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    posted a message on Teds World Gen Mods - Realistic World Gen Alpha 1.3.2
    Fantastic mod! Thank you very much for taking the time to make this. I probably won't use any of the fancy generators, but the default one is REALLY improved. It definitely makes things a whole lot nicer.
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    posted a message on MC Server Soft // Server Manager for Windows
    Is there an ETA for the Total Edition? Kinda looking forward to seeing how it all works. ^_^
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    posted a message on [1.3.1][No whitelist] 100 slot Hardcore PVP! Factions! mcMMO! Spleef! CounterFluff!

    This is a very informal warning:
    Please refrain from the following:

    - Extreme amounts of Bumping.
    - Spam
    - and OT Posts

    Server threads should only be used for server-related issues, server-related discussions, whitelist applications and server-related bans/kicks.

    Please look through the Sectional Rules and refrain from breaking any rules in the future. If issues arise again in the future, further punishment will be in order.

    Again, I cannot stress this enough: DO NOT BUMP!

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    posted a message on What is the most widely support permissions plugin. (Bukkit)
    The 3 that I see used the most are, like bacon_avenger said, bPermissions, PermissionsEX and Group Manager. Group Manager is more for Essential, but I think it's horrible either way. :P

    Personally, I would recommend PermissionsEX.
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    posted a message on How do you make a good Home Server Host
    To make your 'Home Server' 24/7 you'll simply need to run it all the time. Meaning, you don't stop the server or shut off your computer. If you have a decently powerful computer and a decent amount of RAM, you can do this without have Minecraft crash or much lag.

    As for plugins, the only way to get it to work without errors is by trial and error. You just gotta see what works and configure them yourself.
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    posted a message on disconnect.genericReason
    *.genericReason is usually a client related error. Have you installed any Mods in your Minecraft recently?
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    posted a message on Trying to start up server, need help!
    You might have ran the JAR file on accident without actually using a CMD window. Doing this will cause the server to run in the background without you actually seeing anything.

    Press Ctrl+Alt+Del and open the Task Manager. Go to the Processes tab. Once there, end the process "java.exe" or "javaw.exe", or both. This should stop the server if you did accidentally run it.
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    Vault is an API that basically makes it so all economy (or the ones supported, like iConomy) can work. Basically, instead of the plugin creator making the plugin work with EVERY economy plugin, he/she can make it so it connects to Vault and Vault links to all the economy plugins for him.

    No it does not need any special permissions. It's simply a drag-and-drop plugin and it does everything for you. If you don't have it, other plugins might not have support for any economy.

    Overall, just install the plugin. :P
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    posted a message on Plugin Config Issues...
    Try making it look like this.

        default: false
          rank: '1'
    	prefix: '&e<Owner>&e'
    	- '*'
        - Owner
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    posted a message on Can my computer play minecraft?
    Sure, you could play it. But I doubt it would be decently playable. Intel Graphics are among the WORSE imo. I'm sure you could probably throw in an OK graphics card to beef it up a bit, but even then it wouldn't be that great. Don't expect to run any 128 TP's or that Shaders Mod. :P

    I tried playing minecraft on my friends Laptop, which had Intel Graphics. After about 5 minutes I decided I couldn't handle the 10 FPS.
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    posted a message on Server Setup Help
    In your Firewall, make sure you allowed both TCP and UDP connections through on port 25565. You may need to restart your router/PC for changes to take a effect.
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    posted a message on Bukkit 1.3.1?
    It is a DEV build for Bukkit. There's going to be bugs in it and some of your plugins might have broke. Honestly, I think you may want to run a temporary Vanilla server and wait for at least a Beta build for Bukkit to come out.

    Many plugin creators won't update plugins on Dev builds, since they aren't there too long. You may just need to wait. :|
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    posted a message on Please can someone help?
    Because of the new features in 1.3.1, you'll need to make a new world most likely in order for everything to work properly. You could just run it and 1.3.1 features (like trading, coco beans, etc) just won't exist anymore.

    As for running it, you will need to use a .bat file in order to run the server.

    Open notepad and put this in it.
    SET BINDIR=%~dp0
    CD /D "%BINDIR%"
    "%ProgramFiles%\Java\jre7\bin\java.exe" -Xmx1024M -Xms1024M -jar craftbukkit.jar

    Then, to save it. Change it to "All Files" and name it Start.bat

    After that, make a folder and put your craftbukkit.jar and start.bat file in there.
    Open, Start.bat and your server should start. :D
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    posted a message on Please can someone help?
    I would recommend getting the 1.2.5 RB build from Bukkit. Just don't install any plugins and it's exactly like Vanilla - just more stable, more bug fixes and overall better.
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    posted a message on OLD POST Please Delete This Thread
    IGN: IAreKyleW00t (Those are zero's)
    RL Name: Kyle
    Age: 17 (18 this Oct)
    Skype (Optional): iarekylew00t
    Why you want to join: Looking for a Pure Vanilla server. One that's a nice and simple. Just looking for a place to occasionally jump in and have some fun. :) storm
    Other (Optional): If you haven't noticed, I'm a Mod for the servers section. Regardless if I join the server or not I will still warn those who break rules. No if, ands or buts about it. I'm also not thee most active person, but I'm a good player. Depending on how well I like it, I may invite my friend and girlfriend to the server. ^_^

    Few questions though:
    - Will this stay Vanilla even when Bukkit Updates?
    - Is the server hosted at home, or by a dedicated host?
    - Since Maps eventually get... old, will new maps be generated to make things interesting still?
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