I was pretty heavily indoctrinated in our little 'education' system to expect a lot more out of this country than the rest of the world. I suppose now, after having decided to be a good person and to dedicate the same will to that that I dedicated to killing all the good parts of myself when I started figuring out what the real deal was with this world, to taking the bits that hurt whenever anyone was unhappy or discomifted and making them hate instead to making them hurt again, to wanting to help instead of wanting to pour more gasoline on the fire so it'd go ahead and burn out and stop pestering me with its crackling, that I should really try and 'fix' this situation but honestly I can't make myself care THAT much about a problem I didn't create or even participate in (don't participate in the whole national election scene, pointless on so many levels from the fact that the public vote doesn't have any bearing on who the electoral college says gets to be president to the fact that the only choice is the modern iteration of the democratic-republican party to the fact that every one of the potential 'candidates' has already revealed him/herself to be a lying honorless self-serving turd by the time the sham campaigns are halfway finished, the fact that that's probably on purpose because every time someone votes for someone they know or suspect to be a liar they become that little bit more numb to the whole thing, all kinds of reasons to vote and not a single one NOT to outside of local and state elections where there usually isn't anyone worth voting for either but oh so occasionally one might pop up that at least hasn't already proven themselves to be worthless because the stakes aren't high enough to draw in the monsters, the states just being districts of the federal government these days with no real power left), and if I'm gonna die fighting hopeless odds I'd rather go over to somewhere in Africa or Asia where there are still decent human beings left at least in clusters here and there who wouldn't curse you for taking a bullet for them and the bad guys are at least decent enough to let everyone know they're willful sociopathic monsters instead of turning those who haven't discovered the sheer thrill of that state to tear each other apart so they're too busy to notice they're fighting over which illusory faction they want to represent their lying cheating raping looting lizard brained masters (side note, isn't it funny how we replace the word master with mister and the dutch boss (which they took from someone else' word for slave master, the romans I think?) to keep from admitting we're property?) for the next couple years. Sry to any lizards out there for the insult btw :smile.gif: Least those fellas don't know what they're doing instead of getting high off the knowing.

    Oh and go ahead and flag me if you want. Frankly, I don't care; I'd like to be flagged, I noticed that the only person in here who got a mod comment was the one who was questioning those who came into a thread with the sole purpose of totally unrelated political trolling, the people reporting them ofc being the trolls. There's still a big part of me that can't help but get a good laugh out of that, out of imagining the weakly unconscious little stirrings of childish malice which motivate such calls upon 'authority', knowing how much it must irk those who do it whenever they are forced to examine the fact that thats probably the most power and meaning they'll ever have in the world because they'll probably end up somewhere in life where whatever money they bring home is just enough for bread and games (especially after being conditioned their whole lives to live beyond their means), whatever wealth they generated mostly gone into the coffers of the same 'corrupt elite' they blame all their problems on, gone to the cause of exacerbating those problems. Its nice to see at least that thats accompanied by a bit of real totally warm-blooded anger and anguish at the knowledge that these people don't know any better, that they just had the bad luck of being raised in a world designed to breed stupidity and mindless obedience, mebbe after another ten years or so of mental programming that'll be the part of me that rules again, the part that hurt when I was a kid whenever anyone was unhappy, whenever I saw some family at the grocery store buying a couple boxes of ramen noodles and rubbing aching bellies or some poor crackhead stumbling down the street high on the agony of constant withdrawal-fulfillment, and I'll finally be able to at least stop fanning the flames and helpin' the masters of this delusional world to spread their plague of hate and intoxicating willful ignorance.
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    posted a message on Minepocalypse
    Quote from MICHAELNESS

    Yeah, bipeds aren't the problem, I need some coders in here to do things like generation, dimensions, weapons, blocks, physics, ect. These were all planned to be in here, But I can't do a lot of it. So. If anyone wants to help with java, feel free. But the building will be a totally different thing, ask Rex if you want to help with that.

    Hey was just gonna say if you want to get a big mod team you probably ought to learn to do the coding. I don't see a ton of large modding teams in MC (mostly people going out on their own or a few coders together) but in pretty much every mod centric game community I've participated in, the lead programmer is always the project lead because it's the toughest most time consuming part of the project. If they can do it well enough to implement actual new features/gameplay, they can get a team of modelers and mappers and hackers around them pretty easy.

    I found actually quite an excellent tutorial site, really provided good information on most all of the syntax and such that I was having to guess on before. I'd checked out a few other tutorials and passed them over in favor of just trying to learn it from the code already, because they were mostly as boring as your typical text book, but these are both quick and somewhat entertaining - obviously the optimal solution would be something written in the same plain and simple style but using code examples tailored to minecraft, and there might be something equivalent buried in the tutorials page, but I haven't ever seen it.

    Check This Link if you want to learn, its really not that hard - then all it takes is digging through hundreds of pages of mcp code tracking every class and method you might need down to its source :iapprove: . Now THAT would really be useful, a site designed towards mc modding that had a nice encyclopedia of what all them were for so you didn't have to dig through a couple dozen based on likely looking names before finding the bit you actually needed heh. Near as I can tell tho most of the stuff is undocumented except for that dealing with the sort of simple block and mob mods people always do.

