About Me

-Born July 1st '97.

-Minecrafter since beta 1.7.

-Studied Engineering, Applied Science, Electronics and Engineering.

-Spent 12 years as a Scout (the maximum, from Beaver to Explorer).

-Volunteered in Ecuador for 3 weeks and the Galapogas islands for one week.

-Have collectively spent 13 months of my life in Davenport Orlando FL.

-PC master-race with a nostalgic soft spot and exception for Nintendo.

-Space Nerd.

-Pokémon Geek.

-Has superhuman adrenaline levels.

-Has no hunger response (gets thirsty but doesn't get natural urge to eat).

-Always in fight or flight but is never startled, seems paradoxical I know.

-Is aware he is a unique assortment of atoms the occupy less than a spec in space and less than a blip in time.


-The MCU.

-Star Wars Canon.

-Doctor Who.

-Fallout 4.

-Sims 4.

-Don't Starve (Together).

-Pokémon Core series games.

-Pokémon GO.

-Pokémon Movies (No patience for the anime beyond season 2 with the exception of banned and Japan only episodes).

-Lego, Exclusively Minifig scale.

-Trains, Steam, Electric, Streamline.

-Space, send me to Mars.

-Robots, I want a robotic assistant with sophisticated AI and progressive machine-learning.

I also want to build my own R2, K-9 and possibly a protectron.

Location London UK

Profile Information

Minecraft ImmortalAbsol Xbox No Longer Used PSN N/A Steam ImmortalAbsol Twitch ImmortalAbsol Nintendo 3669 - 2074 - 7493

Contact Methods

Website URL N/A Skype Use Discord Dummy