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    Steven's Traditional is a 64x64 resource pack which aims to stay relatively close
    to Mojang's look and feel of the Default resource pack present in Minecraft while
    adding a personal touch to most textures to still give a unique experience without
    drastically changing every block or item.

    In simple words this resource pack tries to look similar to Default, but instead of 16x16 pixels
    this resource pack works with a 64x64 canvas, which means 4 times the size, allowing us to add
    atleast 4 times the detail!
    If you ever used the Faithful texture pack made by Vattic it's pretty similar to his pack,
    except instead of 32x32 pixels it's 64x64 pixels.

    Not deriving too far from the colors and textures also allows the Player to easily adapt
    to this resource pack without the hassle of builds suddenly looking weird because they
    were originally built with the Default textures or look in mind.

    So if you are still looking for a Default like resource pack,
    except in a higher resolution then go and give this one a try!

    I hope you will enjoy it! :)

    Want to easily stay up-to-date about this resource pack and be notified when a new update
    releases or when there are any important announcements?

    Found a bug and want to report it or just want to give some feedback?

    Or want to send some images of your building projects using the resource pack?

    If your answer was yes to any of these questions then feel free to
    join the official Steven's Traditional Discord Server!
    You can easily join the Discord by clicking on the Button below!

    If you want to support me for the work I'm putting into this project you can easily
    do so below by clicking the PayPal button to be redirected to my PayPal.me page!

    Worry not if donating is not a possible option right now;
    Even some nice feedback, constructive criticism, a comment or
    even just sharing the resource pack with your friends (or strangers)
    will already absolutely help me out! :)

    Thank you all for your support and helpful comments over the years!
    Onto many more!

    SkootleSkittle for the beautiful Character Artwork presented in the Main Banner
    When you are looking to commission someone to draw Art for you, look no further but here!
    [ SkootleSkittle's Carrd ]

    Kristoffer Zetterstrand for the original Minecraft Paintings
    If you want to know more about his paintings I recommend visiting his website!
    [ Kristoffer Zetterstand's personal Website ]

    ⮞ Affinite
    for allowing me to reuse some of his textures
    You can (still) check out his abandoned Minecraft Forums thread below!
    [ Affinite's Faithful MCForums Thread ]
    [ Permission / PMs Proof can be found here ]

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    Quote from HiTeeN»

    - snip -

    Good luck with your IRL Stuff, hope it goes well!

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    Quote from Marmorah»

    What is Optifine's email or source of contact?


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    Quote from GamingYTDavid»

    What about me? Can I join? I am Amodh!

    Well you did ask for a last chance, you can join whenever you feel like it!

    Also for everyone else, i've uploaded a Snapshot update for 19w05a!
    you can grab it on the website's download page as usual! Have fun! :)

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    Quote from Toklo_23»

    So, I haven't had much time to look into this but, what changes have you made/plan on making (if any at all) to the textures in the game? Mojang intends to release new textures with the 1.14 update. Have you overhauled any textures to suit the new style or do you plan to keep the current style?

    Im currently working on redoing most of the Item textures and do fix up some old textures and sometimes remake them in a better quality, uhm for the new textures i haven't redone all of them, but for example the new stone and netherrack is being used in the current style since it looks way better than the previous old netherrack/stone for example.

    (But again, i hope it'll be configurable later so both works)

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    Thank you very much to Alvoria for helping me set everything up again!

    The Thread (and my Account :P) are now back and running again thanks to him! :)

    That said, here are some news for everyone waiting:

    1.14 Content is nearly finished, the only stuff not finished now are the clothing for the Villagers, once that's done we are ready to go! :)
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