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    posted a message on Watch Dogs Minecraft Recreation; an Open World Watch Dogs Adventure Map!
    Nope we don't use gamemode for the camera
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    posted a message on EULA Revisited: an Updated Q&A From Mojang
    For all those complaining, you actually accepted the EULA agreements when you got MC, it doesn't matter if your fair or not, like my teacher used to say, there's always one person (or in this case server) that ruins it for everyone
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    posted a message on Spawning without compass and map glitch
    Well I'm guessing your new at Minecraft. You always spawn with NOTHING. You never spawn with a compass and a map. Everytime you create a new world you will have to get all the achievements again.
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    posted a message on NOTICE: Important Forum Update Information

    Anyway I was setting up the sparta joke and yes it will be worth the wait.
    (Cough feedback title)
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    posted a message on Explain your avatar
    I watched the real episode..
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    posted a message on A difference to fall damage!
    The Basic Structure Of My Idea:
    So I was just browsing through and I had a (What I think is a) great idea. So basically when you usually fall in vanilla MC, depending on how you fall you will get damaged. In real life this maybe true but it depends on where you fall on which gave me this idea. For example in real life you jump 25 meters from the air and you fall and you land in hay bale, it will bend and give way but also remove most of your fall damage.
    From this you will survive with less fall damage and with different blocks should have different reactions. From strong blocks like stone brick, they will crack turning them into cracked stone brick. So below is written blocks should have physics. If you don't like something tell me what I should add/remove/change
    This will only work for Players.
    The Blocks:
    {Should lessen fall damage}
    Wool - You will sink a little like soulsand
    Leaves + You will fall straight through them
    Wood Slabs
    {Should break}
    Dirt if fallen on two times from a block radius of 10+
    Glass should break from 7+ block fall
    Gravel break if fallen on 3+ Times from 10+ block radius
    Cracked Stone Brick from a 5+ block radius
    {Should change into another block}
    Stone Brick -> Cracked Stone Brick
    Wet Sponge -> Sponge + Should show water particles when the water is squeezed out.
    Brick Block -> Brick
    Clay Block -> Normal Clay
    Grass Block -> Dirt Block
    Wood Slab -> 1 or 2 wood blocks
    Stone -> Cobblestone

    Supporter List:
    Cubic_Hype :P
    flaminghawk83 = Half/Half

    1) Would this also apply to mobs?
    No, this would be overpowered. Imagine a creeper breaks your dirt roof then blows up? Stupid right?

    2) Would the block changing effect only apply at x amount of blocks? Like 3-5 fall = just damage when 6-above = block change.
    Most blocks are from 10+ check above

    3) Upon block change could trigger a block update (to be more specific about mechanics)
    Yes, this would technically trigger a block update which means better BUD systems.

    4) Could there be a /gamerule for this?
    Sweet idea, maybe /gamerule fallblockchange true/false (Also welcome to change)
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    posted a message on Pig Fireworks
    No pics no clicks
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    posted a message on EMERALD CRAFTING IDEAS!
    No discussions in Suggestions..
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    posted a message on The secret history of Minecraft. (with proof)
    ... No offence but this story is kind of hard to believe.. I was believing it all till you said I invented the Golden Apple.. Proof? A website isn't enough proof I can make one right now and say its 100 years old -.-
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    posted a message on Bunnies Are going to be In the game!
    Quote from Sonata_Blue

    Don't kill the bunnies ;_;

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