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    posted a message on Small whitelisted 6 slot tekkit server like yogcast
    Age: 30

    IGN: IDigMines

    Skype - I think I have an account...

    Times I Am On - Mainly 11:00pm-2:00am Central. Sometimes weekday afternoons if the kids' naps line up right.

    What I Will Do: Since you may have one of the rare Tekkit servers that doesn't restrict or outright ban the Equiv Exch mod, I will be assembling EMC generators as quickly as possible. Once I have enough resources to feel comfortable, I will construct dizzying roomfuls of redstone powered pneumatic tube systems. I will probably live in an ugly hovel until this time, at which point I will then construct a proper estate.
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    posted a message on *Legendary Tech* | Tekkit Classic Server | Grief Prevention | Population density | Small Server |
    In game name:


    To learn about, and build one of everything Tekkit.

    How long have you been playing:
    Years...can't remember.

    Anything else you would like to share:
    I'm pretty good with music blocks.
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    posted a message on Mature Survival Server -Whitelist | 1.3.1 | New world | Bukkit-
    IGN: IDigMines
    Age:(We wont judge): 29
    Minecraft Experience: Started playing in Beta 1.8, Completed 3 Super Hostile Maps legitimately

    How mature are you: Well I have two kids and manage a staff of about 25 employees, so I have to set the example.

    Tell us about yourself:(1 Paragraph) I'm a longtime gamer who finds himself with even less time to play games now that I've got two kids and discovered Minecraft. I mostly play at night, around 11:00pm-2:00am central. I don't have much style or decoration skill, so my creations in Minecraft are mostly functional while not being the prettiest things on the server. I do pack my buildings full of nifty, but completely unnecessary redstone gadgets and devices; maybe I can find a use for the new tripwires! I have a pretty solid musical background, and enjoy creating simple noteblock songs (nothing like the epic creative mode vids on YouTube). I love watching Vechs and Zisteau Super Hostile videos online, as well as playing the Super Hostile maps themselves. I only use gold for powered rails! My completely non-Minecraft related YouTube channel is BlutoCash.

    Why do you want to join: (1 Paragraph) The server I had been playing on is no more as of August. I would like to find a new server with the Vanilla experience. Your starting topic post, Mr GrimTheReaper, caught my attention because it was well worded and well written. There are actually rules posted, which many of the Vanilla servers don't even have, and the whitelist makes me feel all warm and cozy on the inside. No but seriously, I don't wanna get griefed, so whitelist is pretty great.

    What are your goals once on the server :Create self sustaining tree and food farms, using as much redstone circuitry as possible of course! Create 16 pen sheep farm, one for each wool color. I enjoy rail lines connecting any players that are willing to do so, and have no problem contributing materials for the construction. Also make experience farms out of any spawners discovered, built to be easily accessable for any other players that would like to afk at them. Redstone crushers FTW.
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    posted a message on [1.3.1] New Survival Server whitelist [1.3.1] 24/7
    IGN: IDigMines

    Hope to see you there.
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    posted a message on [1.3.1] PureCraft a Vanilla, No PvP, No Grief, Normal Survival Server.
    In Game Name (in "s): "IDigMines"
    Age (Perferably 18+): 29
    What is your favorite things to do in Minecraft?: Pack my buildings with nifty unnecessary machines, and play super hostile maps.
    Why you would like to join?: Server I was on shut down. Seeking Vanilla experience; economy servers confuse and frighten me.
    Any plans for your building(s) here or not yet?: Note block songs on redstone loops for non-stop background music!
    What else may I know about you?: I play pretty late at night only. Mostly between 11:00pm-2:00am central. Also a huge Zisteau fan!
    Did you read the rules?: Oh yes, respect.
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