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    posted a message on Anybody else in here going for a degree in science?
    Me currently no not yet but I find delight within logic and finding creative ways to use logic, String theory is an exciting prospect with many parameters which we will not see as of yet, because we are still describing the universe within the constraints of 3 dimensional space and time. Membranes and strings. I also adore any other physics such as quantum mechanics,Chaos theory, and a multitude of others. Merging of technology and biology is so wonderful, MRI's, CT,PET,EEG ,ECG I basically love anything that moves has complexity or difficult comprehension behind it. Simplely said I am going to become a professional student, I am 16 also. I just love knowledge and creating self advancement on my own mind and body, I utilise the most effective research within science, to improve my brain.
    So basically I will just get degrees all my life.

    I quote Einsteins statement: "I want to know the mind of god, everything else is just details"
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