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    IGN: ImDanil
    Age(16+): 18½
    Location and Time Zone: U.S. of America, PST.

    How long have you been playing Minecraft?
    Four or five years now.

    Whats your favorite thing to do on Minecraft?
    Mainly exploring and building great structures. Other than that, I like to mess around with redstone (I’m not that good, but I try to figure things out on my own).

    What do you consider your best skills?
    I am an overall very nice person, so I can often diffuse a situation or calm someone down. My friendliness usually gets the better of me, to the point I spend more time helping people with builds/problems than working on my own things.

    How often are you online?
    Since I’m out of High School and (currently) unemployed, most of my times goes towards gaming. I recently just got back into Minecraft so I’ve been spending most of days on it.

    Skype Name:

    Yes. (Turtle Beach Earforce PX21)

    Thank you for taking your time to review my application.
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    posted a message on Vanilla 1.7.4 Server - MindCrack Style - Whitelisted
    IGN: ImDanil
    Skype name: ImDanil
    Age: 18
    Country and time zone: U.S. of America, PST

    How often do you play:
    I just got back into Minecraft, so almost 5 hours a day (sometimes more).

    Do you enjoy building medieval style:
    I don't have any particular style of build, therefore I don't enjoy any particular style more than the other (I usually just build things that look nice). I haven't built medieval-like structures in a while, but I have in the past and other players often enjoyed my work. I think I could be of great help for the spawn build.

    Why do you want to join:
    I have been watching MineCrack (VintageBeef) for a while now, and I absolutely love the atmosphere and community of the server. Everyone involved is nice, helpful, and loyal- which is something I'm hoping to find on your server. I also think your server will be an excellent place for my creativity to run wild; where I can build redstone machines, large structures, and a lot of other things. (With my perfectionist OCD, I can assure you all my structures will look good.)

    Thank you for considering me.
    If there's anything else you would like to know about me, feel free to message me and I'll answer each question. Also, I'm quite good with Photoshop (mostly self-taught), so I can create anything needed for the server (banners, etc).
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    posted a message on StoneHeart Gaming [ECO/SMP] [Cars][ChestShop][Cities][Events][Minigames][Survival Games][Warzones]
    In Game Name:

    Just turned 17 not too long ago.

    Have you been banned before?:
    I have not, therefore the next question is irrelevant.

    If so, why?:

    Any additional comments:
    I've been playing a lot of creative servers, and I just got tired of spawning stuff. I am ready to go out, kill some mobs, and earn me some good 'ol diamond the old fashioned way! I've been playing MineCraft for 2 years now, so I don't need guidance and I know what's up. I try to get on as much as I can, maybe 2-5 hours a day (I have no life, trust me). I really hope you choose me to be your next StoneHeartian. If I don't get accepted, no hard feelings.
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    posted a message on [Server Beta][Creative] WiseEvilEmu's Server TESTING [Good Builds/Builders ONLY]
    In-Game Name:


    Rolls in Previous Server:
    I've been a regular player, builder, moderator, admin, and back-up owner.

    Server Hosting Experience? If so, how much?:
    Sorry, but no.

    Ever been banned?:
    Not that I can recall.

    Hours on Minecraft per week?:
    Currently... not much. Single player is boring, so I'm looking for multiplayer server. (Then my HPW will increase.)

    Why should I accept you?:
    This is a good question. I do not act like a 12 year old kid when griefed or killed. I also type damn-near fluently despise being born in another country (Russia). I am pretty decent with redstone and I enjoy building homes/structures if I have the supplies. Not just that, I have actually played MineCraft for 3 years now, so I know what's up.

    Previous Builds (Images only Please):
    Hmm... all my builds were on servers or worlds that I deleted. But I do have a custom map which shows some sort of creativity:

    Willing to Donate if Server Expands Rapidly?
    Maybe if I were to ever get a job... but in the mean time, no.
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    posted a message on PixelsPad Creative Server [1.2.5] [whitelist]
    Your In Game Name:

    Your age:
    Just turned 17 (on the 13th)

    Do you promise not to grief?
    Of course. Griefing is unacceptable in my eyes.

    Can you PvP on this server?
    Pvp just isn't for me, so no.
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    posted a message on Xtra Xp v1
    Yeah, it doesn't look so... "great."
    (texture wise, the idea is cool-ish)
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    posted a message on New Small Survival Server! (Whitelist)
    My username is ImDanil.

    I am currently 16. I turn 17 in May. I know usually 16 year old's are immature, but I guarantee you this: I'm probably one of the most mature 16 year old's you will ever meet. (This doesn't mean I don't have a good sense of humor)

    I am a male.

    Do you agree to the rules?
    I have read, and accepted the rules set.

    How active are you? (hours per day)
    I'm currently not very active do to playing alone (SSP), but when a server comes along, I'm usually on 3-8 hours a day. (Average: 5-6 hours a day)

    Location? (where are you from?)
    Well, I'm from Russia, but I currently live on the West Coast, America.

