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    Quote from UncleMion

    Haven't decided if I'll do stuff with the Beacon, but I think the Potion of Ensmallening will make a fine addition to the Witch's arsenal ;)
    Oh yeah, quick show of hands - who here wants to ride a Bat?

    Riding a bat would be awesome. ONWARD! It would be really cool if you could control it though... Like, you lead some clay soldiers into a mini-blocks town where other clay soldiers are waiting. But you lead them on a bat.
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    posted a message on [MC/Forge][1.6.4] Gulliver the Resizing Mod (v0.14.3 *Oct 21*): changing your perspective of Minecraft [OVER 900,000 downloads]
    How long 'til its updated for 1.4.2? I really wanna go swimming in my cauldron and racing tiny pigs. Best mod i've ever seen. Infinity diamonds to you, UncleMion.
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    Quote from Huntress_Starr


    IGN: Huntress_Starr
    Age: 13
    Maturity: 9/10


    Charecter's Name: Starr
    Charecter's Age: 21
    Race: Elf
    Gender: Female
    Fears: Dieing and Endermen....
    Strengths: Sword, bow and arrow, survival, farming.
    Occupation: Farmer, Cook, explores in free time.
    Backstory (1-2 LONG paragraphs): Starr was raised in a tribe many miles away. Her job there was farming and cooking for her family and the rest of the tribe. She had a content childhood. She was tending to the crops one day, when she smelled smoke. She searched around until she found fire raging in the forest near the camp. She came back from the wheat farm which was placed a bit far away in the forest, but when she got to the camp, all the people were gone. She searched for many days until she finally gave up. She traveled far and wide, looking for a place to settle. One night at she was hunting, she spotted something in the shadows. She looked at it and saw it was an Enderman. She ran away, only to see it was right in front of her. She kept her gaze on it and killed it with bow and arrows. As she journeyed on, she always avoided the beastly endermen and eventually came to Mistral city. Deciding it was a good place to live, she bought an air ticket and got on the air ship.

    I haven't been accepted yet... Can someone accept me? I'm not impatiant, its just that some people get accepted almost as soon as they post, and its been two pages for me.
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    Don't die!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If it does, all my dreams and hopes die......
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    :D I have been looking for an ocelot skin for hours! Thank you..... I want to give you so many diamonds, it would be condsidered spamming.....
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