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    The Outcast Network

    About us: We're striving to provide game-changing servers in two different aspects of the game. We provide a modded server, and a vanilla. Ran by experienced and mature staff we strive to provide an excellent gaming enviornment for all who join. If anything is hindering that experience it is dealt with in a swift and thorough manner.

    Our Modpack: We've created a custom modpack to use on our modded server. It comes equipped with mods for technology and war. We're open to any and all requests as it's still in the developmental stage.

    Our Servers-

    Outcast (Modded):

    IP - (You won't need this as it's already added automatically for you.)
    Modpack Install URL (Technic Launcher) - http://api.technicpack.net/modpack/sms-official-modpack (Copy and paste URL in your Technic Launcher search bar!)

    Outcast (Vanilla):
    Under Development.

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    I'm currently in the thought process of creating a server. I'm not looking to create a typical, boring, seen everywhere type of server. I'm looking to create an original and exciting new mode or revamp an older game-mode. It's hard coming up with ideas on my own, and I'm going to need some serious assistance along down the road anyways, so I'm going to start looking now.

    Server Specs:

    7GB RAM

    Unlimited Slots

    Dedicated IP

    DDoS Protection

    What I'm looking for in my staff:

    ✯Experienced in server creation and administration.

    ✯Mature and problem-solving.

    ✯Creative and thoughtful.


    I'm going to hopefully create a group of staff that'll carry this server to surpass my goals and create a fun and playful environment for all who join.

    3 staff positions still open.

    Application Format:



    Experience with creating or administrating servers?

    How active can you be?

    Are you currently managing or a staff member of a different server? (Y/N)

    What can you bring to the table?

    Anything else you'd like to share?

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    Also hiring some helpers, come on down and apply!

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    Night's Blight Medieval Warfare

    About us:

    We're a group of experienced and mature staff members that strive to provide the best roleplay experience out there. We're open to any and all suggestions that you may think of. Staff play right along side everyone else, we're involved in the immense gameplay we offer. If anything at all is hindering your experience on our server, do not hesitate to contact a staff member.

    What we offer:

    Towny- It may seem generic, but it's necessary. It allows players to meet one another, and form alliances to prepare for war that might strike at any time. In order to survive you've got to thrive, small towns with nobody to lean on will be claimed over by the stronger nations. War begins with roleplay, either a nation with a power-thirsty King, or to simply get revenge for stealing crop. Town upkeeps and creation rates are cheap, welcoming anyone and everyone to get more involved with the server.

    Brewery- Quench your thirst on our server by crafting aged beers and whiskeys. Each alcoholic beverage offers different experiences and defects after consumption. Breweries are easy to create, and each beverage has it's own recipe. All of these recipes and crafting components can be found at spawn.

    Horses- Tired of people stealing or murdering your horses? No more with this plugin, horses can be stored and summoned all through "magic" no more fencing them in with leads anymore.

    Ranks- On our server we'd like to offer more advancement opportunities instead of just staff ranks and donation ranks. Promotions can be obtained through gold coins which is our main currency. Gold coins can be obtained through selling items to the store, or voting. Whether you promote for the title, or the benefits it comes with the choice is all up to you.



    Thanks for reading, we hope you stop by!
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    Accepted, thanks for applying SwissRoll. I'll be contacting you on Skype soon! :)
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    What's up? If you're here you might be interested in our clan.. I hope. We're a non-serious clan focused on having fun. If you'd like to become a monkey today, positions are available. I'm sure we can fit you in somewhere. Ranks and achievements are available, some achievements are available to everyone but some might be only given to a single person. Like "First Monkey" is only available to the first monkey (player) accepted into the clan. More info below. Achievements, current monkey list, and other essentials will be listed in our website.


    Leader: IJustGotNewSocks Supplies bananas

    Co-Leader: Manages all and leader when Socks is away.

    Head-Officer- You're responsible for keeping the officers in line.

    Officer: You must be able to fling your poop pretty far because you've made it to officer. This rank takes care of spam, rogue monkeys, etc. 201+ Bananas

    Veteran- You're a blockhead long-term member. 101-200 bananas

    Commoner: You're a frequent Blockhead. 51-100 bananas

    Trusted: You're a well-known and commonly seen monkey. 26-50 bananas

    Member: Default rank, unless you're extra awesome. 0-25 Bananas

    What are bananas?

    Bananas are points, the more bananas you receive for doing things like winning competitions or helping out a new member you can get promotions to our new rank system!

    People we're looking for-

    Mod-Makers: You've got knowledge of how to make mods, or maybe you've made some. *slow clap*

    Architects: You don't have to be an amazing builder, just not 5 by 5 dirt homes.

    Server Artists: These are needed if we're able to grow, we'd like to expand to have our own server.

    Players: If you'd just like to chill with us and join different servers as a team hop right in. Skype is heavily requested. 12 or older.

    Youtubers: If you've found a way to record your screen not using another camera to do so then this is for you. FULL

    Current member list-

    ChanceCrafter- Head Officer
    CrazyCatDude77- Youtuber
    TVMasterMC- Youtuber
    Heyman3d- Youtuber
    CumSlogan- Architect
    Agimatt- Architect

    How to become a monkey today-

    Apply by copying and pasting THIS application don't go crafty and make your own.

    Age: If you're not comfortable putting that here then PM one of us.
    Position desired:

    Our site: http://www.mcpeblockheads.enjin.com
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    Hello player,

    SGOHF is a successful popular vanilla survival server. We're in search of experienced and mature staff members that work well with others.

    If you're interested please apply above or contact me on Skype.

    Skype: fastface23
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    Quote from crazycatdude77

    Age: 10 (hopefully that's ok)
    Position desired: youtuber
    Skype: dont have one but you can message me on kik im crazycatdude77

    Oh never mind I'll, download Skype now!

    Thanks for using the app, accepted. Look for me on Skype shortly.
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    Quote from TVMasterMCPE


    I use a legit screen recorder

    Accepted, welcome. I'll be contacting you via Skype shortly. :)
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    posted a message on ⚔ The Blockheads CLOSED - MODERATOR PLEASE REMOVE
    Officer positions are open, apply today. I dare you.
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