    What is your personal reason for wishing to join this server?
    "With a small, active community on a beautiful map."
    There is more room to build, and less players means more help can be given.
    I never liked large server. Also, this server isn't PVP.
    If this server is PVP, by all means, reject me now.

    Thank you for reading my application. Hopefully is comes through.
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    posted a message on Cracked Server now hiring
    Quote from travmo26

    i would like to be a maod or a admin i have three other freinds that might enjoy helping out too
    ign travmo
    ive been ranked on 3 servers without paying
    miderator and admin
    i hate griefers personally depanding on what they did like covered half the server with water and were trollling other players id bann them just temporaly then if they did it again id ban them permnatily
    im 14 no i havent to been to jail actually i have but that was to kill a griefer that blew up the bars and stuff id ask another admin mod or even the owner
    i would/ wouldnt it depends on what they did if there spamming the chat i can i haz rank ill just say NO!
    yes i would listen to ranks higher than me majority rules
    if spawning for mods or admins is allowed and u dont mind i would
    like the saying goes one with great power comes great responsbility i would use them as they should be i will not use them to grief or bann for no reason

    Probably the WORST application, EVER.
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    posted a message on Cracked Server now hiring
    Quote from bxbmiyafux

    This is the only application IMO that deserves a promotion.
    I know this server is new but, what most new servers tend to do is when they are so eager to start up they recruit noobs. Just some constructive criticism.
    But this man actually uses effort and knowledge of the English language in this application.
    The other ones are pretty lower class.

    Thank you, sir. I do try when it comes to the English language, and not the American language.
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    posted a message on [REQ] Faster Fishing
    Thank you. Any more people like this idea?
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    posted a message on Cracked Server now hiring
    My in-game name is ImDanil, real life is Danil.

    Real age:
    I am 16, 17 by May of next year.

    Have you ever been to jail?
    No (for both), but I do have a funny story. (real life) One time, I was walking behind a store, and about 15 minutes before, a store (close-by) was robbed by someone who I, somewhat, fit the description of. They put me in cuffs, and put me in the squad car. Scariest moment of my life. They realized I wasn't the one, and they let me go.

    How many servers have you been ranked on (without payment)?
    I've played for about 2 years, and I have only played about 5 servers, and in only one of them I was given a rank. I started out as an admin (because of my building skills), and worked my way up to co-owner, and backup owner. (In-case the owner was gone)

    What was your rank on the server?
    Admin, Co-Owner, and Backup Owner.

    What would you do to the Griefers?
    First I would ask/tell them to stop. I would follow them for up-to 30 minutes, if they grief even a block, I would tell them that I'm jailing them, and proceed to doing so. If they somehow escape, I would ban them (if I have that power) and notify an admin/owner of my actions, and the griefers actions too.

    What would you do if someone asks you a question, which the answer you may not know?
    I would answer the question as-best I can, and redirect them to a higher-up, or the internet.

    What would you do if someone asks for a rank, or (an) item(s)?
    If they ask for a rank, I would say no, and tell them how they can achieve that rank of which they desire. For the item, I would too say no, and tell them how they can gain that item legitimately.

    Would you listen to ranks higher than yours?
    There are ranks for a reason: to show who is the more superior one, the one more most information, the elder. "Respect your elders."

    Will you spawn stuff for people, or yourself?
    I would never spawn anything for people. As for myself, I would ask a higher-up for permission for a build.

    Will you abuse your powers?
    Having a rank shows that you respect, and honor the trust of the owner. Betraying that trust is just wrong, to say the least. So no, I would never abuse my powers.
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    posted a message on Portal 2 word bending :)
    Old news is old.
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    posted a message on Major and fking annoying glitch
    Never happens to me.
    It must be your computer.
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    posted a message on [REQ] Faster Fishing
    So, I was watching CaptainSparklez on Youtube, and I came up with a brilliant idea: Faster Fishing Using Real Life Techniques. Everybody knows that worms help with fishing in real life, so worms shall be used to help fishing in game!

    Normally, worms live underground since the sun dries them up, so to gather worms, you dig dirt. There will be a 5% chance per dirt block for a worm to be dropped. Grass-topped dirt will not drop worms. If you do not pick up the worm within 10 seconds, it will de-spawn (as if it goes back into the dirt). Also, in real life, when it rains, there are worms everywhere. So when it rains in-game, there will be a 2% that worms will spawn on land (no worms can spawn within 5 blocks of each other), which do not disappear, and which you can collect. When it stops raining, worms de-spawn after 10 seconds.

    How to use:
    If you have worms in your inventory, you can use the fishing pole to catch fish 50% faster. Every time you right click (to throw the bobby thingy), it takes 1 worm out of your inventory. You can still use the fishing pole without worms.

    Worms move very slowly, four blocks per minute. The worm sprite (or what ever they call it) wiggles. There are 3 different colored worms, with all the same properties: brown, pink, and red-ish brown. Worms act like items, when you walk by them, they get pulled into you.
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    posted a message on How do i ask a girl out.
    "Baby, does this smell like chloroform to you?"
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