    Anyway good luck with your thing. Personally I'm gonna do my own for now because... well, I'm probably gonna be able to code it and I'm probably gonna be running a server for it so there's not much incentive to take direction from someone else when I've already got a pretty clear layout of what needs to be accomplished and I'm planning on doing the hardest bits (that other modders haven't already done) myself :biggrin.gif: Seriously tho if you wanna put some life into your project you're gonna have to learn to code yourself, especially if you want to get more people to help you with that part.
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    posted a message on [COMING] Wirsbo's Mobs and Bosses (Plenty of models!)
    Hey multiposting is probably going to keep people from responding. You should avoid it, or just add new posts to show new updates to the mod (if you're updating on a regular basis it will probably draw some views as a lot of people just create a mob or block then abandon it to create something new, or create a ton of content with very few unique features for each individual item).

    As to your mods, they look good. Particularly interested in what you've done with zombies, as I'm working on a small zombie mod myself to get familiar with java for mc modding. Wouldn't mind seeing your code for the crawlers (working on area hit detection now so you'll be able to put them down crawling, which will eventually be part of a general combat improvement mod). If you could post how you did it in a little snippet that would be cool, would save me some time when I get around to doing the various different stances which will be invoked various incapacitations.

    Also I like the little spiders (I might would make them spawn from big spiders though, perhaps tie their pathfinding to the big spider and you could save resources to have many more of them, planning on doing the same for zombies myself) but I would remove the shadows from them, its somewhat of a visual disconnect.

    The bosses are a good idea, though obviously you're in the early stages on those so I can't judge, but otherwise a very good effort, you actually did a few things I haven't seen before which most new modders don't, bravo.

    Seriously tho, delete the bumps or flag them and ask a mod to delete if you don't mind, it'll just turn people away and I think you're doing some neat stuff.
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    posted a message on AWESOME IDEA FOR A MOD
    Quote from nitros225

    Someone should totally make this a mod.
    okay heres the idea:

    A mod that randomly generated huge underground cities full of mole people hostile mobs and there like giant elaborate cities with mole people spawners and teasure chests and stuff. It dosen't sound like it would be too hard to make and it could turn out really fun. call it "mole-craft" or some **** like that. maybe they rise up to the surface and try and take over the world at night and when the sun comes out they dont burn up but they go blind and become very easy to kill aha. who knows! just felt like sharing that :tongue.gif:

    no hate please.

    real talk

    There's a cities mod that generates underground cities (don't remember the name, try googling for minecraft cellular automata (sp) cities or something, t does above ground of several different styles as well) but you'd have to make a mole people mod and work out the spawning. They already have monster spawners in there actually so I guess you'd just have to make the mole people mod and then set the spawners so that they only did those

    Edit: went and looked it up again it's formivore's city generator, i imagine it would't be super difficult to remove the above ground city part of the code. If you really wanted it to feel authentic you'd probably have to do a lot of ai to get them to act like a real hostile community more than just spawning a custom mole men mob in there.
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    posted a message on Ahhhh...
    Quote from WadupMan

    You know that making a modpack means Coding and creating everything yourself right? You can't just copy other peoples work and textures, Even if people request it.

    Unless ofc the mod is licensed so that it is allowable, or so that you can get the permission of the maker to put it in a pack.
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    posted a message on Come at me Bro..
    Quote from EthanTn

    Ah, ok. Just checked Combat++ out, and it most likely won't come to 1.0 cause all of it's things are 1.8-stuff. I guess I'll just have to deal with the regular sword if it's such a large project :3

    When I say such a large project, I don't just mean complexity. It's complex yes, much more so than adding for instance blocks, but a lot of it is also that there are so many different types of weapons. As it is now every weapon more or less acts the same in all situations but just does different damage. When I say its a huge project I'm more talking about taking mc's basic combat right now and tailoring the attacks, animations, ranges, performance against different armors, w/ different height advantages, so on and so forth for each weapon. To just get a BETTER combat system well obviously there's already combat++ which has made progress on one new attack (mebbe more since last time i checked) and chances are whatever technique he used COULD be used in the current release.
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    posted a message on Where can I find this mod?
    Sry I don't know about it. MC is popular enough tho that sometimes you're better using google to search than the forums. Or mebbe there's something in advanced search to make the forum search work better but try searching for things like minecraft button mod, minecraft singleplayer sethome, etc. If you just want to be able to spawn on your home spot that shouldn't be hard to find thru google.
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    posted a message on A SMP Minecraft Mod(Please Read)
    Quote from AwesomeA111

    You aren't understanding what I am asking, I want to use mods without the server admin having to install them.

    Erm no cheating is generally discouraged. I dunno about nowadays with all the fancy new servers but it used to be quite possible even easy to do, as simple as playing an unmodded server with a modded client, but either client or server or both would tend to crash horrendously whenever the client side said something was happening that the server side didn't know was possible. I imagine nowadays most servers and inventory checks and all that have a lot of functionality built in specifically to stop this sort of thing (for instance like ppl who used to use flying carpet mod on servers w/o as an easy flying cheat).

    If you've got some little junky computer sitting around you'd probably be best just starting your own small server if all you really want to do is play some combo of mods that isn't available in any server you can find online. Don't try to make it gigantic or anything, but from what I've read its quite possible to run a small server on linux (mineos for instance) on even a low end laptop if you have everything setup right (all the usual mc fixes, your drivers and java and all that good stuff up to date, memory allocation set, etc etc).

    There are some non cheat things that will work like minimappers and such, tho i get the impression that on some servers they're discouraged, but things like new ores or items are liable to crash the game as soon as you try to use them (and ofc the new ore won't be in the world anyway so you'd have to hack your inventory to use it).
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