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    posted a message on Need a Good Screen Recorder

    Hi everyone, I am looking for a good, high-quality, no-lag screen recorder.

    I've been trying to find one for a while and I always went back to the built-in screen recorder in Windows 10, which I've had many problems with, such as low quality, lag, etc.

    I average around 40-60 FPS and using software such as OBS makes my game lag A LOT.

    I've tried everything from Action (which isn't free) to Bandicam (has an annoying watermark) and I can't find a perfect one.

    I need a software that can record at 60 FPS, good quality, doesn't make my game lag, and obviously free.

    Any suggestions?

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    posted a message on PotPVP Question

    So I see many PVP YouTubers such as Stimpy, when they drink a pot in pot pvp, they kinda punch whilst drinking it.

    Like when they drink a speed pot it swings to the left.

    So I am wondering what this is called and how you do it


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    posted a message on Potatoes Popping out of the Ground

    It's strange because in the F3 menu the light level was at least a 9.

    But It ended up working when it turned day time

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    posted a message on Potatoes Popping out of the Ground

    So I'm playing Skyblock on a server and I'm making a potato farm, but when i plant a potato adjacent to another, they all pop out of the ground.

    The light level is good and there is enough water, so I don't know why this is happening.

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