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    posted a message on My Skin.. inspired by Purge

    Inspired by Purge: Anarchy.. one of the "Purgers"
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    posted a message on Texture Glitch
    I'm running a texture pack on 1.7.4. There's a glitch on the zombie.


    What is my issue?
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    posted a message on Scribbleblocks Pixelated - The MC Version of Scribblenauts [Bukkit] [1.7.2 - 1.7.4] [AWESOME]
    Welcome all to my server...

    Scribbleblocks IP:



    What this server is:

    Scribbleblocks Pixelated is my Minecraft version of Scribblenauts Unlimited. It has nearly all the aspects from the original Scribbenauts, from helping others to using magic notebooks.

    The core aspect of this server is the magic notebook, or as we like to call it, the magic noteblock! You can spawn in whatever you need and want in using the notebook just by writing down the name of the item you want. You can spawn items at anytime, anywhere! The possibilities are endless!

    The server is still in heavy development, and we are still getting the kinks out of it, as we just opened like yesterday. So some commands won't work, permissions may not be set, and some lag may occur.

    Rest assured, we will fix them. We will also try to get a host to have this server 24/7. We are not 24/7 yet, but we will soon!

    Pixel art was made by King_keen!

    JOIN NOW!!!
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    posted a message on Better Sprites
    I'd like better sprites in the game. Like:


    Better Running

    Better Walking



    Leave anymore better movement sprite suggestions, :)
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    posted a message on Spider Nests
    I just came up with an idea that can make Minecraft caves a lot more interesting and possibly... brutal?

    So how about add spider nests in caves? Here is how spider nests will work:

    When you're wandering off in a cave, you will find cobwebs. You walk further and you find a lot more cobwebs. You walk even further and guess what? You have spiders on your tail.

    So spider nests are basically a cave filled with cobwebs and spiders. There will be spider spawners in there as well to spawn in the spiders. They are pretty rare, too, so it may take a while to find one while wandering in a cave.

    Inside the spider nest will be chests as well. In the chests I think should be:

    Spider Eyes,
    Fermented Spider Eyes

    So how do you like this idea?
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    posted a message on Hamburgers
    I am suggesting a new food, a hamburger!

    Name: Burger / Hamburger

    Crafting Recipe:

    Here is the crafting recipe of the hamburger without the hamburger. You are free to download this file and make your own texture of the burger. You can also comment your texture of the hamburger so other people can see it!.


    When I would like this:
    In the next update.
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    posted a message on Sign Text Positions
    Quote from Sapphiresin

    This would certainly help in many cases.
    Before this gets put in, did you know you can just put a bunch of spaces before/after to push them right/left?
    Yes, okay.
    No, yay now you know.

    Agreed. This would help. Maybe different sign positions can increase the amount of words we can put in signs.

    Quote from EpicLos

    Can't say I have something against it.

    This would help us.
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    posted a message on Sign Text Positions
    We all know that whenever you type something in a sign it is centered.

    Example Sign.

    So why not have different sign positions?

    Sorry for poor editing

    If we click the "Left" button, the text's position will appear on the left side. If we click the "Right" button, the text's position will appear on the right side. If we click the "Centered" button, the text will go centered. This is like Microsoft Word.

    Here's what I mean:

    This is an
    example sign.

    This is an
    example sign.
    This is an
    example sign.

    So support? I find this useful.
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    posted a message on "Resource Pack Tools" The Guide on how to create a 16x16 Resource Pack
    Are you trying to create a resource pack that is 16x16? Are you stuck? Is your resource pack not working? Well then you're in luck! Downloading and reading this post will help you overcome your troubles and create your 16x16 resource pack.



    Please be sure to extract the folders in the .zip file into a folder for easier use.

    This pack gives you all the tools and requirements needed to make a 16x16 resource pack. It comes with an important feature TextureEnder that converts texture packs into resource packs.


    There is a .txt file in the .zip that tells you how to use this. Or you can just read this.


    To convert the changed textures into a resource pack, select all the folders in this and right click it. Once you do that click on "add to archive" and click on .zip.

    Then open the TextureEnder folder in this folder and select the .zip. Wait until it converts the textures and done.

    Once it is done, drag the converted .zip file. It is similar to this resource pack I made.

    "You Are Zombie-converted-1387740508777.zip"

    Drag this .zip into the resourcepacks folder found in the .minecraft folder. Once you do that you can use the resource pack.

    That should help you create your 16x16 resource pack. If you have any questions comment below or PM me. You can contact me in 2 ways if you have any questions or simply wanna talk:




    <email removed by mod>

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    posted a message on [1.7.4] "You Are Zombie 2" 16x16 Resource Pack
    Thank you for choosing

    This resource pack is the "sequel" to You Are Zombie. It adds new looks and new textures, along with some modified and fixed textures.


    And Rana!

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    posted a message on Nickaye's "You Are Zombie" Resource Pack [1.7.4]
    Quote from SharkyGAMER

    This is going to be badly received.
    I'm getting out of the line of fire, eek.

    Go easy on him! :I

    I'm working on a couple 16x16 resource packs, including updating this one.
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    posted a message on Nickaye's "You Are Zombie" Resource Pack [1.7.4]
    Hello everybody! Today I am presenting you my resource pack!

    What is this resource pack?

    This resource pack was made by me using TextureEnder. It is a 16x16 resource pack I made all by myself. It switches the roles between not all, but several hostile mobs and the player.

    In this resource pack, you play as a zombie, and your default Steve skin is the zombie skin! Several hostile mobs' skins are changed to the default Steve skin. Example below:

    Some hostile mob textures are a bit glitchy :/


    Preview Main Menu:

    Multiplayer/Singleplayer menus:
    (You're looking at the Singleplayer menu).

    Add me on Skype!

    Email me on Google!

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    posted a message on What is wrong with wish-listing?
    I'm not being mean or anything, I'm just wondering why moderators or site administrators of this site lock Minecraft Suggestions topic that wish-list.

    What is wrong about wish-listing that makes moderators lock their topics that wish-list their suggestions? People are just listing new features to Minecraft in one wish-list, but their topic will soon get locked by a moderator.

    Please do not take this topic like I am being mean or criticizing the moderators of the site; I am just wondering why wish-listing is so bad that they get locked.

    Please answer my question.
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    posted a message on MechMobs - Nickaye's Simple & First Resource Pack
    Hello everybody. Today I am presenting my first and simple resource pack I made. It is called...

    This resource pack changes not all, but several mobs' textures. Their textures also adds a specific "specialty" to the mobs.

    Download the resource pack here:

    Preview and Specialties






    Slightly camouflages in the darkness



    Slightly camouflages in the dark and a bit of stone

    Iron Golem


    Camouflages in the dark



    Camouflages in the dark



    Completely camouflages in the dark

    Zombie Pigman





    Camouflages in the dark completely. It has a "slenderman" look.









    When at night, this little critter will camouflage completely in the dark.



    Will slightly camouflage in the dark

    Enjoy my resource pack!
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    posted a message on Mystery items found in Minecraft's textures
    Quote from KingzofDawn

    The brown things are what goes on the leather armor. Notice when you dye leather armor, those brown things still remain brown.

    Yes, but what about the white thing on the right of the empty bottle?
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