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    Quote from hailgodmc

    Its a laptop right? do you move it around much while its on? might have caused physical damage to the disk.

    I rarely ever move it since it stands as a replacement to my desktop which is currently not functional. The few times I do I always shut off the computer and put it in a fairly solid bag. I've treated all my other laptops far rougher than this one (all of which are fairly old by now) and none have had any issues at all.
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    Quote from CreepyDjole

    Do you have some free space in HDD?If you don't have it,maybe that is the problem.

    I definitely have plenty of space left (empty 250gb partition, 250gb left on main partition)
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    I've had this laptop for a little over one month now with pretty much no problems at all. Suddenly I noticed it was running unusually slow. I just shrugged it off, finished for the night and turned it off. However, as I woke up today the computer is still running slow. The "lag" I am getting is kind of strange. Instead of programs just overall being slow in general, 20% of the time everything runs perfectly and the rest of the time programs will be slow, take a long time to open and "not respond" constantly. At the worst it took over 10 MINUTES to open task manager. CCleaner took forever to run a scan, Malwarebytes has been scanning for a while. I noticed that at one point the files are scanned at a normal fast rate and suddenly it slows down and only manages to scan about 2 files a second, much much less than the average.

    I then decided to install HDTune and as a result of a scan concluded that something was wrong with my HDD, but I'm not really sure if my assessment is right and would like someone else to take a look at it.

    TL;DR; Computer is slow, I think HDD is the problem but don't know.
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    Did you take it to a tech?

    No, I looked around and the only decent tech around here charges a whooping 150$!!! an hour for a problem that might take a whole day to solve. I'm taking the opportunity to upgrade my slowly aging system, rather than spending the same amount fixing it.

    Anyway, how many monitors will you be gaming on? A 780 or a 290X is overkill for gaming on just one monitor.

    A single monitor @1920x1080 120Hz.
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    I've recently had some major problems with my desktop and after doing whatever I could have done without the problem being resolved I have decided to just replace most of the components in the computer.

    The only part I will not be replacing is the PSU (Corsair HX650W), optical drives, and I already settled on a cabinet (NZXT Phantom 820). I don't really have a budget regards to the rest of the parts, I just want something that is reasonable. If you really want a cap, stop at aroung 1000$. Thinking something along the lines of a GTX 780 or a R9 290x, a normal i5, a 2TB HDD (storage) + 120GB SSD (OS). The rest is up for you to decide.

    I just want a computer that can run most new games on high-ultra settings, but no need to push it too far.
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    What do you suggest I do? Would a format of all my drives fix the problem?
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    Quote from fm87

    You've got corruption, bro. This isn't a hardware issue, so trying to diagnose the hardware isn't going to do anything.

    Would there be any way to pinpoint what exactly is corrupted or would it be easier to just do a full format of all my drives?
    Quote from Tripredacus

    I have not personally seen this "Microsoft Windows has stopped working" error myself. What do you mean, specifically, by you "reset" Windows 7?

    The error itself only occurs about half the time the crash occurs. It's similar to the generic message you get when a program halts or stops responding, only with the application name replaced with "Microsoft Windows". Either way, I meant that I had done a format (only of my C drive) + Reinstall of Windows.
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    For the last few days I have had a mysterious bluescreen. It outputs Stop-code 0xF4 which is just a general error "The system has rebooted without cleanly shutting down first". In the Event Viewer the error I get each Bluescreen is the same as when I cut the power to the computer abruptly (Event ID 41, Source: Kernel Power), so no help there. Once I get to the Bluescreen it refuses to write a minidump (stuck on "initializing minidump" or something like that), despite having minidumps activated. I reset the CMOS, ran Memtest for a total of 16 hours without errors, used HDTune and found no damaged sectors, ran a total virus scan with MBAM and even did a full reset of Windows 7 but the problem persists.
    I just turn on my computer and it functions normally. After about 30 minutes to an hour some programs (Skype, Spotify) will stop functioning while other programs persist (Games like WoW can still be played). If you attempt to go to the Task Manager to stop or terminate the faulty programs nothing happens (Ctrl + Alt + Delete does nothing at all). After about 10 seconds a message will pop up saying "Microsoft Windows has stopped working." and it gives me the option to terminate or wait it out. Both options will lead to programs shutting down (WoW, Google Chrome, Windows Explorer (the entire taskbar)) after a few seconds which culminates in a Bluescreen.

    I am just baffled by this error as it is unlike anything I have encountered. I'm not really sure what to do next and would love some advice on this. I've had the computer for a little less than two years and hadn't touched or moved the computer in the last 3 months prior to the error occuring.
    Mobo: Gigabyte 990 FXA-UD3
    CPU: AMD FX-8350
    GPU: Amd Radeon 6950
    PSU: Corsair HX 650
    HDD: Western Digital Green (ugh) 2TB
    Crucial 64GB SSD (OS)
    Samsung 840 128GB SSD (Games)
    RAM: 16GB (4x4) Corsair 1600MHz
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    posted a message on [1.6.2] Voices of Minecraft [Whitelist] [24/7] [Premium] [MobArena] [McMMO] [TheThuum] [PvP]
    15/08-2013 update: We have made some large changes to the MobArena as a result of a few hours of testing. Primarily the arenas of medium and hard difficulty have been made easier. More details can be found in the Patch Notes thread on our website.

