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    I was just on the Brohoof server and Verdana logged in and out a couple times. He may have been testing something for the mod. Be patient. Nagging him isn't going to get it done any sooner.
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    posted a message on Super Dispenser
    I was looking around my Creative server and I had a thought.

    What if there was a block that was basically a dispenser, but never ran out of ammo? This "Super Dispenser" would only be available in Creative mode, so there would be no crafting recipe for it in Survival. In addition, it would only be placeable by an op to avoid mass entity spamming or some such other atrocity. Its inventory would be accessible only in Creative mode, and the block could not be broken unless in Creative. This new block would have many applications in Adventure Maps as a dart trap, potion dispenser, etc.
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    posted a message on [1.3.2] Sound Packs! V2.0 (Change the Sounds!) (DISCONTINUED) [Forge]
    With 1.4 coming out, I can imagine lots of these sounds being very annoying.
    Since an official Minecraft Sound Pack update from Mojang isn't anywhere on the horizon, and I use MCPatcher and would rather use it than Forge...
    I will not be updating to 1.4 because the new sounds will wreck it, and I can't do anything about it.
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    posted a message on [1.3.2] Sound Packs! V2.0 (Change the Sounds!) (DISCONTINUED) [Forge]
    Instead of making a derp rage, I'm going to list my complaint out rationally.
    It is beyond me why you would change from ModLoader to Minecraft Forge. Here are the reasons:

    Firstly, I do not see what was wrong with the ModLoader version. It worked perfectly fine for me and I
    was content with the useful features of this mod.

    Second, I use MCPatcher. Forge will crash if MCPatcher is in use. I did not learn this until it was too late
    and had to try to restore 1.3.1 from backup several times. There was a lot of confusion involved, as I
    thought Forge was downloading the latest version of Minecraft each time I logged in; but I digress.

    Finally, I do not like to have to choose between mods, but faced with the decision, I will choose
    MCPatcher. I recommended MCPatcher to all of my friends, who thought it was a good modification and
    used it. I also recommended this mod. Now they will have to choose, as well. Some of my friends may
    dislike this conflict and blame me for recommending both mods. So, as a side effect, you may have
    made a jerk out of me.

    In closing, I must request that you change your API base back to ModLoader. MCPatcher is, to the best
    of my knowledge, a very popular modification. I do not know why you changed your API base, but this
    mod is keeping me from updating.

    Thank you for your time.
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    I didn't see this in the already posted section, so here goes.

    Everyone always finds coal. It is the most common mineral in Minecraft. It is good to have a small amount starting out, but then we just find more and more. We build furnaces just to hold the stuff. It is true that you can't have too much coal, but we need a better way to store it.

    Enter the Block of Coal. Made by arranging 8 Coal in a 3x3 crafting grid. (Why not 9? One coal block can be used to smelt a whole stack.) This block will be the only mineral block that is flammable and will burn away, and will in fact catch fire very easily. It will have a low blast resistance, being made entirely out of coal. These blocks will be used also to smelt 64 items in a furnace. (being made of 8 coal, which smelts 8 objects each)

    As for Blocks of Charcoal, I don't know. There should actually be a separate item texture for charcoal, IMO. (I always confuse the two when I have both in my inventory and I don't highlight them.).

    I mine a lot, and I have more coal than I know what to do with. I am also slightly OCD, which means I won't leave the cave until either my inventory's full or I've mined ALL the minerals out of the walls.
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    posted a message on Block of Coal
    Quote from Clive_Paddington

    Your idea is not really that creative. Long smelting times? Bucket of lava. Especially since the snapshot making it so you don't use a bucket. Flammable block? Netherrack. Pixel art? Black is covered by wool and obsidian. Storage? I doubt anyone gets a bunch of coal and does nothing with it. If you have too much, use it! It's not that hard. Oversuggested and uncreative.
    Uncreative? As if every suggestion under the big square sun hasn't been said. The fact that many people are suggesting it means that it is a good idea that many people would want to see.

    A Lava Bucket smelts 100 objects. That's an uneven number as far as stack size goes. It's inefficient.

    The flammability was meant to mean that it would burn up like wool does, not so as to be used as a fireplace. This means keep it away from fire.

    Nobody said anything about pixel art.

    Nobody gets too much? Oh? I have 16 Furnaces and a large chest full of coal. None of that was hacked in. I have a very efficient way of mining, so I come out of my mineshaft with 3 stacks of coal easily. I built the furnaces to hold the extra.
    There are gold blocks, but those are only used for decoration. Nobody ever brags about coming out of their mine with 3 stacks of gold. The coal blocks would at least have a function other than decoration or display of wealth.

