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    Nebulous Network

    Release Date

    December 6th, 2019


    • Custom enchantments.
    • Custom plugins.
    • Custom menus.
    • High TPS.
    • Friendly community.
    • Frequent events.
    • Balanced economy.

    General Information

    Server IP: play.nebulousmc.com
    Website: nebulousmc.com


    • No using glitches/exploits or any other malicious means.
    • No racism of any kind.
    • No spamming the main chat.
    • No impersonations.
    • No advertising.
    • No griefing other players.
    • Always Respect one another.
    • Filter bypassing is strictly forbidden.
    • Lastly, common sense, if you're not 100% sure it's okay, don't do it.


    Here are some pictures of the mines:

    Mine A

    Mine A

    Mine B

    Mine B

    Mine C

    Mine C

    Mine D

    Mine D

    Staff Application

    How to apply:
    Visit our old website (nebulousmc.enjin.com/apply) and follow the instructions there.


    β€’ Respect any and all players, you represent this community and our servers. Make a good impression.

    β€’ Keep the toxicity to a minimum, sarcasm is fine, but try not to hurt the other players.

    β€’ Do not ask for promotions.

    β€’ You may ask for additional permissions and perks, but only once. (If you have been denied the request, don’t ask for it again).

    β€’ Be friendly with the other staff members and players.

    β€’ The usage of the staff chat will be only in regard to staff matters.

    β€’ No disclosing of any information regarding other staff members/future plans/staff matters/etc.

    β€’ Know that the general rules apply to you as well, in addition to the staff rules.

    β€’ If you have a question, ask your higher-ups for help.

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