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    posted a message on Is This A Bug?

    Ok. Thanks!

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    posted a message on Is This A Bug?

    I was playing in a singleplayer world and I checked my toolbars (as in the creative inventory toolbars). In my toolbars, I had a toolbar saved from another world. I don't know why it was there and one world was superflat and the other wasn't. Is this a bug or not?

    The world where I found the maybe bug has:

    The default generation


    And was created very recently.

    The world where the saved toolbar was from has:

    Superflat generation

    No structures

    And was created when 1.12 was first released.

    So, is this a bug or not?

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    posted a message on Adventure Map Problems

    So I tried to download an adventure map (the file was .zip) and I followed all the directions, but when I loaded up Minecraft, all my saves were gone and the map wasn't there. I was on the right version, and only the singleplayer saves were gone. All the realms I go to and servers I go to are fine. I went to the saves file and my saves are all there plus the adventure map, but they aren't in my Minecraft. I decompressed the .zip file and put the decompressed file in the saves, but everything's gone. All my hard work is now all gone and I don't know how to retrieve them.

    Can anyone tell me how to get those saves back along with the adventure map?

    Update: I forgot to add that I got the adventure map from Minecraft maps.

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    posted a message on Minecraft 1.12 Update Opinion Thread

    I like and don't like the new update.

    I like:



    I don't like:

    -removal of achievements (R.I.P.)

    -Crafting book

    -new textures to wool, sheep, and banners


    That's just my opinion.

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    posted a message on I Think I'm Hacked

    So I decided to play Minecraft and pressed play on the launcher (the new and improved one) but it said

    Minecraft is already running

    the message was only up for a half a second, but enough for me to read the title.

    I think whoever was using my account must have saw the message and logged off.

    Do you think I was hacked?


    Note: I play on multiplayer servers.

    I didn't see anyone suspicious playing on those servers, but I'm pretty sure I'm hacked.

    I haven't checked my skin yet.

    I have no important files or worlds, nor do I own a server.

    No Screenshots Taken

    Please Comment Below And Tell Me If I'm Hacked

    Update: It happened again, 2 days after the problem began. I will try all your suggestions. Thank you.

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    posted a message on Will Existing Shaders Stay On If You Update To 1.11.2?

    So, today I decided to try out some shaders and switched to 1.8.8. I was looking for the shader that gives you real clouds and found some, well lets say, shaders I wouldn't want in a future version. This brings me to my topic, will existing shaders stay with you if you update to the recent version? I want to go on a multiplayer server but don't want an annoying shader during paintball or something. So I would like some help with this so thank you if you know the answer.

    P.S. I know this might go off topic but I'm trying to stay on topic so don't scold me if I accidentally get off topic.

    P.P.S. I couldn't find a another discussion thread for this, and shaders aren't recent, they were from an old update, so they wouldn't go in recent updates and snapshots.

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    posted a message on What are some stupid ban/kick/jail reasons you have seen or experienced?

    for joining a server.

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    posted a message on What are your 2017 Minecraft Survival goals?

    1. Find a diamond

    2. Kill the wither in leather armor (its a challenge)

    3.Defeat everything in Minecraft (even myself) on Hardcore (I'll kill myself last)

    Now this is just my top 3, I have a whole list (like Santa, lol)

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    posted a message on Why Iron Nuggets? How About How Much Ingots It Took To Craft?

    Ok, so you might know

    How they added iron nuggets in 1.11.2?

    Well, I think it is a stupid idea to have them. Well, I think it they should have put:

    *Added the ability to smelt iron tools and armor back into ingots.

    Why? Because it be so much easier. So just try to imagine, you found some diamonds in the mine and crafted some boots. And in the mine, you iron pickaxe broke and you only had enough diamonds to make boots so, if you could just smelt tools and armor into ingots, you could just smelt the old boots into ingots for a new pickaxe! And I also think they should add the ability for all armor and tools (except leather, wood and chain). So, thats just my opinion.

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    posted a message on Should you use Mending or Infinity?

    I'd use mending. I mean, who wouldn't want an unbreakable bow? (If it can break, don't blame me, I don't play in survival that much.)

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    posted a message on Is Minecraft Dying...?

    Minecraft is not dying. Everyone says this when their bored or a new update comes out. And just because some Youtuber says gaming is dying, doesn't mean the world should quit, so, no, Minecraft is not dying.

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