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    posted a message on Devolper looking for Mod Ideas
    Hello Minecraft Forums,

    After a period of absents from the modding community I would like to get back into mod making.
    How ever I want to go about this diffrently than I have in the past. Instead of just doing what I like, I would like to get suggestions from the comminuty on what I should make. So here are a few of the things ive done that might be worth restarting, and some new Ideas. Feel free to suggest your own, I would love to hear them.

    My Current Ideas
    Shur'tual (Based on Eragon Books)
    Grid Craft (Based on Tron movies and TV Show)
    Infamous SuperPower Mod(Based on the Sony games)
    Dragon's Reach (Some sort of Dragon Based Skylands)
    Unamed 80's Glowing Syfy Realm (inspired by Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon)

    My problem with 4/5 those ideas is that they are based on something else. I would really much rather start with a totaly new idea. Also as you can tell im intrested in doing larger mods.

    Please let me know what you think!!!

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    posted a message on [WIP] [1.5.2] [SMP] [FORGE]The Shur'tugal Mod- Mod Discontinued, Source Code Released
    Quote from Quantum_Blade

    So for me, if anything, the Eragon title was a distraction. As long as it keeps its current game elements I have no problem with dropping Eragon from the title. I do however like (kind of) the fact that your dragon's life is tied to your own. Forces players to be more careful and really try to not die.

    We will keep the fact that the dragon is tied to you. Ive Spent way to much time working on it to remove it.. lol. I'm mostly joking on the last part, it is a nice feature and i plan on keeping it if we move away from it.
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    posted a message on GridCraft(Tron)(1.4.7)(W.I.P) First Look at Tank on Last Page
    Github repo is here: https://github.com/Iamshortman/GridCraft

    Image thanks to bi3l

    This mod will add the world of Tron (Both new and old) to the game. it will add many different types of Vehicles, Tools, Armor, Mobs and worlds to the game. The vehicles will be many that you have seen in the movies and TV show, It will include Light Cycles(new and old), light Jets, light tanks, and more. The Weapons will be many from the movies and more. The Armor will have many different colors in both new and old that will all change the color of the Vehicles that you use. There will be many Programs that you shall have to fight on the grid and some to help you take back the grid from Clu. The worlds will be the new and old grid, In the new system you will spawn in Tron City and there will be many things you can do including competing in the Grid Games to ultimately face Rinzler, or you could Leave the city to make a home in the Outlands where you can find sources of energy(ores) to make more Vehicles, Tools, Armor, and even Programs to help fight your battles. In the Old System you will be able to fight the Master Control Program for control of the grid. The Old System will be more of a Adventure map then a new world to explore.

    The Grid

    So i have some progress of what the grid its self will look like.

    the world Generation is actually the same as the over-world. for example here is where i spawn in the over-world.

    And now if i move to the grid heres what it looks like

    Trees and such need to be added but that will come later.

    Beta V0.1
    -Added light Jets/Cycles.
    -Colored lines on Jets and Cycles glow.
    -7 diffrent colors and batons for each.
    -Both have a effect when spawning.
    	 -"R" is used to exit vehicles. can be config from controls menu.
    	 -Both are temporary entity and will despawn when exit or leave world.
    	 -Both driven from mouse and forward/backwards minecraft keys("W" and "s")
    	 -Light Jet has twin guns when you right click.
    	 -Light Jet must fall 6 blocks before it is fully created. if it hits the ground before then it despawns
    	 -Player Must not be on ground to spawn Light Jet.
    -Added Code Revisison Table(has no function yet).
    -Config File added so all item ids can be changed.
    -Added Superman Mode config, disables rendering of the light jet client side so player looks like he is flying.

    How to Install
    Install latest forge for 1.4.7
    Install Render Player API
    drop gridcraft zip into mods folder

    GridCraft V0.1 http://www.mediafire...q2xusu7fx4df4hw


    light jet spawning effect!!!!

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    posted a message on Nether Phoenix Mod Idea
    Ive accualy considered a mod like this for along time. i really want to add some form of a Phoenix(including a rideable version) too my wip mod called the Dragon's Reach. The Dragon's Reach is a skylands dimention but if I added the Phoenix would still be added to the Nether. If any of you are good modelers and want to make a nice Phoenix model that would rock.
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    posted a message on [WIP] [1.5.2] [SMP] [FORGE]The Shur'tugal Mod- Mod Discontinued, Source Code Released
    So i did some more updating tonight. its still really bad but im working out some more of the bugs. when does it come out you might ask? some time between now and September 5 2021(AKA i have no idea and asking wont help). hopefully after this update i can do some much needed code cleaning.
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    posted a message on [WIP] [1.5.2] [SMP] [FORGE]The Shur'tugal Mod- Mod Discontinued, Source Code Released
    Please Update.................................................................... I want a gift......................
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    posted a message on [WIP] [1.5.2] [SMP] [FORGE]The Shur'tugal Mod- Mod Discontinued, Source Code Released

