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    Server is doing good, towns are looking nice, and we are making great progress! :)
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    The mine is making huge progress!
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    Looks very intersesting :)
    Skype: madysen.winmill (the Madysen "Swifty" one)
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    Minecraft Paintball Clan!
    Hello! This is a Minecraft Paintball Clan! We play on many different paintball servers! But we don't only play paintball (but its our main game), we play on a wide range of Survival/Hunger games, The Wall, Spleef, and the typical Faction/Survival Servers!
    For this clan I am looking for up to 10-15 members at the most. The application may be a little long but it should be worth it, this clan should be fun! We just play on different servers and play a bunch a bunch of games! That's it!
    As with all clans though we have rules:
    1. Be respectful to every clan member and all higher ranks.
    2. Play all games fairly! (No hacks, cheating, etc.)
    3. Follow all rules! You don't wanna get banned
    If your reading this put Paintball in your application.
    4. Play with your clan members don't go playing on different servers and stuff while other clan members are on.
    5. Keep all swearing down to a minimum!
    Here is a brief explanation of each game if you don't know what they are or how they are played:
    Paintball: Paintball is sometimes different server to server but its basically played by throwing snowballs at the opposite team. Once your hit your out for the remainder of the match.
    Survival/Hunger Games: This game is played by standing on pedestals around the center of the map which has chest fulled of weapons/armor/food in them. When the game starts you run the the middle and get what you can get and start killing people to be the last one standing.
    The Wall: The Wall is played by starting a match with 4 teams and each team is given a basic area for surviving with all resources they would need. After about 15 minutes walls around each team drop and its all out war till there's one left standing.
    Spleef: Spleef is played by a random amount of players have shovels and try to shovel out the snow from underneath other players till one is left standing.
    Where are you from/timezone?:
    Will you be dedicated to clan?:
    Time you can dedicate to clan?:
    Do you agree to our rules?:
    Will you be mature in the clan?;
    Do you have skype w/ microphone?(not required):
    What are your minecraft skills and weaknesses?(ex. Pvp, mining, building):
    Quick description about yourself:
    Any suggestions?:
    Anything Else?:
    Ranks and member list coming soon. :)
    If you are accepted into the clan I will PM you the current servers we are playing on. Good luck. :D
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