    Remember to also visit our YouTube channel for Minecraft Server Shorts and more.
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    Quote from MightyHunter005

    I will join

    I will help as a Builder because I am good at building houses, statues, etc

    Unfortunately we are not in a position where we require any builders. Feel free to apply as a regular member though!
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    posted a message on [1.6.2] Voices of Minecraft [Whitelist] [24/7] [Premium] [MobArena] [McMMO] [TheThuum] [PvP]
    Welcome to Voices of Minecraft!
    Official server for republicofvoices.net

    Voices of Minecraft is a normal survival server with a friendly community. While the server was intended to only be used by the friendly people over at Republic of Voices, we have decided to expand our community and open the server to the public. If you are looking not only for a survival experience but also a friendly community then you have found the right server! To be whitelisted, simply post your Minecraft name in this thread and I will add you as soon as possible!
    Note: Whitelist will be updated at least twice every 24 hours.

    About the community
    Voices of Minecraft already has about a dozen active members, all of which would love to see meet some new people. Our website is primarily a forum with many fun and interesting discussions. We also have a chat you can join. We take pride in our great and friendly community, and we want you to be part of it!

    The first official server event is starting in 12 hours (from this post was written). This is the launch of the MobArenas. From the start of the event and for another 24 hours there will be no fee for joining the arenas (normal fee: 1 diamond). The staff of Voices of Minecraft have put a lot of time and effort into making the MobArenas a fun and challenging experience, with an easy mode for less experienced players and a hard mode for the hardiest of survivors. The MobArena can be accessed by writing /warp mobarena.

    For all members of Voices of Minecraft there are three normal ranks, and many unique special ranks! The two normal ranks are as follows:
    [Guest] - The default rank of everyone who is whitelisted. Can chat, build and survive on the server.
    - The rank given to everyone registered and with at least 3 posts on republicofvoices.net. Can chat, build and survive on the server and also has access to the economy (to be implemented), teleports, warps, sethome and more.
    [Donator] - This rank is given to donators. They have all the permissions of but also get a few bonuses. These include MobDisguise, multiple homes, a fancy purple name and several small buffs for the McMMO plugin. Must donate a minimum of 5$.
    [Builder] - This rank is given to the most trusted members who will assist in the creation of server structures. They have access to creative mode and WorldEdit.
    In addition to these three normal ranks, custom ranks are given to people who achieve great things. Some examples:
    [Wither Slayer] - Given to CrashMagico for slaying the Wither. Gives the owner access to the shout "yol toor shul" in The Thuum plugin.
    [The Slayer] - Given to Peia (Andaya) for slaying the Wither and Ender Dragon. Gives the owner access to the shouts "yol toor shul" and "fus ro dah" in The Thuum plugin.
    If you achieve something great then you may get your own special rank!

    The rules of Voices of Minecraft are very basic and should be easy to follow. If you break any of the rules you will be given one verbal warning, two warnings and eventually a ban.
    1. No X-ray clients or resource packs
    2. No hacks of any kind
    3. Do not abuse exploits or glitches
    4. Do not swear excessively
    5. Racism is not tolerated
    6. Flaming or harassment is not tolerated
    7. Avoid speaking in ALL-CAPS
    8. No griefing
    9. PvP is allowed, however do not kill for no reason
    Note that these rules do not cover every single situation and staff may act on their own should they see it fit.

    Owner: Huntlocker
    Tech: Empty
    Administrator: Flybird87 (Owner of republicofvoices.net)
    Moderator: Slidin
    Currently hiring more staff!

    Other information
    Visit our website at republicofvoices.net!
    View the full whitelist HERE
    View patch notes and updates for the server HERE
    Want to apply for moderator? Read THIS

    All donations are appreciated!

    Thank you
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    posted a message on Razer Naga 2012 vs R.A.T 7
    The RAT 7 has weights that can be added/removed, and also much more customization options. When I first got my MMO7 (they are very similar. The MMO7 has slightly more buttons which you can use to, eg. bind spells in MMO's. Other than that there is very little difference) it was quite uncomfortable to use, but once you have finished the customization it is an amazing mouse. You can't actually decide whether or not you like the RAT mice until you have had one and used one for a few hours. It has dropped in the floor quite a few times without any problems.

    I do not regret choosing the MMO7, and I would highly recommend you stay with the RAT7 you have ordered.

    All keys are rebindable through the drivers, you can also accurately adjust DPI and LED's. I believe (not sure if this is exclusive to the MMO7) you can also add "profiles". Each profile has it's own set of keybinding. If I for example play WoW I enable the WoW profile. The keys I have bound in this profile are customized by me for WoW. If I later then want to play something like Battlefield 3, then I can select a BF3 profile with an entirely new set of keybindings more fit for BF3.
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    posted a message on Is the nvidia gtx 580 just overpriced?
    Quote from AwesomePants

    I will make as much as threads as I want to. That is the purpose of the forum -_-

    The purpose of the forum is to give and receive help, not to ask as many questions as you would like and just ignore the answers you are given. As it is now your threads take up unnecessary space. As for the thread, a 7950 would be better at a cheaper price.
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    posted a message on What is your preference? Nvidia or AMD? Explain.
    You can't really have a specific hardware manufacturer you consider to be better than others. There is no room for opinion in here, only facts. Right now IIRC AMD is leading over Nvidia price/performance, but this could change once Nvidia updates their drivers.
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    posted a message on help with settings
    You need to open up the Nvidia Control Panel and set Minecraft as a high performance game so it uses the high-power GPU.

    As for the Alienware bashing, this forum is a place people come to get advice, and people give advice, and the people here mostly speak the truth. Alienware IS bad, it's as simple as that, and people are going to comment it if you have one.
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