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    posted a message on The Kingdom of Araluen
    IGN (Minecraft Username): Im_Swifty
    Rank/Occupation (see above): Villager-Miner/Farmer
    PvP Skill (1-10):7
    Maturity (1-10):9 1/2
    TimeZone:Central U.S.
    Minecraft Age (how long have you been playing MC for?):2 Years
    Clan Experiences:Oldenburg, Core Legacy (Clans that I enjoyed)
    Why we should accept you into the Kingdom of Araluen?:I am an expirenced Minecraft player. I love to mine and help out with any big projects for the community. I am mostly active. I am also mature and fun to play MC with.
    What are you good at?:Mining, Farming, and Building.
    Skype Name (optional):madysen.winmill
    Code word: Arrow
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    posted a message on The Grand Spencorian Empire {RECRUITING}-{Light roleplay}-{Mature Community}-{Allimore}
    1.Your In game name - Im_Swifty

    2.Steam name - None

    3.Age - 13

    4.What can you do to help the Grand Spencorian Empire Prosper? Mining a lot and helping out with any large city projects.

    5.A little about yourself - Hi Im Madysen I love to mine and build things. Also to keep things organized. I will also be active a lot and Im always on skype to be updated!

    6.Are you awesome? You bet!

    7.Are you sure? Yup!

    8.Which do you enjoy most of the following? - Star Wars, Star Trek, or Stargate SG1/Atlantis? None! lol :P
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    posted a message on The Oldenburg Society [Own Server] [Government] [Elections] [Towns] [Mature]
    Server is doing good, towns are looking nice, and we are making great progress! :)
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    posted a message on The Oldenburg Society [Own Server] [Government] [Elections] [Towns] [Mature]
    The mine is making huge progress!
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    posted a message on The Oldenburg Society [Own Server] [Government] [Elections] [Towns] [Mature]
    Looks very intersesting :)
    Skype: madysen.winmill (the Madysen "Swifty" one)
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    posted a message on Mezzinis [Clan] [Recruiting] [members with any skilll wanted]
    Ingame Name:Im_Swifty

    Minecraft Age: About 1 year and a half, maybe 2

    Your Age:13

    Skype Name: madysen.winmill (the Vortex_xSwiftyx one)

    Time Zone: U.S. Central

    Job: Miner, Farmer, Woodcutter, Architect.

    Why do you want to join us? Im looking for a organized clan that is fun to play with and commitited.

    Other: (Other information about you and such)Write out your Oath to The Prosperous People

    (even though you are in a sub clan your oath is still to the prosperous people) I take my time with faction projects and love helping out fellow clan members, I will make sure everyone has the things they need to fight in battle.

    ( h )
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    posted a message on Clan Wulfgar [pvp] [kingdom] [making its own server] [politics] [war] [military]
    Minecraft Name: Im_Swifty

    Why You Want To Join: Looks well-organized and thought out. I have been looking for a good clan for a while.

    What Makes You Different: I am an active and dedicated member as long as everyone is far and dedicated too. I am more of a mining, farming, and resource gather type of player.

    Past Clan Experince: I have been in a few clans that have disbanded.

    Past Clan Names: Spartans and I cant remember the others.

    PVP Experince 1-5 with 1 being horrible: 4

    Are You Better At PvP Or Planning: Planning

    What Skills Do You Have In Minecraft: Mining, Farming, gathering resources, and archery.

    How Many Hours Can You Play A Week: 14-21, 2-3 hours a day

    Maturity Level 1-5 With 1 Being Horrid: 5

    RL Age: 13

    How Long Have You Played Minecraft: A year or two

    Do You Have A Skype: Yes I will give it to you in a PM

    Main Job You Want: Miner/Farmer

    Secondary Job You Want: Woodcutter

    "Hail Wulfgar"
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    posted a message on Ordo Imperator Novum - Recruiting
    Quote from kevin4460

    We don't usually let younger people into the clan because, in general, they've always proved not to be worth the effort of training them due to immaturity and general idiocy. Unlike the others however you seem pretty well off in terms of maturity. The only question I have with your application is

    All of our members are expected to do whatever task is needed of them at the time, that includes fighting as we are mostly a PvP clan. If you're alright with having to fight when we're in a battle then I don't see any problems.

    I can tell you I am mature for my age and not a young annoying kid.

