About Me
I spend way too much of my time here (in General OT, Computers, and Politics) and on hardware sites (Tom's Hardware, Anand Tech, and Techspot, mostly). I get ridiculously pissed off if people are wrong, especially in the computers section. No, I won't apologize if I offend you.

My old account is FiveLeafClover (you might have heard of it)
I still live in my parents' basement (but I'm 13, so it's OK)
I am atheist, and while I respect others' beliefs, I will argue with them if they state things that are blatantly wrong (I'm surprised I wasn't banned on my old account for all my insults directed at an evolution-denier)
Alienware ****ing sucks. If I ever get modship, I will try to make it a rule that anyone who suggests that will be warned
Interests Minecraft Civilization V Portal Starcraft II (sometimes) Science and the universe and deep shizz like that Wikipedia XKCD (awesomest webcomic ever) shirt.woot Is this getting too long?

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