    Um this has absolutely nothing to do with Shutrugal. I understand wanting to promote a growing mod but this is in no way the proper place to do it. Unless The mod is ether another project by one of the devs, or a mod that would help augment Shurtugal like an Addon, Eragon Themed Weapon pack, etc. I would ask that you refrain from doing this in the future.
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    posted a message on WingCraft(1.5+)(Wearable wings in Minecraft)(Forge)(Looking for Wing Ideas!)
    ok so currently there is no banner or fancy images for this mod. This is still an early version of the forum topic so i will be adding more detail and pics as i go.

    Overview and How To Use
    This mini-mod adds a pair of wings wearable by the player. It did not take that much time to program so its pretty basic. When worn, the wings will slow your fall and eliminate fall damage. however if you want to fall at the normal speed, sneaking will allow you to fall normally but then exposes you to fall damage from whatever hight you began to sneak at, to avoid this let go of the sneak button right before you hit the ground. but where the wings come in handy is they let you "Flap" 3 times while airborne by hitting the jump button. Flapping will lift you a few blocks higher to increase your flight distance but this will also damage your armor by 1 point. the current wings are made out of leather and only have around 80 damage point so use your flight ability wisely. This armor functions like Leather Armor so it can be both dyed and repaired exactly like leather armor. The wings will not work in creative mode because you already can fly. Currently the ID of the Wing-pack is 5000 and the config is not working. The next update will include a fully working config file.

    its a very simple recipe because you don't get too many uses out of it.

    Screenshots(only a few for now)

    Heres what the wings look like dyed on the player


    Downloads and Install Instructions
    1. Download and install Forge for your version of minecraft (tons of videos and instructions for this, so i will not be providing that).
    2. Run minecraft with Forge(to create mods folder if you don't have it).
    3. Download and Drop WingCraft mod into mods folder in your .minecraft.
    4. Have fun!!!!!

    1.5.2v1: Here (does work in 1.5.1)

    Wings may not render when RenderPlayerAPI is installed, this could have also been due to the fact i was running a 1.5.1 but no official word on if it works or not.

    This is only the first version of the mod so much more is to be added.
    If you have any ideas for future wings I would love to hear them!!!
    as always comment if you have anything to say.

    Legal Stuff

    If you want to use this mod in a Modpack P.M, me for permission if the Modpack is going to be publicly available.

    This mod (plugin, a patch to Minecraft source, henceforth "Mod" or "The Mod"), is sole property of the Mod author (, henceforth "Owner" or "The Owner"). By default it may only be distributed on minecraftforums.net. It may only be mirrored or reposted with advance written permission of the Owner. Electronic Mail is fine if you wait for a response. URL shorteners or other attempts to make money off The Owner's Mod are strictly forbidden without advance written permission
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    posted a message on [WIP] [1.5.2] [SMP] [FORGE]The Shur'tugal Mod- Mod Discontinued, Source Code Released
    Quote from JLC5087

    How come the dragon lags while in SMP even if I'm the only one on? Is it something wrong with the Multiplayer?

    Ok ive explained this problem many many times. While your question is different from the normal "Why does Flight Lag?" the answer is the same. Minecraft Runs on a Client-Server mode of Networking. What that means is there is Two things needed for Muitiplayer. One is The Client(The Game You Play) and the Second is The Sever(what you connect to for muitiplayer). In Minecraft all Block updates, Item usage, Entity Movement, etc in Normal happens Sever side so all players connected will know about what happed. And this mod is no different. all of the Dragons Movements happen Server side, I send a packet to the server telling the server what buttons you have down and it moves the dragon accordingly and then will soon inform all clients of the movement like it does with all Mobs. It works great but has one major draw back. and that is that because all the movement happens Server side, Clients take longer to find out about the movement thus the lag even on really powerful servers. now there is a version of movement called client-driven which means that all the movement of say the dragon happens on the client that is riding the dragon. this would significantly reduce lag for the flying player. also this is the method used by your players movement when on a server. but the problem becomes that the lag is going to even worse for players on that are watching you fly. but i have yet to decide if it is worth moving over to client driven because its going to be a lot of work and push dev of new features back a lot farther. but im thinking i will program client driven soon.
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    posted a message on [WIP] [1.5.2] [SMP] [FORGE]The Shur'tugal Mod- Mod Discontinued, Source Code Released
    Yay I fixed the bug where the flight is mouse based only. the next thing to do is to add a button in the dragon inventory gui for which flight mode you want because thats a far better place then in the config file.
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