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    Hello guys i make a mini map (you will know why i call it like that) of castlevania
    This is a short map using CUSTOM NPCS mod
    Its a little castle maybe it won't like you i guess??
    But if you want to see a good map of my maps this is: http://www.minecraft...f-zear-144-v12/

    Optional Mods:
    Balkon's weapon mod:http://www.minecraft...extended-reach/
    Damage indicators: http://www.minecraft...mod-compatible/

    So here are some pics:

    You need the Awesome mod Custom npcs Get it here http://www.minecraft.../page__st__9560


    Small village

    You house and friend

    Castle Parkour too!

    Castle up part behind of clock tower

    Lets see how you jump this

    A little joke i made in the down part of the castle Cause the cobweb is too slow

    Down part A thing i made its at the ending of this part srry im using a mod but seems with F1 it dont despawn

    Figth dracula!

    What??? isn't dead???

    This guys is why i call it Mini Game maybe it wont like you


    Media fire:
    With skin of dracula and richter.

    Help needed!

    i need help with people who want to help me expand the Zear map
    the link its at the upper part of the page!

    Coment if have problems or ideas!

    By HUNTERJ23 :steve_wink:
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    Quote from LordOfEpicness

    dude, there is a halo gun mod. they dont shoot but as long as only npcs use them, it should not be a problem.

    nps dont shoot guns you they shoot what you place in their inentory in the arrow
    i tried the shoot a gun of a mod and it was stone!?
    Quote from GruntsGhost

    So after 3 hours of work this morning I have created the Skeleton Dragon!

    Noppes, you can have this. Download Here

    Also, Noppes, is there a way you can change it so that a) the dragon hit box covers the whole dragon and grows with the NPCs when you change the size. Currently, the dragon's hit box is somewhere near it's back legs and it makes it look odd because when it shoots a fireball and it comes out of it's back side. After making it's size to 30 (And yelling "RAID BOSS") it sucks that you have to get between it's legs to hit it.

    It seems like when you getthe soul of a dragon in skyrim!
    Quote from MasterKulon

    I made skins of stone and all the ores for the slime NPC. I am going to do more, but I need to know which square in the skin is the front of the block (for the furnace). Also, If I make skins for the Metallurgy 2 mod ores would you add them?


    hmmmm you get those things in minecraft jar i guess i can get all blocks I GUESS?
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