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    Application for early "Regular" promotion:
    In game name: IndigoPenguin64
    Age: 13
    Why you enjoy our server! Because there are many large magnificent structures which are well organised. I've also noticed there's minimal greifing
    Anything else you want to add? I joined the server a while ago (around 6 months) but I wasn't able to apply for Regular because I had some problem with creating a forum account. Once I made one my house was griefed then shortly after I lost all of my valuable items so I left the server. But just recently found it was remade because it became corrupt or something similar so I now want to be able to have a /back command :smile.gif:
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    This texture pack is mainly an improvement fro Minecraft to make it look more smoother and slightly more realistic. It is currently under construction but I made this post for constructive comments of my texture pack.
    Here is a list of things I've changed:
    • All blocks used in game
    • Transparency for torches, glass, ice and leaves (fancy graphics). In other words, I didn't use paint.
    Here is a list of things I will change:
    • GUI
    • Biome grass, leaves etc.
    • Signs
    Here is my my texture pack
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