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    posted a message on A very bad JavaScript game: minecraft mining
    Play the game: http://www.rscharts.com
    Highscores: http://www.rscharts.com/highscores/

    General notes:
    OPM = Ores Per Minute
    KPE = Kills Per Enemy

    Highscores now has a group system! Compete with just your friends/people you know. :)

    Added an ore price guide to the navigation menu
    Research projects may now require resources
    In relation to the previous change, you can set aside resources for research
    Popup/alert boxes are no longer used when "buying x" of soldiers
    Popups no longer "overlap"/overwrite eachother; there is now a queue
    Fixed bug where ores wouldn't show up in your vault when auto pilot was disabled
    Fixed bug where money wasn't deducted when you researched something
    Fixed a bug where cancelling a project bugged out
    Fixed bug where after purchasing and disabiling autopilot, ore would still be sold automatically

    Researching added to the game!
    Fixed achievements not saving
    Fixed "mining down under" achievement
    Popups now center correctly
    Allies tab removed until content is added
    An alert box no longer appears when you have full ore
    Other various bug fixes

    Update 12/26/2013
    Added achievement system
    Loading screen introduced; should no longer have to deal with flashing icons!
    More cheat barriers for highscores, but still not good enough!
    New popups (also replaces old boss screens)
    New miner (expensive, but very efficient! - plus if you have tons of money, why not buy a bunch?)
    Ability to choose between golem and witch as your allies/friends; this will soon introduce ally-specific benefits
    Start on new research feature (will soon include oil/drilling)!
    New "buy max" button introduced to ease the process of buying workers
    Some minor bug fixes

    Update 11/28/2013
    Rewrote some functions that will ease the process of adding new bosses.
    Zombie boss now has a "continue" button.
    Portal added. Collect parts from winning battles against Don Chikolio, or you can partner with him to receive a few immediately.
    You now receive money for winning battles.
    Two new pickaxes, Heavenly Pickaxe and Hell Pickaxe (credits to Thiefking for designs).
    A new heavenly miner and heavenly soldier.
    New ores.
    Stats tab now added.
    Bug fixes.
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    posted a message on A very bad JavaScript game: minecraft mining
    Made a quick patch, negative soldier's bug should be fixed.

    Currently working on:
    • Enchantments
    • Achievements (just need achievement icons -- I am most definitely not a visual person ;P)
    • Leaderboards (create groups to challenge friends)
    • Food system for soldiers (still need to think on this one)
    • [UNDECIDED] Create barracks to store soldiers. (still need to think on this one)
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    posted a message on A very bad JavaScript game: minecraft mining
    Quote from WaterTipper


    2 Steves:
    - Costs $6000
    - Mines 120 ores/min

    1 Dedicated Miner:
    - Costs $15000
    - Mines 120 ores/min

    Yes, but a dedicated miner can mine iron+.
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    posted a message on Minecraft Vs Terraria (Facts)
    Minecraft is better. See that? I don't care about your facts.

    Terraria is too boring for me. Dull gameplay.

    Plus, it really only has more points because all of the things in Terraria are easier to implement development wise (e.g: 2D mobs are a lot easier to implement than 3D).
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    posted a message on Need a few more (1-3) people to play adventure map
    I'm hosting this adventure map (download official texture pack in description):

    Need some people to play with. Reply here or PM me.
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    posted a message on Rise Of Nations [TEKKIT] [PVP] [ALIENvsHUMAN] [ECONOMY]
    Upon joining, I get this:


    When I've freaking chose the RIGHT option to join with.
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    posted a message on Minecraft freezes at the logging in screen on multiplayer.
    It's because they're too lazy to invest in servers that can actually handle logins.
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    posted a message on ★ ☆ ✰ TAKEN PRISON ✰☆ ★ | *BRAND NEW* | PURE PRISON SERVER | 150 SLOTS | NO WHITELIST | PAID RANKS | PVP | JOIN NOW!
    This is probably one of the most stable and highest quality prison servers I've ever been on. The custom modifications on this server definitely make the game play fun, and I must say the structural design of the prison is quite amazing. I can definitely call this prison "home" (I've been on so many prisons, and this is by far the best). Keep up the good work guys!
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    posted a message on Most annoying biome to build in
    Ocean Biome.
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    posted a message on ★ 24/7 ★ PistonMC Community ★ Skyblock - Freebuild - Factions - Minigames ★
    Quote from tommy0702

    Where can I get a list of contrabanned items?

    Any enchanted armor
    Flint & Steel
    Fire Charges
    Lava buckets
    Water buckets (only if it was used to grief/kill)
    Damaging/splash potions
    Enchanting tables
    Any other unobtainable blocks...
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