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    posted a message on **I.Y.M. Network** Positions Available!!

    -=IgniteYourMine Network=-

    *Positions Available-

    Staff - 6 openings

    Moderators - 4 openings

    Admins - 2 openings

    HeadAdmin - 1 opening

    Apply Here:


    We will also be needing a Co-Owner at some point, my current Co-Owner is leaving for school reasons.

    We currently run both regular minecraft and modded minecraft.

    Servers Currently Open-




    *Tekkit 2

    *SkyFactory 4- Coming Soon!

    *RLCraft- Coming Soon!

    *The Network is Professionally Hosted*

    All Servers are up and running, very little work needs to be done.

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    posted a message on **I.Y.M. Network is looking to expand**

    We are Looking for staff Members for a few new servers. Some of these positions are in game staff members and some are for discord and other things. We are currently making 3 modded minecraft servers. The list is bellow.


    Tekkit 2


    Sky Factory 4

    We are also going to be adding on to these as we go.

    All servers are hosted through a company.

    Positions available:





    Plugin Developer-1

    Discord Manager-1



    Contact info:

    Please direct all responses to discord:


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    posted a message on **In need of Staff Members for a Modded Minecraft Server**

    All Positions:

    For In game Staff:

    Co-Owner - 1

    Head Admin - 1

    Admins - 6

    Moderators - 8

    For Server Creators:

    Developer - 1, Pay Depending on experience and work done.

    Coder - 1, Pay Depending on experience and work done.

    Discord Manager - 1

    Discord Developer - 1, Pay Depending on experience and work done.

    Builder - 6

    *Paid positions are based on work completed and experience

    To Apply for In Game Position Click Link Below.


    For Developers and Coders send Portfolio To [email protected]

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