About Me
Do NOT send me a private message for modpack/LP permissions:
All of my mods are under WTFPLv2 unless noted otherwise. Redistribute/Modify at will.
No need to ask permission for use of my mods in mod packs, I won't reply, the answer is yes you are allowed to, and you don't need to notify me
I do not feature videos on the main pages of my threads/website.

Previous works:
diportals (maps for Portal 2, 2011)
Gunstrumental (toybox weapon for Garry's Mod, 2010)
SharpeYe (addon for Garry's Mod, 2010)
Inscript (addon for Garry's Mod, 2010)
GarryWare (gamemode for Garry's Mod, 2009)
DepthHUD (addons for Garry's Mod, 2009)
Logic Portals (maps for Portal, 2008)

Minecraft works (2013):
Presence Footsteps (clientside mod)

Minecraft works (2012):
Audiotori (clientside mod)
QuickThirdPerson (clientside mod)
Skinning In-Game (clientside mod)
Glitter Mods (clientside mod)
ManualGrassSpread (bukkit -server mod)

Minecraft works (2011):
Minaptics (clientside mod)
MAtmos (clientside mod)
MCYU "MC Y U NO WORK?" (developer support and diagnosis tool)
NoteSlider (singleplayer-only mod) (discontinued)