    There are mineral blocks for every mineral except coal and redstone, and redstone is mentioned in Already Posted. This may never be implemented anyway because now, people have downvoted it, and it will be dragged down by everyone who wants to wee on the head of the OP just for the Nether of it.
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    posted a message on The Realism Update
    First, Mojang introduced hunger. That was good, as it added realism to Minecraft. Then they made it so that you had to draw back your bow before firing. That was also very realistic. I have some other ideas that Mojang may like that will make Minecraft almost as real as life itself.

    A. Gravity Affecting Blocks More
    1. Floating islands will fall to the ground in this new "Realism Update".
    2. Caves and mines not properly supported will cave in.

    B. Heat and Cold
    1. When near fire or lava, convection will eventually burn the player to death.
    2. When in cold and snowy biomes, the player will eventually freeze to death if not wearing wool armor.
    3. When in deserts, the player will eventually get heatstroke and die.

    C. Interdimensional Travel
    1. The Nether and The End will no longer be accessible, as these are not real.

    D. Food
    1. Food will spoil 3 days after it enters play.

    E. Disease
    1. A wolf will have a 1/200 chance of infecting the player with rabies when angered.
    2. Eating raw beef will have a 1/145 chance of infecting the player with mad cow disease.
    3. Diving underwater in a swamp will have a 1/1000 chance per second to infect the player with flesh eating bacteria.

    F. More Accurate Damage
    1. Falling too far will break the player's legs, slowing him/her to a literal crawl.

    G. "You Only Live Once"
    1. Respawning will be permanently disabled, and the only difficulty will be Hardcore.

    H. Only Real Mobs
    1. Creepers, Skeletons, Zombies and the like will completely disappear from Minecraft. There are no creepers IRL, nor are there zombies or animated skeletons.
    2. Spiders will become very small and easy to kill.

    I. Exhaustion
    1. Aside from the hunger system, there will be a new Stamina Bar.
    a. This will deplete slowly as the player mines, walks and does other things.
    b. It will be replenished by sleeping in a bed.
    c. If it depletes fully, the player will start taking damage.

    J. Thirst
    1. The player will take damage if this meter falls to zero.
    2. The player must drink water to replenish this. The water must be collected in a bucket and boiled in a furnace before drinking. If the water is not boiled first, the player may contract a disease.

    K. Electrical Wiring
    1. Redstone will be removed from Minecraft, as this element does not exist in reality.
    2. Copper wires will replace redstone.
    a. Wires must not cross, or they may start a fire.
    b. Wires will eventually corrode, requiring replacement.

    L. Potions
    1. Potions will no longer be an element of Minecraft. This will be replaced with Herbalism.

    M. Herbalism
    1. The player must find and cultivate wild herbs for medicine.
    2. Herbs will be used to treat some diseases.
    3. The player may become addicted to certain herbs.

    N. Enchanting
    1. This will not be available any more. Such activity is seen as witchcraft in reality and should be avoided.

    O. Experience
    1. The player has certain skills, such as mining, crafting, fishing, woodcutting (Runescape much?), etc.
    2. Experience in a skill will determine how much the player can do without becoming exhausted, and how efficiently the player can do the activity.
    3. There will be no gauges that show the skill levels, because one cannot tell one's experience in levels IRL.

    These all seem very realistic, and if you liked hunger and the new bow, you'd probably like these.
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    posted a message on The cake ate my buckets!?
    Same here. Look on the bright side- your cake has a high iron content!
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    posted a message on Mob Glitching Rant
    I cannot tell you how many times on my server I've come home from an expedition, the Nether, or even my mineshaft not even a mile from my home, and what do I see? My chickens are in my cow pen! A sheep somehow got into my mushroom building! One of my prize Mooshrooms I won in a contest has somehow jumped the fence and is roaming the desert rather close to that cactus! My chickens have escaped and have trampled my pumpkins for the 448th time!

    I know that mobs and other entities load before blocks, giving them an opportunity to walk out. But why would anyone who knows programming do that? I've looked into my sheep pen and watched as one of my sheep was EATEN BY THE PEN WALL!

    I can't wait until mob glitching is fixed. I just needed to vent. By the way, how many of the things I mentioned have happened to you, reader?
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    posted a message on Feeding Chickens Seeds
    I am currently raising chickens for feathers. I have quite a lot of chickens and this idea came to me.

    Why not give another use for wheat seeds? I also have a wheat farm (I am the farmer on my server) and I have at least 3 stacks of wheat seeds that I will never use. Just like right clicking a wolf with a bone, you could right click a baby chicken while holding wheat seeds. This would make the chick grow into a chicken with a 1 out of 8 chance. (1/8)(12.5%) The chicks would also follow you while you are holding the seeds, while adult chickens would not, allowing for less confusion.
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