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    posted a message on Hi! I code plugins and I need a tiny server to test my code!
    Forgot to mention this, but I'd prefer if the server was hosted in America, as I live there.
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    posted a message on Hi! I code plugins and I need a tiny server to test my code!

    Your age: 16

    Name of proposed server: Test/Build Server

    How much RAM you want: 512MB

    How many player slots: 5

    Describe your server idea: I want to use my server to test my plugins and build for my server. I'm creating an MMO server and I need an isolated server to make builds and test plugins on. There's not much else to it other than the need to make sure that my future players (who have already donated) enjoy my MMO server that I'm creating for them.

    Why you want this server: MMO's are complex. Their plugins aren't just small mechanics like crafting recipes or double jumping. Guilds, parties, friend lists, spawning mechanisms, AI modifications, and much more. I need to ensure a reliable place for "field practice" of my plugins and a place where my builders and I can create the world which will make up my MMO. Minecraft is a sandbox, and I'm sculpting a kingdom here.

    On a scale of 1-10, how badly do you want the server?: 7

    Proposed Plugins: Essentials, VoxelSniper, WorldEdit, AsyncWorldEdit, and my future custom ones.

    How do you plan to generate money?: I have no intention to generate money from this test server. However, I have a system set up on my production server. If needed, I can elaborate on it in a reply.

    Do you already have a community? If so, how many active players? If not, how will you be getting players?: Yes and no. I have players eager for my server's release but the server itself is still in development. I plan to have it open for a public beta by the end of September.

    What makes your server special? Why should I join your server instead of that other server?: The test server will be whitelisted and I doubt that I'll be whitelisting staff members of a providing host without being requested to do so.

    Is there a reason why you can't pay for this server?: The money I have goes directly into my main server and its corresponding website.

    What is your preferred method of contact? Skype? PM?: I prefer Skype and I'll disclose it in a private message.

    What you will do for the company in return: I'll put a reference to the providing host on my server website, on all of my GitHub projects, and will give the staff of said host a "Sponsor" rank on my server. I may be open to giving 10% of profits to the provided host as well.


    My Name: Steven
    My IGN (in-game name): Incomprehendable
    My website: http://www.stevens-mmo.com/
    My GitHub profile: https://github.com/Incomprehendable
    My BukkitDev profile: http://dev.bukkit.org/profiles/Incomprehendable/

    Thanks for reading.
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    posted a message on OptiFine HD (FPS Boost, Dynamic Lights, Shaders and much more)
    I found the source of the problem. You must not be logged into Minecraft in order to change your cape!
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    posted a message on OptiFine HD (FPS Boost, Dynamic Lights, Shaders and much more)
    Is anyone else unable to login into optifine.net/cape? It keeps giving me "Invalid credentials" but I'm able to log into minecraft.net or mojang.com easily.
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    posted a message on Minecraft stops responding when loading ANY world
    Bump. This issue is still prevalent. It's like a gamble I have to take just to play Minecraft. It can work the first time I start it up, or the 16th time.
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    posted a message on Better Sprinting (950,000+ DL's) - Use links on top for up-to-date downloads
    Quote from chylex

    No MCP for 1.7.4.

    Thanks for the reply. Good luck with it!
    I'm also a Bukkit plugin developer so I can code the Bukkit plugin if you need someone to do it.
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    posted a message on Will this computer run minecraft on max settings? (16 chunks, smooth lighting, etc) And maybe medium/max with shaders?
    What's the graphics card? Minecraft is mostly dependent on your processing power but shaders can take a toll on GPU.

    EDIT: You added the video card. It should run nicely on maxed out settings with Optifine. Shaders may require a bit of tinkering.
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    posted a message on Better Sprinting (950,000+ DL's) - Use links on top for up-to-date downloads
    Is there going to be a vanilla version for 1.7.4? Sorry if you get this question a lot, I only check up here once every ~3 weeks so I miss a lot of discussion.

    I just run Optifine and BetterSprinting with my Minecraft, so I don't need to use Forge. I think I remember you saying something like you were going to make 1.7.4 with Forge, but nothing else.
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    posted a message on Minecraft stops responding when loading ANY world
    Quote from bilde2910

    Edit the launcher profile in the Minecraft launcher and check the Launcher visibility box. Tell it to keep the launcher open, then save & play game. Play until Minecraft freezes then see if something suspicious appears in the Developer console. There may possibly be a clue to what's happening there.

    Also; try reducing game save interval in OptiFine's options, if it's set to 2 seconds: Options -> Video settings -> Other -> Autosave

    As stated in the OP, no errors or crash reports are created. The save interval is on Optifine's default 3 minutes.
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    posted a message on Minecraft stops responding when loading ANY world
    This issue popped up randomly out of the blue and likes to leave and come back, also on a random basis.
    Simple to explain the issue. I log into any server. Loads for 2 seconds. Minecraft stops responding. I log into a singleplayer world. Loads for 2 seconds. Minecraft stops responding. Found absolutely zero workarounds that prove to be of any use. Tinkered with my mods, and settings. No use.

