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    In 2010-2014 there was a mod that I saw on youtube

    To begin there was a race selector when you got into the world that was like jj races with orcs, dwarves, humans, elves, and a few more I don't remember, I only remember the early game,

    For sure there was

    There was block breaking 3d animations that would hold and it would slowly unbreak itself instead of being instant

    Torches after a while would need to be relit with a flint and steel

    Dirt slabs

    The dwarves would be half height

    Staggered very slow progression

    When torches were in your hand or on the ground they'd light up the area

    It was when swamps were in the game but before the rose turned into poppys
    This was also around the time Clay minecraft war mod came out

    There might have been

    Creepersnakes that would hop around and would be as quick as a skeleton

    Gravity on dirt

    Starving mightve been easy

    Water meter/thirst meter

    Cold and heat measure

    Boss mobs

    Torches had a durability bar

    Stone peices

    It was like a predecessor to better than wolves, I think it was a mod packn kinda like ftb unleashed but different, it was just very difficult, I think crazycraft and ssundee prison minecraft videos came out the year after, and this was when skitscape and fawdz were playing but they never played the mod, ant venom I don't think he played this mod

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