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    posted a message on TOMORROWRealm [ Now Recruiting! ] [Survival]
    Hello fellow Minecrafters!

    I just set up my new realm and I need to people to join me.

    I am looking for serious players who will be supportive of each other and helpful.
    Please fill out the form below to become a part of the community!

    I am sorry to say this, but because of the childish players we had on our server kept stealing and blaming others, behaving inappropriately and so on. I have to set some kind of age limit. You have to be 16 or older to join the realm. I am so sorry for this, but when players at the age of 13-14 can't behave, I will need to enforce this!

    Thanks again!

    Age [16 is a requirement]:
    Do you have a mic?:
    What can you bring to the table?:
    Ingame name:
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    posted a message on TOMORROWRealm [ Now Recruiting! ] [Survival]
    Okay, I also need your ingame names as well. You will both be accepted!
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    posted a message on My new channel cartoon
    Love that enderman! Great job, this has a soul.
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    posted a message on Some random idea!
    Hello guys, I just got an idea and built this. My friend helped me out, and this is what we ended up with.
    It's in the middle of a small town on a public server, so my question is:

    What should we use this for?

    Thank you in advance!

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    posted a message on Strange Minecraft Dreams
    Quote from Luis

    I had a Minecraft dream where I was min-- No I'm kidding I don't sleep, just play Minecraft.


    However, I remember this one dream I had when I was counting blocks to make everything symmetrical!
    Damn, I'm an addict!
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    posted a message on Minecraft Wallpaper [1080p]
    I like the pictures! But, the effects that you've added doesn't really feel right. I think they are way to powerfull, you should try to blend it better. Maybe you could use black and white contrast or something. They colors are too powerful, but other than that. Very good!

    I like it! +1
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    posted a message on Typographical Wallpaper
    Hey people, I made because I felt like making something text based. I hope you enjoy, feel free to use as desktop wallpaper!

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    posted a message on KYWN's skin request thread (Currently experiencing large queues)
    The skins looks great, keep it up!
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    posted a message on Some random drawing.
    Hello people, I decided to draw something in photoshop. I used my Logitech MX518 to draw it with.
    I just had this idea of what I wanted to draw and I just did it, and this would be my first drawing. And I added some pattern effects as well.


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    posted a message on Minecraft windows 7 Theme *Custom Cursors* *Multiple Backgrounds* *Awesome Sounds*
    Quote from Thorgod

    For one I have not taken credit for anything and two he has clearly stated on the pack for pictures, That that can be posted publicly on websites and for personal use! But for people like you that try to find a evil in something innocent I will make sure i ask him and give full credit. ASAP!

    And a donation would be for the time that i took to put this all together and covert the audio files and what not. If you don't what to donate/support then don't mind the buttons!

    I meant no harm, just to look out for these kinds of things.
    But as you can see, it is all alright! :D
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