    I use the following mods:
    • Optifine 1.7.2 D1 U
    • BetterSprinting 1.7.2 v13 (Forge)
    • Forge/Forge Modloader
    • LiteLoader
    • Keybinds/Macros Mod

    I have tried running completely clean instances of Minecraft multiple times and they yielded the same issue. I've tried to allocate different amounts of RAM to Minecraft and they yielded the same issue.

    I searched online and....nothing. No one had the issue that I was experiencing.

    No crash reports or errors are thrown. The latest.log file just stops logging anything past the time where Minecraft freezes.
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    posted a message on Something you MIGHT not know about Minecraft.
    Budder is a type of marijuana.

    Ice is invisible through water, and vice-versa.
    You aren't able to see player nametags through chests and signs, even if they are not sneaking.
    Ghast sound effects are modified versions of C418's 'cat'
    Giving a log the metavalue of 12 will form a 6-sided log.
    Giving a piston the metavalue of 6 will form a 6-sized piston.
    Giving a melon stem (105) the metavalue of 15 will create a stem on top of a distorted netherrack block
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    posted a message on STEVEN'S FREEBUILD! [Minigames!]-[Survival and Creative!]-[Custom Plugins!]-[Survival Games!]-[Hide and Seek!]-[Bending!]-[Towny

    Steven's Freebuild is a Minecraft SMP server that has expanded to appeal to a larger audience. Ever since its creation over a year ago, we've been constantly noting down requests and ideas from our wonderful community and the server it is today is a product of our work. Even so, we continue to change and develop the server in sometimes subtle, and sometimes drastic ways.

    CONNECT WITH: play.stevens-freebuild.minecraftus.com
    JOIN OUR TEAMSPEAK!: sf.enjinvoice.com

    Big ol' list of server features:
    • Dynamic minigames
    • Custom plugins
    • Building in creative mode
    • Building freely and surviving in survival mode
    • Double jumping in some minigames and in survival
    • Survival Games
    • Coupon codes for donors
    • mcMMO
    • Towny
    • Leaderboards for top-playing, top-donating, top-voting, and much more
    • Awesome community
    • Anti-hacking and anti-griefing
    • Fast and efficient rollbacks, by CoreProtect
    • MCBans to keep the server as peaceful as possible
    • All in one server
    • Voting earns you two diamonds, you can vote on 5 different websites, so you can get 10 diamonds every day
    • Hide and Seek
    • Spleef, Parkour, and other minigames, still in development
    • Super Smash Bros (COMING SOON!)

    • For more information on the server, please visit the server website here. Thanks for reading and enjoy the server!
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    posted a message on Failed to login: Bad login ?
    Yeah, this issue has been pretty prevalent within Minecraft as of recently. The issue resides in 1.6.4, and is caused by a pesky bug in the code.

    I cannot provide ETA on when everything will be back to normal, but I did feel the need to post this because if you're anything like me, you got annoyed by this. Changing your password, restarting your computer, etc. will not solve the issue! We just have to wait it out. As stated before, this issue is in 1.6.4, meaning that you can still join 1.7.2 servers without a hitch. Thanks for reading!

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    posted a message on [BUKKIT PLUGIN] Steven's Double Jump! (1.6.4)

    Hi there, and thanks for visiting the thread for my Bukkit plugin! This plugin is very simple and easy to configure, it only requires a drag-and-drop, everything else is optional!

    • Double jump!
    • Sound effect on double jump, same as the sound effect on the Shotbow Network!
    • Configurable height and distance!
    • Smoke effect on double jump, which is configurable!
    • Works nicely with NoCheatPlus!
    • Doesn't trigger anti-fly plugins! (For example, in the Minigames plugin, if you fly in a minigame, you get kicked. This plugin allows you to double jump without being kicked!

    Version BETA v0.2 is delayed due to the fact that I cannot test the plugin at this moment, because login servers are borked up! Here's what will be coming in BETA v0.2:
    • Reload command
    • Configurable no permission message
    • Configurable plugin tag
    • Configurable message on double jump
    • Developer feature [Sends a message to me if I log onto your server! You can turn this feature on or off, and configure the message that gets sent!]
    • Smaller smoke effect on double jump
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    posted a message on Bad Login Error Often
    Quote from TheSkyyPro

    This is not Mojang doing it. Remember that new Optifine that came out like 2 days ago? Well it's the new optifine that is causing this bug. They did a mistake, and a bug came up, I recommend you switching to the previous version.
    Thank you.

    Do show me the piece of code in Optifine that proves to be the cause of this issue.
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