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    posted a message on THE BEST REALM 100% SURVIVAL AND NO LIMITS

    ONLY BOYS can join the realm

    "No limits"
    I hope you mean it's up for a lifetime. If not, that's just false advertising.
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    posted a message on Super Smash Forum

    Deep down, at the very bottom of the Forum section, a small topic is located. It is known as "Off Topic" -thunder-

    For years, people came and made characters based from there "Avatar." All of these have certain skills and weaknesses.

    But, there is a question. Who would win? Prepare for...





    The Rules

    Using your avatars powers, you need to fight!

    You all have one live.

    The last one standing is the winner.

    If your dead, next round will come after someone wins.

    I, the game master, will say when someone died. We don't want unkillable gods, do we?

    If you are a simple human or a minecraft character, DON'T WORRY! You get protection 20 diamond armor.

    If you can summon minions, only summon 3 at a time.

    If you are new and the match started, don't give up hope! Next round you can join!

    Regular forum rules apply.

    Lastly, no Mar(t)y S(t)ues!

    Final Smashes!

    You all have final smashes, however there are rules.

    Every few posts, ill pick someone random to have the final smash.

    They MUST not be too OP. KI know FS are supposed to be OP, but no "Missiles go to everyone, not dodgeable and create nuke sized splosions."

    I encourage you to use your imagination! Pick something that makes sense though, like a robot charging up a giant blast.


    Each arena has perks. Like in a forest arena, why bnot hide in a tree?

    Random arenas will be picked each time.

    Each arena is about 2 miles. Flying and/or speed helps, but there is ways to go faster hidden. They are big so the VICTIMS MWHAHA can be spread out.


    As the game master, I can make events happen. For instance, meteor shower or tornado.

    Please, I beg of you. SUGGEST THINGS!!!!! This is almost far from complete. But YOU can make it more fair AND fun!

    How 2 Play

    Won't you get ninja'd? Well, I considered making it turn based, but then its Final Fantasy Forums. So, unless one of you or me come up with something, I can't really prevent it. But don't worry, we can come up with something! And if we can't, i'll increase everyones health to make ninjas just a bad nuisance.

    Also, posts usually look like this:

    I slash Ridley, then shield break -insert name- since he was guarding for awhile!

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    posted a message on The Goodwill thread- Free gift games!

    While I don't have things to give away, im just m=commenting how how generous you guys are! Even if they are extra copies with no use, its still p nice

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    posted a message on Living in a Mooshroom Paradise [1.9 Vanilla Survival Journal]
    Quote from Ihlly»

    I really laught at your rabbit misadventure! Good luck getting rid of those. :D

    Recalling YOUR adventure, I can see why.

    Anyway, great story so far! It's really funny!

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    posted a message on Titanic Survival - played by CaptainSparklez [1:1 scale Titanic, most accurate build, sinking Titanic, iceberg and more!]

    Oh my god. I need to check this out. Ill tell you how good it is, maybe even make a reveiw! (But I have no mic)

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    posted a message on Animated skins. Take your skin to the next level! (Like the compas is now)

    I DON'T LIKE IT...

    I LOVE IT!

    For real. This would be amazing, only one problem. Some jerks could create skins with flashing colors, annoying to lots.

    Full Support.

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    posted a message on Can someone assist me with making a mod?

    Thanks a bunch! ;S

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    posted a message on List of sites stealing Minecraft content. StopModReposts!



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    posted a message on Need builders for a big. BIG PROJECT..
    ill help
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