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    posted a message on THE NEW LAPIS TEXTURE? HOW ABOUT NO!
    I actually like the new texture. I feel like I might actually use lapis blocks now. The video was funny, though :P
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    posted a message on 1.8 Updates: Endermen or Farlanders?
    Quote from lazarusn7

    Creative server!
    New minecraft build server!
    IP: freakoutgaming.no-ip.org
    have fun!

    Epic necro is epic
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    posted a message on What would you do the instance you saw Herobrine?
    I'd press my escape button, and hit save and exit. Not before letting out a girlish shriek, however.
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    posted a message on Why refer to gold as 'butter'? Gold ingots do not look, nor act like butter!
    I actually get really annoyed when someone refers to gold as butter.
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    posted a message on How to make your own skyblock!
    Greetings! I am sure many of you have heard of something called "skyblock." I'm sure many others have even tackled the challenge themselves. This will be a tutorial on how to make your own skyblock on creative without having to download the map! This tutorial is very simple, and friendly to those like I who are not very tech savy.

    1. What is Skyblock?

    [image] 2013-02-02_14.03.13 [/image]

    If you haven't heard of skyblock, fear not. Skyblock is a special type of challenge map where you spawn on a small, floating island in the middle of the void. Resources are limited, and luxuries you have previously had on a regular survival map might seem dangerously void. I bet you never had said, " I wish I had more dirt," before! Of course you can download the map or play on one of several servers, but here is a creative and fun way of making your own!

    2. Superflat.

    You will need to make the world in creative mode, and have cheats enabled. You will need to select a superflat world, and click on presets. At the top of the screen you will see a bar that has random numbers and letters. We don't want those, so delete them. Put in this code : " 1;12;1 " . This preset code simply makes it so only 1 layer of sand is generated on the map. What does this mean? Void, baby, void. Place a block upon the sand and it will proceed to fall. All of it. Now all that remains is you, the void, and the block you placed. Stack the block up and choose what y coordinate you want your island to be on. You do NOT want it to be too low, nor too high; shoot for the middle. I always go for y:100.

    3. Spawn.

    Perhaps you're thinking, "But if I die, I'll spawn in the void?" Not exactly. Remember how cheats were enabled? We'll be using a command that sets an exact spawn for you to land on whenever you die. The command is : /spawnpoint [YOUR IN GAME NAME] : And it SHOULD set your spawn to were you are standing. If you are having troubles, put in the coordinates after your name. Many people place a block of bedrock so their spawn is always reliabley there.

    4. Creating the island.

    Now you create your island. You can make your island to your liking, but it is generally made with less than a stack of grass, has one oak tree, and a chest with materials that will help along the way. Size the island to your likings. I wouldn't make it too big, as it would ruin a bit of the challenge, but feel free to limit it to produce more of a challenge. Again, 'tis your choice.The chest materials should DEFINITLEY include : 2 block of ice, and a bucket of lava. It would also be ideal to include : 1 catcus block, 1 sugarcane, 1 of each mushroom, 1 bone, 1 melon seed, 1 pumpkin seed. That way you can easily obtain these otherwise unobtainable blocks and reproduce them. Some people also make additional [smaller] islands far away from the initial island that has other things, such as obsidian for venturing to the nether.

    5. Begginer tips.

    If you know nothing about skyblock, or are new to skyblock in general, here are a few tips to get you started (survival wise). First off, punch that tree and harvest as many saplings as you can get from it. Take the ice and lava and make a cobble generator. (If you don't know what that is, look it up on youtube. Perhaps in the future I shall post pics.) From there, farm a buch of cobblestone and expand your island.

    6. Conclusion

    Well... That concludes this tutorial. For now. I can easily add more things that I may have forgotten or that someone feels is worth mentioning. I also might add pictures if I figure out how to. Please, post feedback such as questions, comments, suggestions, complaints... I hope you enjoyed this tutorial, and I hope you enjoy the skyblock experience. :)

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    posted a message on Meu reino no criativo :D
    Me gusta xD
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    posted a message on Is Mojang getting lazy?
    Too slow? They update quite frequently, and I'm surprised that they're not completely sick of it. You should be grateful they update the game at all :P (Not to sound rude)
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    posted a message on Update 1.6 should be the ore update!
    How about working more on the ores we already have? I mean I'm sure we all can agree that lapis NEEDS a viable use.
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    posted a message on Netherrack actually has a use now.
    Yep. Another bonus to this is that you don't have to find/tear apart a nether fortress to get nether bricks :)
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    posted a message on (1.4.6) EPIC MOUNTAINS| 2 DUNGEONS | DOUBLE + UNDERWATER RAVINE | EMERALDS + MASSIVE STRONGHOLD! - Co-ordinates included!
    Hello! My first post here on the forums, so that's exciting for me. Anyway, thanks for the seed, I found it pretty cool. Sorry if I'm not the first to point this out, but I found a golden apple in the stronghold at coordinates x : -543 y : 40 z : -838. I plan on making the stronghold into my house lol
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