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    posted a message on EULA Revisited: an Updated Q&A From Mojang
    Quote from SuperCreeperGirl

    EDIT: just thought of something!

    Look at this Q&A. I've underlined the part I'm talking about.

    Can I charge access to a specific part of my server, such as a minigame or world?

    No, you cannot charge for any part of a server other than the initial access. Once on a server, all players must have the same gameplay privileges. You may make a different server for the user to connect to which features “premium” areas, and charge for access to that server instead, but the benefits cannot carry over to your other servers.

    In other words, if you wanted to have a perk (such as a minigame) that can only be used by people who pay hard currency, you could just make a new server with the premium perks, and then give people the IP (via a plugin or something) whenever they donate the required amount of money. All you would have to do is make sure that the perks on the premium server don't cross into the main server.

    No idea if this is allowed, but it would work. (I don't own a server myself, so I really don't know if this would be executable, though I think it would be. Just saying)

    Woah. This is probably the most useful contribution on the whole thread. Basically you can have a "trial server", and then if you like it enough, you can donate to move to the one with more features?

    In general, I don't think the "good" (large) servers will die. I think they will innovate. If they can't, they didn't deserve to exist (at least that's what Mojang is saying).
    The donators having powers to give everyone something is a really neat idea, as well.
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    posted a message on Snapshot 14w20b Ready for Tesla!
    Every time I see a snapshot with one or two tiny changes, I am disappointed... and then I scroll down to the crapton of bugfixes. I know it can take a day (or more :o )for one person to fix a bug, so I personally am happy with both their pace and focus in their updates.
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    posted a message on A very bad JavaScript game: minecraft mining
    Well, apparently it's not "very bad" :D
    I look forward to using this as a replacement for cookie clicker.
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    posted a message on How do you get out of a portal that dosen't work and trapped...
    Quote from Flare_Universe

    Only reply to this If you are going to be useful

    Only post a request for help if you are willing to be open to answers (from people who are trying to help you). It could be that there is no way to get out. Can you post pictures to help describe what you're trapped in? (Use a site such as imgur, if you haven't posted pictures before).
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    posted a message on So much for old maps on 1.7.2 :/
    Quote from turbotonic27

    what about big servers, like Hermitcraft2, and mindcrack, etc. they cant reset a whole server with everyones structures on it ,
    including my server, i guess im gonna spent weeks smoothing it out in mc edit.

    Sure they can. Why not?
    Or they can have giant community events for smoothing out the borders, which would be kind of cool too.
    Or they can pretend they're tectonic plates, as previously mentioned :)
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    posted a message on 1.7.2 Changing The World: Update and Play Now!
    Quote from JtechMCPE

    I really dont like this update. I mean, the stuff they added is great, but they destroyed my preformance. I went from 60 FPS to 0 FPS in a SUPERFLAT world. Minecraft 1.7 is unplayable for me.

    Really? I get way better performance -- it's now playable without optifine for me. (Or did you have optifine installed previously, and so are going from optifine to no-optifine? That would explain the fps drop.)

    It's weird, this seems to happen every version. Some people have way less lag, some have way more, and for some it does nothing. Mojang says that they tried to reduce lag, but that may be client-server (networking) lag that they are talking about.
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    posted a message on Full Stone Slab Blocks v1.6.4?
    I thought they were replaced by nether brick slabs. You were never able to get them "legitimately" (without /give or piston-block-switchers), and eventually they replaced that particular half-slab metadata with the one for nether brick slabs when they added them.
    They might have changed something back though, the wiki is probably your best friend. Though if you really want there is always the Minecraft Coder's Pack :)

    Edit: They may have changed something, seeing as they're on a 1.6.4 server. In that case I think the metadata should be 7. Or maybe 8. I don't remember.
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    posted a message on Sky Den: A Modded Sky Survival Map with NPCs and Quests, now with Cosmic Patch. Featured by CaptainSparklez!
    Quote from SReject

    Not sure which quest 'glass eye' is. But the quest text before getting cactus and sand basically takes about /something/ from the desert(can't remember the wording). If that's the one, then you should be good to go with just a spawn in(1 cactus, 1 sand)

    As far as actually getting it to grow, it'll take awhile but make sure the cactus has a 3x3x3 area to grow in, then just wait it out.

    A "glass eye" would be an ender eye, for the merchant I believe? If you're still wondering...
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    posted a message on 13w36a Snapshot Ready for Testing!
    Wow. So many things! I love it; after having lots of "technical" work done, with how the engine and the code works, they blast this absolutely insane amount of content at us (look at the MCwiki changelog). Couldn't really have hoped for more, in a "terrain" update.
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    posted a message on Whole wheat foods
    Don't see a reason why to add it, really. I think there's enough variation in food already. Maybe if it only added to the saturation, so it'd be more "filling"? I don't know. I think the saturation is more valuable than hunger points anyway.

    By the way: what in the world does "wallah" mean?
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    posted a message on More particle effects
    I like these. Maybe they could implement them with an extra particles setting, for lag's sake? Or maybe it's not necessary.
    I do think the particle block should be a command, similar to the "playsound". Then it could be implemented without adding a new block, and it's creative mode anyway.
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    posted a message on [ADV] [1.6.2] Payday The Minecraft Heist Adventure map SP or up to 4 player co-op (1.6) 1-2 hours gameplay with Achievements & 6
    Wow, this looks pretty awesome. I probably won't be playing it, seeing as I don't really like the game/never played through it. This is pretty impressive for a first post though :D
    Would I still get it without playing the game? I might try it then. Or I might just get it because it looks cool :)

    PS: Perhaps a spoiler describing the achievements would be good? So that you know when you get them... not sure how you would confirm it otherwise :P
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    posted a message on Community Creations: WeedLion Presents - Burgers
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    posted a message on MInecraft is suppost to be fun.
    I'm not really having a problem with the launcher... does the "play offline" option not work or something?
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    posted a message on I keep on getting an Eclipse error.
    You definitely need the JDK to use eclipse for java. If you have that installed, then you might need to set your PATH variable.
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