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    Quote from GodGrief»

    Here is a Google Drive and Magnet link to a Cubic Chunk compatible version of the map, compliments of PC Simmer : YT.

    Map and server files:


    Map files only:


    The Google Drive link no longer works, can you provide an updated link?

    The torrent magnet has no seeders or I would use that

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    Hi, I absolutely love this project, and I'm saddened to know the map itself is no longer being worked on. I personally prefer Minecraft Forge over Bukkit for my servers, and I wanted to post here because I believe I've successfully adapted the CA-Teleport Bukkit plugin to work with Minecraft Forge. I want to share the JAR file here in the hope that others won't be bound to using a Bukkit server to explore this beautiful world.

    I make no claims as if this were my own work, I merely adapted Rumsey's code (link at the end of this post) to work with Forge. The essential functionality is replicated from the original Bukkit code: With the data being converted over directly from WoW itself, the elevations of various points in the world greatly exceed the max build heights Minecraft is capable of, so the plugin handles that by teleporting the player to an offset area once they reach a certain Y-coordinate, as transparently as possible. From what I could tell when testing it, this does involve some unavoidable lag while loading the new chunks and such, but IMO it works well enough to explore with.

    I've made one change to the code and that's the addition of a configuration file that just allows servers to specify a dimension ID for the CraftingAzeroth world. It defaults to 0 (the overworld) and can be changed if you want to place the CraftingAzeroth "region" data folder into a custom dimension using other mods like Just Enough Dimensions or something. If the player is not in the configured dimension, this mod shouldn't do anything at all (to avoid unintended behavior when in other dimensions).


    # Configuration file

    general {
    # Change this if your Azeroth save-files are stored in a custom dimension. Default is 0 (Overworld). [range: -2147483648 ~ 2147483647, default: 0]

    I tested with Forge version 1.12.2 - (the Recommended 1.12.2 version at the time I'm posting this). I believe it works well enough - I never really set up a Bukkit server to see the original functionality, but I felt that the code itself was pretty self-explanatory. I'm not really interested in responsibility for maintaining it, so I'm going to include the source code for it alongside the mod itself, free for anyone to use, adapt, whatever. There is one thing I did not port over: the /commands that the Bukkit plugin featured. This means that the teleportation and block-synchronization features of the spaces between altitude layers can't be enabled/disabled on a per-player basis. If another developer would like to add the code to implement them (or anything else) they are of course welcome to. CA-Static is something I also attempted to port over but I'm not the greatest coder out there and wasn't able to figure out a good way to accomplish its same effects in Forge. If anyone else can, feel free.

    Hopefully this will enable others to explore CraftingAzeroth with the freedom to use either Bukkit or Forge. That being said, I just wrote this for fun and decided to share it - I won't be supporting it, and the code is freely available without restriction from me. Use at your own risk, and as always, reduce your risk of data loss/issues by making regular backups especially before any big server changes!

    Here is the download link. JARs for both the mod and the Java source are included - you can open the "sources" JAR with WinRAR or similar to extract them.
    Google Drive: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1qAnn31avkRif85cp2NyrlYnhu-2rNbg9

    Rumsey's Bukkit plugin on Github: https://github.com/rakama/CA-Teleport

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    What is the ID associated with the hearthstone item?

    (as in what I would use with the /give command)

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    I'm aiming to start up a server with some Forge mods and a resource pack configured. Admittedly, it's been a little while since I wanted to start a serious project, but I have a cluster of friends and we'd like to have a good time with it.

    As a server admin, in the past I've struggled with the best way to get players setup with the necessary configuration to connect to the server. It's always been a bit of a headache...

    a ) Pointing them to the Forge installer for the version the server uses

    b ) Getting them setup with a separate launcher profile to use the right version and mods

    c ) Getting them download links to the various mods the server uses

    d ) Getting them to properly place those mods in the mods folder (and the right mods folder in some cases)

    e ) Making sure they've setup their JVM parameters to allow the RAM requirements necessary for said mods to run smoothly

    f ) Making sure they've entered the server address/port properly to connect

    g ) Obtaining their username to whitelist (if applicable)

    Items a, c, f and g are usually the smooth ones. Sometimes item d too, if they're not completely new to the game and/or have played on servers in the past. But I've found that items b, d, and e are a bit rough in getting them setup right - it's often the case that I'd go the extra mile for my friends with TeamViewer or the like and do it for them because it's just easier.

