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    posted a message on What is your longest vein of diamonds found
    I found 22 in my friend's mine on MP... was crazy stuff.
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    posted a message on Minecraft News - Sneak Peak Jeb Interview, XBOX Splitscreen
    People! Look here!
    "Basically there is a one in 10,000 chance that when the game loads, the title will display MINCERAFT instead of MINECRAFT.
    EDIT: Pic of the changed title:

    Here is the code that does it.

    Discovered by Bluestorm96 on the Minecraft forums.

    UPDATE!: Want to see it for yourself? Find the code shown in the second picture and change the ".0001D" near the top of the highlight to "1.1D". Since the variable used to show the alternate title will always be a number between 0 and 1, you'll have a 100% chance to see MINCERAFT! (thanks to AmberK of the MC forums for that idea)

    Notch has not confirmed that this is the secret he was referring to, but I have tweeted him asking to confirm or deny. Seeing how minecraft has been ruthlessly datamined already, any items/recipes/mobs/textures in the game are already well known (most new items are discovered before they are even obtainable in-game). Something like this (which has gone unnoticed for at least several patches), is very probably it."
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    posted a message on [API] Minecraft Forge
    Quote from jagr06

    is there a link someone can direct me to for MC version 1.2.3 for minecraft forge? didn't realize I needed this for pams mod. :(

    If it's not updated on the main post then the creator hasn't updated it yet.
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    posted a message on If you were Oprah
    I'd throw some tear gas in there and then get out of there to spend my money on something more personal >:smile.gif:
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    posted a message on Help!!!
    Quote from xFlamarangx

    Simple. Re-Download Minecraft

    Read the first message again.

    " I tried to do the "force update" on the launcher options to reset the settings I'd changed (I found that on a youtube video) but that didn't help me either! "

    Now, Heidi, go to %appdata% and then delete the .minecraft folder. If you want to back up your saves, go into .minecraft and copy/paste out the saves folder or the contents of the saves folder. After deleting the .minecraft folder, it will force Minecraft to redownload everything. After this is done, you can copy/paste your saves back into the folder.
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    posted a message on The Jungle Biome is when you all need to put your foot down and stop playing

    I bought the game because I wanted to make an intricate infinite world to create a timeless playground on like its advertised as. Not a testing ground for a schizophrenic game that can't decide on what it wants to be and just settle the f*** down.

    I've been reading this thread, and I am appalled at your attitude towards other members of the board. (That seriously sounded kind of lame but I am pretty disgusted by how you've been treating everyone). The reason that the Jungle Biome won't be spawned in the old maps is because it'll screw up the map gen and create huge walls between the 1.8-1.1 generated terrain and the 1.2+ terrain. I have a map with an example of this (Between Alpha and somewhere in Beta) is you want to see the example of the terrain corruption.
    @Quote Minecraft is a sandbox game. It doesn't have a defined form. It can be anything. Take a look at Garry's Mod, it's a sandbox game. But there are space simulators, racing and so much more inside the game because people have ingenuity. They used what they had to make something completely different and amazing. Minecraft may be going for something like that, maybe with a twist of realism, since Minecraft is meant to have some realism. Bugs caused by new generation is part of gaming. You have to deal with them. If you want to go ahead and stick with your old world which you spent "thousands of hours" on, then go ahead and stay on that world. But if you want to try out these new features and try something new, then make a new world and play. If you want your stuff in a new world, then use these tools that these people have so kindly suggested out of their own good will.

    tl;dr Bugs are part of the game. Deal with it.
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    posted a message on [1.2.5] Cheat Pack - Cheat Anything You like To, Discover Edges Of MineCraft
    Quote from Mojo214

    great mod!!
    i have 1 prob...
    the enchantment stuff doesnt work in multiplayer, im an admin on my own server

    Quote from Binkan Salaryman

    Sadly, I can't cheat me a SMP version with cheat pack... Even if the motto is "cheat you anything you like" :|

    It's not SMP compatible.
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    posted a message on Minecraft Screensaver
    These screensavers are really awesome, but I can't seem to get the rotating object mode to save the settings for the block type. It keeps reverting back to random, which is really annoying as I only want it to display glowstone :sad.gif:
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    posted a message on Stone or Iron Pickaxe?
    If you don't have too much iron, I would say that you should use whatever iron you have to make iron pickaxes, and then make a lot more stone pickaxes until you find more iron. That's what I normally do.
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    posted a message on Minecraft Launcher; Slow Loading
    Quote from QuarterLife

    Basically whenever i open the Minecraft Launcher lately it has been taking (randomly), between 2 - 10 seconds to load up and then allowing me to login, i don't understand why now after re-downloading Minecraft.exe and starting a new Minecraft from a clean slate, anyone getting this problem?

    What is your operating system, processor, Java version (as well as either 32-bit or 64-bit?) and amount of RAM? Any/all of these can affect the loading times of Minecraft.
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    posted a message on Home Improvement: Flower Pots, Chairs... and more !
    Quote from 1500lego

    alredy a mod sorry

    Just because it's a mod doesn't mean that he/she can't add his/her own improvements/suggestions to it for implementation in said mod or in Minecraft as a vanilla feature.

    Ontopic: these items would be quite useful, especially chairs in tight spaces.
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    posted a message on EPIC SINGLE PLAYER 1/100000 of a space ship!
    Yeah, that looks like it would be more of a space station than a space ship... and I can't really see any source of movement on it (no thrusters or anything?) meaning that, unless you haven't built them yet, it's actually a space station :ohmy.gif:
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    posted a message on Unable to download the game
    You should be able to use paypal, as when I bought it I used paypal to put in my CC details etc.
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    posted a message on Voted #1 Server in the world!
    Voted #1 by who? Yourself? Poll results plawx cause I definitely don't remember voting this server "#1 server"...
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    posted a message on 1.8 Updates: Changing the Chests
    1.8 looks awesome... it's coming out in, like, the next week or so isn't it? At least, that's what I heard :S
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