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    Breaking News!

    Cuchaz hospitalised after rogue post to knee; Doctors baffled.

    "I used to be a programmer like you..."

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    Isn't it a bit dishonest to put trees in the Tall Worlds logo at this point? :P

    Edit: Okay, I fixed it!

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    You need to install this version of the Forge API for M3L to work.

    M3L doesn't need Forge, it's an independent modloader

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    Quote from transformultra

    Hey guys, CPT and I spoke and he intends on giving away this mod to some body else to work on. Start looking for real good coders who are up to the task. This is a great mod that shouldnt die. CPT is a great dude and his work deserves to keep going,
    Actually, I've almost finished a 1.6.4 version. It was originally just for me and my friends, but with Cpt's permission I'll gladly release it publicly once it's completed.
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    Can you provide links for the old versions of the map? Don't get me wrong, I love the new update, it's just that I want to play the original map from Super Mario Failaxy, which is my all-time favorite Minecraft video(s).
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    This suggestion is for a feature that would be extremely useful for making custom adventure maps.
    It wouldn't be very significant in normal Survival Minecraft, just so you know.

    I think that in addition to the 'Follow Range', 'Knockback Resistance', 'Max Health', and 'Attack Damage'
    NBT tags introduced in the 1.6 snapshots, there should be another tag added, called 'Attack Range'. The 'Attack Range' tag would be present on mobs with ranged attacks, such as skeletons and witches, and would determine how close or far a player would have to be for the mob to attack. This could also be used on creepers to determine how close it needs to be to a player to explode. This could be used in custom maps to create custom boss battles, or, by setting the tag, as well as the 'Follow Range' and 'Attack Damage' tags, to 0, it could also be used to make hostile mobs passive, allowing for mobs other than testificates to be used as characters in an adventure map. If you like this idea, vote for it!

    Side Note:
    As of the latest snapshot (13w21a), there are a few bugs with the Follow Range tag. Follow the link to vote for the issue so Mojang will see it!
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