    And then if I update any of the mods or the Forge version, it's yet another throb in the headache.

    I was wondering if there's a better way to do it all. I've often wondered if it was possible to include JAR files for mods in a server's resource pack. I'm just looking for other server administrators' experiences in this matter - how do you ensure your player base is setup correctly, and keep them up-to-date on new versions, etc.?

    Thanks in advance to any and all suggestions/experiences provided!

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    Will this mod be updated for 1.10.2 / higher?

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    Ah, I see - thanks for the info. I suppose I had thought it was geared toward teleportation, I guess those would be considered way"gates" though - now I understand it's going to be more along the lines of a compass/pointer. I had wondered since I couldn't figure out how to teleport between them! haha.

    I apologize for my misunderstanding here - still a very great mod that will make navigation so much easier. :) Good work. I wish more mods out there actually worked around a Minecraft concept of "you must build it". Unfortunately, however, I also use Pixelmon which gets rid of most of the monsters that drop things like Ender Pearls so that particular concept may not be viable for my own environment.

    I'll probably use your mod in addition to one that will make it so my buddies and I can teleport around between various portals in the world (once we craft them of course!)

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    Are these waypoints not usable yet? As in, they can be crafted in the manner described, but they don't actually do anything yet? Just wanted to make sure - this is something I've wanted for my server for a very, very long time... I'm so excited to see one in the works!

    You mentioned in your "what's coming" list a wand to be used to port among available waypoints... Will that be the only way to do so?

    If so, I have a suggestion... I'm very much a fan of sticking true to Minecraft itself in making the waypoints require crafting to place/use. Kudos there - I was working on a similar mod myself, albeit much simpler and not nearly as elegant, but while my programming skills are great, my familiarity with the Minecraft side of things is not so much. I scrapped my project because it became too much work for my own "play time" lol.

    Anyway, if the wand you mentioned is the only planned way to use the waypoints, I would like to suggest that the wand be like a "master key" to all the waypoints (that, in lieu of your 2nd mentioned plan, you the player have access to)... But there should still be a way to use them otherwise - a limited way. My suggestion would be that the wand enables you to pick your destination from a list, but if you don't have the wand, you could step onto the waypoint and be teleported to the other end of the path. Perhaps the waypoint's name could be the link.

    I.E. You name two waypoint blocks the same thing with the anvil, let's say "Home". Place them wherever, and then when you step on one "Home" waypoint it teleports you to the other "Home" waypoint. Similar to the nether portal. Maybe allow more than two, in which case it would teleport you to one of the others with the same name at random. Or something.

    All just my two cents, based on my own personal excitement. :)

    Good work!

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    I'm developing a mod for 1.8 Minecraft Forge that implements a custom block, let's call it NewbieBlock. In the mod, though, I need to keep and maintain a Collection of the coordinates of all NewbieBlocks that are placed or destroyed. Simple description is, onBlockPlacedBy => store the coordinates of that NewbieBlock in the Collection; onBlockHarvested => remove the harvested NewbieBlock's coordinates from the Collection.

    I've gotten my mod working - it does everything I need it to, with one pivotal exception: when I quit the singleplayer game (or, the multiplayer dedicated server restarts), upon re-entering the game that coordinates Collection is now empty, and thus useless - my mod then no longer does much of anything.

    I'd expect that though - Java's garbage collection handles that. But I also figure that Minecraft (or Forge specifically) must have some system with which it can store such data, to bring it back the next time you load up the game. I discovered some description of NBT for Minecraft but am not clear on whether that data must be associated with a block or not, and its usage is not very clear to me either - despite much Google research I haven't come across a tutorial on this matter. (Perhaps I just don't know what I'm looking for, or where to find it.)


    Given a Java object variable, for example,

    HashMap<String, BlockPos> newbieBlocks = new HashMap<String, BlockPos>();

    How would I go about saving and loading the contents of this HashMap so that it persists through Minecraft gameplay sessions and server restarts? IE when the server starts, it reads the information from its save, and when the server stops, it writes it back to disk to store whatever changes occurred.

    Thank you muchly in advance! I'm going to scan through this forum to see if there are any unresolved threads I might be able to assist with.

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