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    I'm sure there are others who have fond memories of skyblock back in the old days, just a tree, a cobble gen, grass, dirt, and 3 bits of sand.

    Some more complicated version of the pack put the sand in a floating island, and put obsidian out there, and even sometimes a bit of glowstone in the nether.

    But mostly you just had to play the hand that was delt to you from the starting chest.

    These days though there are a LOT more mechanics, and quite a bit more we'd be missing out on if we were that limited.

    The least one can reasonably be expected to be offered in a skyblock these days is the starting tree (or sapling) a reasonable amount of starting dirt, a bucket of lava, and 2 blocks of ice. Very much not unlike the early chests in the most stringent of skyblocks in the old days, but I would say that there needs to be one more thing, a way to get that first villager.

    I'm seeing two options, either we get given enough obsidian to make that first portal, and the location of a witch hut, or golden apples and the location of the witch hut. I'd rather embrace the old tradition of being given the portal and being left to farm gold nuggets from zombie piglins, instead of being handed golden apples, because the lava isn't a guaranteed trade and you could easily botch a run here, the same way a starting tree with a failed sapling drop.

    With the witch and golden apple to cure villagers, the village becomes the source of many materials, and emeralds. Once the village has a bell, the chance to spawn a wandering trader starts to tick, with another list of items.

    Wandering trader, villager, mob drops, fishing.

    Four rather large sets of items that would result in quite a bit more then the old days of a mostly stone world.

    With enough work you might be able to even expand the island far enough that raids would be able to spawn, giving you gift loot from villagers and raid drop loot.

    Given the passive mob generation "trick" still works, you have passive animals as an option, though the limit on them in the world never did change, so you can't get a perfect zoo.

    Knowing the location of a jungle, and the above, leads to cats, and cat gifts, as well as expanded fishing loot.

    So perhaps that's two pieces of seed information that should be included, nearest jungle, and nearest witch hut. Also means that perhaps a bit of seed research should be done so that these locations are near spawn. A warm ocean would also be kind to include.

    Would it be worthwhile to add a single live piglin to the nether in order to allow piglin trades? (from the wiki "nether quartz, crying obsidian, soul sand, nether brick, gravel, blackstone")
    Would it be worthwhile to put a floating set of portal blocks in the nearest coordinates to spawn that would be a valid stronghold location?
    What would skyblock end even look like, just the bedrock well? Maybe shulker for duplication?
    Would a single budding amethyst block be a reasonable resource to offer the player?
    In the nether, one block of each of the two nylium types?

    Is this just an attempt to reinvent the wheel because somebody has a very good vanilla skyblock?

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    but in this case, it means you are asking the wrong person.

    Tweaks is a mod, from somebody else.

    But now we do have the question.

    "is there a mod that can disable gravel dropping from flint that is up to date?" something that can be answered.

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    Mods sometimes like to backport items from future versions into older versions.

    If I may suggest that you perhaps talk with the old extra TIC add on maker and get the spear code, and work out an updated version of that? Perhaps crib some from the new trident?

    I'm thinking that the head of the spear, if it's prismarine, should look a bit like the vanilla trident, otherwise it's just a spear, and perhaps a modifier that gives it the "return" property?

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    indeed, should...

    Maybe the two folks involved in the two mods can work out blocking the first one as enderfearance 1, and blocking both kinds as enderfearance 2, make a reason to have even MORE endstone in our weapons.

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    Thinking a mod like yours might be the one I want to go with to make things just a bit harder in my nature themed pack I keep trying to tinker with and never get off the ground.

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    If I ever get my modded version up and running, maybe you'd like to try an instance of that for a while? May I keep in touch?

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    Nicely done. I am very impressed.

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    posted a message on Lycanites Mobs - Strange and Deadly Creatures!

    Shame that our mighty overlords have made a minecraft client that refuses to let your mod be downloaded on a slow connection.

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    This mod currently conflicts with the extra utilities 2 quantum quarry.
    The code that prevents mob spawns in dimension -9999 is incompatable with lycanites.

    I think there's a setting, but I can't FIND it.

    Now, for events, I THINK you start in

    # Set to false to disable scheduled events for every world.
    B:"Mob Events Enabled"=false

    # Set to false to disable random mob events for every world.
    B:"Random Mob Events Enabled"=false

    If I could figure out how to keep events from spawning banned monsters and crashing themselves, I'd schedual them to start on day 35, and then one every 5 days, and then able to happen randomly at any time after that, using the very nice code included, but...

    there's even a trigger that lets you use TOTAL WORLD TIME instead of "days" that gets reset when you use /time or when you use a time manipulation device of any sort.

    Now, the person looking to prevent the rock monsters from spawning when blocks are broken, look in lycanitesmobs-spawning .. find

    spawner chances

    and do

    D:"ROCK Spawn Chance"=0

    That should make things not spawn when rocks are broken, but allow it to spawn normally and from spawners.

    You can also remove it from ...

    spawners enabled

    by setting ROCK to FALSE

    As a third option (and if those fail due to errors?)

    go into mountainmobs-spawning

    find spawn types,


    S:"Geonach Spawn Types"=ROCK

    to, well, pretty much anything, but I'd suggest MONSTER

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    Course now I'm going to have to learn how to craft tweaker, but that's just a matter of time.

    Now the BIG dream is to somehow get you in touch with twilight forest and have it be YOUR uncrafting table that goes around the world riding that beast...

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