    Yes, I am fine with fighting in battle. I am most effective fighting with a bow at medium/far range, but if I need to, I can also use a sword as well.
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    posted a message on Ordo Imperator Novum - Recruiting
    Minecraft.net username: Im_Swifty
    Age: 13 (But I am mature)
    Do you have a Skype?: Yes I will give it to you in a PM

    If not are you willing to get one?:
    Do you have a Mic: Yes I do
    If not are you willing to get one (Does not affect your application's acception/rejection)?:
    Experience in SMP: I play Multiplayer survival all the time and played it with my old clan that disbanded.
    Other games you play: Call Of Duty
    Have you read the Code of Honor: Yes
    Are you in any other clans: Nope
    Why do you want to join OIN?: It looks very well thought out and organized.
    Tell us about yourself: (2-3 Sentences) I am 13 (girl) I live in the U.S. and I'm an active Minecraft and CoD player. I usually spend my time in Minecraft collecting resources and helping out the community.

    Why should we accept you?: ("I'm really good with a bow" " I pwn the noobs" etc. are not acceptable, all our recruits are trained in combat.) I'm an active player and I'm dedicated to the clan I am in as long as others are to. I will do as much as possible to protect and serve the community. I am more of a mining, farming, and building type of player.
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    posted a message on Looking to start a small minecraft community
    I applied on the form link.
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    posted a message on The Forest Rangers official Thread


    Timezone:U.S. Central

    Nickname (RP name):Swifty

    Skype (optional):madysen.winmill

    What job would you like to have? Miner, Farmer, Builder, and/or Archer.

    Military Job (Optional): Archer

    What skills do you have? Collecting Resources, Building, Archer.

    Why do you want to join the Forest Rangers? Looks like a popular well thought-out and organized clan. Ive also been looking for a dedicated clan and to make friends.

    Why should we pick you? Im dedicated to any clan I am in and I will do as much as possible to help with anything that needs to be done.
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    posted a message on Looking for a dedicated clan! [Miner] [Farmer] [Builder]
    Hey everyone! I am a dedicated miner, farmer, and builder and I will be active as much as possible since its summer. I will spend lots of time collecting what ever needs to be collected for the clan. If possible, the best would be a faction clan. Put in the description your link to your clans forum so I may apply! I also have Skype.
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    posted a message on DYNAMIC (PvP Faction Team) (Must Have Skype) [Recruiting]
    add me, my skype name is: madysen.winmill
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    posted a message on Havoc Clan [PvP] [Factions] [Military] [Civilian]
    Hey guys! Do you remember me? lol I used to be in your old clan. Spartans I think it was? We had that big obsidian base. Well I started playing minecraft again and was looking for a clan. So I will apply :) :

    In game name: Im_Swifty

    Time Zone: Central U.S.

    Civilian or Military: Civilian

    Civilian or Military job: Miner and Farmer

    Why us? Your clan looks very organized and thought out, I've been looking for a clan like that recently and their hasn't been many except yours. I also like clans that have both military and civilian jobs. I'm glad that this clan uses Skype because that's an important part of being the best clan.

    A little bit about yourself: Well, I used to be in your old clan lol! And im more of a farmer and mining type player. I always like helping out with stuff around the base and the community. Even though I signed up for Farming and Mining I can also help out with Building projects if their is a lack of players online.

    Skype Username: madysen.winmill

    Microphone?: Yup

    Suggestions?: I dont think I have any currently. (Samurai)
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    posted a message on Olympians(RECRUITING!) (PVP) (Cabins) (Events) (Raids) (FUN!)
    IGN: Im_Swifty
    If you have teamspeak: Yes but I prefer Skype
    if you will be loyal: Yes I will be very loyal to this clan and all of its members.
    If you will be respectful: Most definitely
    What weapon do you use in combat:Bow and Arrow
    If you could have one weapon what would it be(doesn't HAVE to be in the game already):Bow and Arrow
    If you will respect our ways and help us on our quest to expand:Yes I will respect all things of the clan and be active to help expand each and everything.
    What are you best at in minecraft? My best thing I do in minecraft would be farming, mining, and building.
    What timezone are you in?:Central, U.S.A.
    Anything else to add?:I would like to say that I am a girl (so that will not be like a secret or anything)
    and if I am offline for a while its because I am most likely grounded lol.
    I hope you will accept me into the clan! :)
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