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I'm a 20 year old Computers Science major studying at Hofstra University. I have a passion for video games, and I especially love Zombie games and Minecraft! I have always loved games with a high degree of freedom and the entire sandbox genre has always been my personal favorite. I'm a huge fan of games like the Elder Scrolls series (even after the lovely lawsuit letters to Notch -___-) as well as more recently Dead Island. I enjoy shooters on occasion, but primarily only with my brothers because while i am no slouch, I'm not good enough to compete with the people who play shooters as much as (or more than) I play Minecraft.

I run a server for my friends out of my basement, but unfortunately it is hard to maintain from school (read: impossible to maintain) so if anything happens to bring down my server, I can have long periods of down time >.> that's a primary reason i haven't already opened my server to the Minecraft community at large.
Interests Minecraft, Zombies, general Video Games

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Minecraft Imstoneking