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    posted a message on [1.8] ☆☆ Pure Adventure ☆☆ {Mature} {Vanilla Survival}

    Age: 28

    Timezone : PST

    Voice chat: Willing and able

    Why you? My old server died and I love the multiplayer experience

    Server rule compliance?! 110%

    Previous build experience: I never really relic in past builds but I assure you I know my way around the kitchen ;)
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    posted a message on Ignaf's Stitch Up Pack
    This pack is beautiful! the art style is very original and creative.

    Feel the new wood and stone is a welcome change, Great work
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    posted a message on PERSISTENCE
    The BUT in his original post is the problem. Its basically like saying other than the fact that it reminds him of johnsmith its good.

    You seem to focus on the johnsmith reference and Im focused on the "but"

    This really reminds me of Johnsmith.. Its a really nice texture pack, wonderful = Positive

    This really reminds me of John Smith.. but it's a really nice texture pack, wonderful = Negative undertone

    Beside the fact that in no way does this even closely resemble johnsmith.

    Ovo rustic? maybe a tiny bit.. Tiny tiny tiny bit. I could name 6 packs all that would remind you of johnsmith. This pack? not even close unless ignorant to the actual packs, as I posted previously.

    No need to further spark a convo with a new person as Thoughts givin towards this topic are zero to none. I do however appreciate your thought on the subject
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    posted a message on [32x] Junk Jack Revived 1.0.3 (May 27th, 2015)
    I wait with anticipation!
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    posted a message on Best texture packs?
    I recommend looking through the forum for great packs!

    Also recommend not being lazy and expecting others to do it for you!

    Those to things will get you farther than you think, GOODLUCK!

    I see your post is 512x, was that the resolution you tried to run r3dcraft? Cause Dragon Dance is 64x and thus much easier to run on your system.
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    posted a message on R3D CRAFT - Play Minecraft in High Definition (04.04.17)
    I personally dont care what he comments on but the fact remained that post wasn't right and was happy to see it closed.

    I bet if someone was blatantly stealing from you, you would hope someone would say something. This isn't the "mean streets" or a drug cartel hierarchy.

    In these forums we try to respect others creations, seems you know nothing about that or you wouldn't have posted such an ignorant comment.

    Just because someone doesn't always respond doesn't mean he shouldn't be informed

    Greatest part about it is now that I'm set to ignore you, You no longer exist!

    This is the internet! Stealing is stealing. DONE AND DONE!
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    posted a message on Tiny City Pack 1.15.2 REVIVED 2020! ~Build a miniature city!~
    This is hilarious in all the right ways!!!
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    posted a message on Misa's Realistic Resource PATCH by Les [1.10] (Updated July 10, 2016)
    Pretty well made patch. There is another patch for Misa's work but I was never really into that patch.

    This one seems to fit Misa's realism much better! Great work
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    posted a message on Smoothcraft
    My suggestion: Put pictures in your post the minute/second u make the post. Pictures are pretty simple and easy to get up on a page!

    Why do people post and NOT have pictures ready to show? My guess is lack of actual quality textures and just looking for a quick download from anyone.

    It's been said and over said, "NO pics NO clicks".
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    posted a message on 1.7.10 client outdated for Realms?
    This issue has been resolved as of this morning!
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