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    posted a message on [Download] Minecraft Noteblock Sounds Pack(Not a Resource Pack)(And most definately not my own)
    So in order to get the proper context as to why I decided to do this goes like this:

    I was wanting to make a song using ONLY the sounds of the Minecraft Noteblocks, however, I quickly realized how ambitious this project was and given how my music production knowledge is very lacking and the fact that because I don't like what I create, and as a result, I am quick to abandon what could be a very popular song instead of following through with it and just pushing through to the finished song(Maybe sometime in the future I might get over my hatred over things I create and actually do push through to the finished product).

    To that end, I had converted the Minecraft Noteblock sounds, and converting them to .ogg and .mp3 file types, I wanted to do .wav(Which is a high quality, lossless audio file, much more high quality than .mp3) but it took me so long to convert all the sounds from a .ogg file to .mp3, that I was like "Yeah, no I ain't going to waste time converting these to a .wav file"

    So, if you feel like you have the know-how to make a song and wanna capitalize on the idea that I never brought to fruition, your more than welcome to be my guest, and hell, send me a copy of the song so I can wallow in self-pity upon hearing it.

    I would like to go on for the record that I do not own the sounds, all rights belong to Mojang.


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    posted a message on Need a name for my SMP series?

    I suck at names, but I'll give it a shot, how does Helios SMP sound???

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    posted a message on I need some help with assembling my Minecraft story

    Hi i wanna make a Minecraft story but i dunno where to start, i know i want the story to sort of follow a players journey from the moment the player spawns to the moment where he will either Beat the Ender Dragon or kills Herobrine or something. I also wanna make it so in the story we learn all bout the characters strength, weakneses, likes, dislikes, etc.

    I know i want the character to be called "Jericho Jones"

    anyone willing to help me bring this story to life

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