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    Minecraft IGN : XtremeHazzard

    Age : 14

    Position Applying for : Plugin Dev / Moderator

    Examples of Position Experience :
    Moderator experience: I have applied for a staff on many server, i have been accepted 3 times on a different server. By the time, i learned how to managed a server and socialize with other members or staff on the server. Im a parkour creator, so i have many experienced about parkour. So i want to have another experience.. what is it?? Yeah maybe skyblock or skywar or anything, I'm an easy going person. I know when to joke and when its time to get serious. ya so im glad if i get another chance to be a moderator

    Plugin Dev: Yea this is my first time to apply as a Plugin Dev. But at least i have an experience. i have my own private server just for playing minigame with my friend, so i know how to setup plugin or manage the plugin.

    Do you have Skype : sanders.theodore

    Dedicated Time per Week : 6 - 7 Hours/week
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