About Me
I love playing MineCraft, so much so that I would have to say that I just might be addicted to the game.
Most days I game from out of bed to back to bed. LOL

I believe in following the rules & doing things right the first time.

Teach me right the first time, or don't teach me. I'm kinda simplistic that way.
Also if you do something to me, I will likely do it back to you because you have taught me that it is what you want me to do.

I will stand behind my husband on MOST decisions he makes, but not all because sometimes he is just plain wrong LOL Having said that, I have been well educated at "IC's School of SmartAss & Humour."

Don't let my age fool you, I am still 21 at heart!
I do NOT like PvP games at all.

Speaking strictly in MC; I will help anyone I can with whatever I have or am able to do. I don't build well, I'm a BIG whimp in combat, but believe in lighting up the lives of those around me. Safety first you know. I don't really like caving, but I will do it if I have other players with me. I kinda don't mind some mining but not sure what style I like the best yet. I like to be mostly isolated in my home base & have it as far away from other players as possible to avoid any "possible accidental" cross mining. I'll stay out of your mine if you stay out of my mine. Deal? Deal!

I am in "forced retirement." They tell me I am disabled from 25 car accidents between the ages of 20-30. I only had 2 where I was driving. I take care of my own discipline when I realize something I am doing is wrong. If I am doing something wrong & no one tells me its wrong, then to me it's right. Please keep the rules simple & let me know before I screw up royally. If I do something that offends you TELL ME! If you don't talk to me, I will never know. I am like this in game & in real life.
Interests I get board too easily. Main interest is keeping my husband InvertedCow Happy. Taking care of our 3 cats. Living peacefully with others as much as possible.

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