About Me
Yes, I program in Java and C++

Yes, I am in high school

Yes, I do love video games

Yes, I use linux

Yes, my favorite video games are TF2 and Minecraft

Yes, I can be arrogant

Yes, I am a brony

and, of course, yes, I spend way to much time on the internet

I'd also like to show of my two computers:

Dinosaur - "Bessie":

(most specs are from memory)

Intel Core Duo processor @~ 1.75GHz

NVidia GeForce 6100 w/ 512mb of video memory

80Gb of HD space

2GB of RAM

Windows XP + a whole lot of crap

Current - "Bobilus":

(it's an ASUS U53F series laptop)

Intel Integrated Graphics w/ 32Mb of Memory

Intel i3 @ 2.53GHz

4GB of RAM

Full-sized keyboard (includes numpad :biggrin.gif:)

500GB of HD space (250 to Ubuntu & 250 to Windows)

Dual-Booted w/ Ubuntu Linux 11.10

Price: $400

Profile Information

Minecraft ILikePizza555