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    In the word of computers, there are two main processor architextures. ARM, and X86. Most (if not all) desktop computers and laptops use an X86 processor. Most smartphones, tablets, and other small devices like that use an ARM processor. To keep prices, energy consuption, cooling, and form factor low, the raspberry pi team decided to go with an ARM processor. What does this mean? Well, in programming, every time you want to make something runnable, you have to "compile" the source code for a specific platform. Compiling simply simplifies the code into the raw instructions that computers run. Since MCPi was compiled for ARM, and ARM and x86 work in completely differernt ways, MCPi will not work on any other system. AFAIK, Mojang has no plans for reeasing the source code, meaning it can't be compiled for an x86 inux system.

    With a bit of tweaking, it might be possible to get it running on other single-board ARM linux systems, like the Panda board, Beagleboard, Pandora, or a hacked tablet with linux installed. If you want to play MCPi, I think the best option would be to buy your own raspberry pi. A great, cheap investment. Trust me :P

    The reason that the PC version of minecraft can run on nearly anything, is because it uses a java virtual machine, or JVM. The JVM is a virtual, emulated computer system that runs on top of the normal computer. Unfortunately, this also means that the computer must work five times as hard to execute the commands, so a low-power system like the raspberry pi wouldn't be able to handle it.
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    The "dream machine" texture is stolen from Computercraft... reported.
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    Quote from AkulaMak

    Ha, have you ever tried to build a flying quarry head with jpegs?
    I tried once. It looked extremely distorted, but it was quite small and compressed :P
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    Version 1.05

    Tangent Coral is a rather small mod that I created within a day, as an experiment into 3D asynchronous elementary cellular automata. The results of my experimentation were beautiful, and looked very coral-like. I tweaked the code a little bit, added textures, a bunch of hard-coded rules, and a way for the coral to spawn naturally in the oceans.

    The current version of Tangent Coral has 8 different species of coral. Each one of these species is governed by its own "rule table" that determines how the coral should grow based on its neighbors. Since I used an elementary cellular automaton, the coral will not spread out to take over your ocean. Instead, it will grow out from its "seed" (the starting generation) and grow up in a cone shape.

    If a coral is exposed to air (out of the water), it will dry up. Dried coral currently doesn't have a use, though I am planning on adding a recipe that allows you to convert it into dye/colored bricks. Since the coral is an extremely rare find in the oceans of minecraft, and grows so slowly, there shouldn't be much of a balance issue if I choose to do that.

    That being said, coral will only grow if it has enough room, and has at least two blocks of water above it (this prevents strange "coral islands" from forming).

    As of 1.05, coral's growth rate can be configured in the config file. Please make sure that the growthrate is between 0, and 100. Anything above/below that threshold will cause an error. You have been warned!

    Also as of 1.05, is the ability to craft the dried corals into dye. Still not very useful, but at least it's something.


    All the different types of coral, with their dried counterparts above them:


    • Added a config option to change the coral's growth rate.
    • You can now craft dried coral into dyes.
    • Initial release

    1. Install forge (there's already tons of tutorials for it, look it up)
    2. Download my mod (I hope you know how to do this)
    3. Put my mod into your "mods" folder (drag 'n drop!)
    4. ???
    5. pr0fit!


    By downloading this modification, you must agree to not sell/barter/trade my work. You must also agree to not claim this work as your own, unless given strict permission by me.

    If you agree, proceed.

    Version 1.05 (for minecraft 1.4.5): Click here!

    Old versions:

    Version 1.0 (for minecraft 1.4.5): Click here!

    Source Code

    By downloading this source code, you must agree to not sell/barter/trade my work. You must also agree to not claim this work as your own, unless given strict permission by me. If you use any part of this code, some credit would be nice :)

    If you agree, proceed.

    1.05 Source Code Click here!
    1.0 Source code: Click here!
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    Quote from CyberVVolf

    From the brief experience I have with modding, I would think that it will involve ADDING a bit of code to differentiate between sides.
    But might as well be.
    Look at the block's metadata (how blocks store the facing direction), and only do stuff if the signal was received on any side except for one :P
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    Quote from sd768safn438ff

    You should use a while loop. Goto's create spaghetti code.
    Italian programming :o
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    posted a message on Electrodynamics - [UPDATE]
    My theoretical workaround was to create a complex algorithm that predicted the possible outcomes of the circuit, and created a complex multidimensional truth table. Of course, I got distracted by a new mod idea, and scrapped all my work for it :P
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    In order to easily make a mod, download Eclipse, and install it. If you don't already have the java JDK, install the appropriate version for your OS. After that, download MCP. In order to make a mod, you'll need some sort of mod loader. I recommend using forge's built in loader, since forge has a ton of useful hooks.

    Now, extract MCP and place it somewhere convenient. Also, extract forge, and place the "forge" folder in the archive into your MCP folder. You'll also need the minecraft server jar, and client jar. Take your entire minecraft "bin" folder (I trust you know where that is), and put it into the "jars" folder in your MCP folder. Your server jar also goes into this folder.

    Once you have your jars situated, open up that "forge" folder, and, depending on your system, do the following:

    Open up a terminal and drag the "install.sh" folder into it


    Double-click on "install.bat".

    If you installed everything correctly, you should now have an extracted minecraft in your "src" folder. You could start modding from here, but it's alot easier to use an IDE like eclipse. Open up Eclipse, and wait for it to load up. Once it's loaded, click on "file" and then click on "switch workspace". In the box that appeared, click on "other". In that director box, click on "browse", and select the "eclipse" directory in your MCP directory.

    I'll leave you there, since there's plenty of tutorials online on how to make a mod :P

    If you have any more questions, you can PM me. I'll try and reply as soon as I can.

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    1. Posted in the wrong forum section. Just because the name of the section is "minecraft mods" doesn't mean you ask for help installing mods here, this is where "released" mods go.

    2. "Minecraft" is not two separate words.

    3. Use this version of forge for 1.2.5: http://jenkins.minecraftforge.net:7070/job/forge/152/
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    none, because you posted this in the wrong section.
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