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    Bug name: Dirt Side Wrong Color on Certain (Biomes?) Dark Grass
    Details: On certain parts, where darker grass grows, the sides of the dirt are colored wrong.
    System: Mac OS Lion
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    posted a message on Hard Work vs. Talent
    To comment on the OP I'd say most people are born with talents. Up until college/university you're finding your niche, and along the way you find certain talents.

    For instance, I love sciences, mostly medical sciences, thus I am studying to become a nurse. Now I noticed that I'm quite talented at chemistry, math, and things of that sort, I am untalented at history related courses. Sometimes your talents can help further your education, sometimes they have nothing to do with them, but in the end a talent can't be learned to an extent. I can't study to the point of being talented at history, because it's something I just don't get, I can do good in classes that deal with history, but it doesn't mean I've gained a talent in that area.

    Also entertainment greatly influences how well you do. I also find history boring, meaning I generally do worse even if I was talented. While I love functions & equations, this ends up making me better at math.

    That's at least how I see it.
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    I don't think everyone understands the reasoning behind the forums being linked with Curse. Might want to realize that forums cost quite a bit, and when your given the ability to lessen that cost, you take it, I don't care who you are, a chance like that isn't given up by anyone.

    That is what happened, aside from that I disagree with you. The forums look better, the pages may load slightly slower, but things are easier to point out. Important topics actually look important, as they are clearly "Pinned" now as opposed to it just looking like a topic has been on the top of the first page for 3 months. I know many who dislike IPB, but personally I've always liked it. Kudos to whoever made the skin, it's amazing. I would not like to go back to the original forums, they felt outdated, and reminded me of an IIRC channel rather than a forum.
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