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    Quote from LexBoosT»
    Hello after some confusion with the base shader (BSL) I decided to change the name of it to AstraLex!
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    After Dev my last Shader (LexShino Shaders Remade : LexShino Thread) I decided with the permission of Capt Tatsu (BSL) and EminGT (Complementary) to make my BSL Edit shader with options and modifications of Lexshino shader.
    This shader is for Minecraft 1.16.5 -> 1.20.X. Use the lastest version of Optifine/Iris.
    Please do not Upload this shader. Just give this link. Do not recover code without my permission.You are allowed to modify the code for your personnal use. Thank you.
    Now This shader is Multi Language (French-English-Chinese)-The ressource pack is Vanillaccurate Modded by Me-
    You're allowed to...

    • Use this shaderpack for taking screenshots and videos.
    • Modify the shaderpack for personal use.
    • Redistribute the shaderpack for modpack / server with my permission.
    • You can only share the direct link of the archive
    You're not allowed to...

    • Redistribute the shaderpack without my permission.
    • Distribute shaders link other than curseforge link.
    • Claim (and rename) the shaderpack (or its code) as your own.
    • Use monetized URL shorteners to my site or files.


    Based on Latest Dev Shader of BSL with all BSL Options

    Have ADD:

    -Add Distance Blur (work with DOF at same time)
    -Techno XP
    -Add Fresnel Option
    -Modify the Bloom
    -Add DirtyIMG with 6 .png for Bloom Overlay
    -Add Caustics (Credits EminGT)
    -Change the default BSL Dirt.png
    -Increase a bit lighting
    -Add Rapid Clouds, and Dither in END dimension
    -Disable LensFlare in water
    -Add new Portal for Ender
    -Add SHOW LIGHT LEVELS (for see the dark area)
    -Add Option for opacity for SHOW LIGHT LEVEL
    -COLORED_EYES for color Spider, Enderman, Dragon Eyes
    -Increase Stars luminosity
    -Add many levels for MotionBlur
    -Removing drag on the hands with the MotionBlur
    -Cinema mod with distortion of optional tapes
    -2 grains film style with settings ( do not choose both at the same time)
    -Berserk mod with setting (just red vignette or red vignette + red hand) with a weapon equipped
    -Possibility to choose 6 color for bloc selection
    -Rainbow with settings (I used the idea of Builderb0y)
    -2x Raindrop on the screen
    -Chromatic abberation
    -New rain
    -Water blur with blur adjustment
    -Hand movement (2 options)
    -Movement Camera
    -Mod Flash Victim for see Mobs in dark
    -Water refraction
    -Cel-Shading with settings
    -Add Cel Strenght
    -Add Heat Haze for Nether !!
    -Add Heat Haze Refraction slide for adjust strenght
    -Fix Thunderbolt with shader!
    -Add DISTANT_FADE Spherical or Cylindrical effect
    -Ultra Vignette with settings
    -Possibility to remove blocking texture from blocks
    -AIM for the bow, snowball, trident ...etc
    -LensFlare (2 Modes, Normal and Double Rainbows)
    -Add BLUR_QUALITY in Dof menu for choose 60 or 119 Offsets
    -Delete BSL vignette (replace by Ultra Vignette on Lex Menu)
    -Modify dither bayer for DiSTANCE_FADE
    -Add Quality Offsets for Shadows (OFF/NORMAL/HIGH_QUALITY/EXTREME)
    -BOTW tonemap only for OVERWORLD
    -Add CRT/Scanline Mod
    -Add CRT Border Credit to Seishin
    -Add CRT_BORDER_STRENGHT for adjust
    -Add New Movement for Hand with possibility of using the 2 movements options at the same time for a better effect
    -Add HDR
    -Added AMBIANT for tint a bit the world with Worldtime

    -Add HYPER_SPEED Effect

    -Add MAGICAL_GLINT for enchanted stuff

    -Add MODE_RAGE Effect on Swords


    -and many more...


    Thanks to:
    -Capt Tatsu for The base (BSL Shader)-Seishin for CRT Border (Raspberry/Molly Shader)-EminGT for Color Selector and many more-sp614x for magic Optifine :)
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