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Comic Sans is awesome. Get over it!

Thanks for coming!

I'm 14 and began playing Minecraft way back in Beta 1.3_01. I generally try to be helpful, but I can be critical at times. I'm also currently looking for a vanilla server. If anyone has one and/or knows of one, please point me in the right direction, but don't do it in such a way that you end up spamming me with self-made ads for your server.

I change my profile pic when I feel like it. My profile picture is currently my player's head, which was made using the Minecraft Forum's Avatar Generator by LukeRay (who also makes the Minecraft Skin Viewer). Most of my pictures are Minecraft themed.

Please forgive me if I have been annoying. I usually am even if I don't mean to be.

I play various games on Xbox, including Minecraft and Halo 4.

I make my own skins by myself. If you have the nerve to steal one, at least give me credit. If you want, I'll also try to make you a skin, but no guarantees that it'll be good or I'll even finish it.
Interests Halo 4, video games, graphic designing, causing havoc, etc.

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