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    Out Of Character Info:[/b]

    Minecraft IGN: Gram[/b]

    In Character Info:


    Name: Torrhen


    Nationality: Andore


    Profession: Blacksmith


    Combat Class (if not related to Nationality): Tselki-Erit


    Personality: Cold and blunt with few friends. He cares little for honor and chivalry, unlike his countrymen.


    Description: Fair skin and black hair that is shoulder length. He stands at exactly two meters and has an athletic build.



    Torrhen was originally from the country of Ayume. Born into a long line of knights, Torrhen was expected to do great things, his family was prestigious and well-known by many in Ayume after all.

    From a young age he was taught how to wield a sword and the practice of chivalry, an idea that was so revered by his family. He immediately showed great skill in the art of the sword. It is here that Torrhen would display how different he was from his family. It was years after his first lesson when he showed his lack of interest in the armor and giant swords his family wielded. He preferred a ******* sword and lighter armor, sometimes none at all, when he fought. His family saw this as a minor problem at first. It was only when Torrhen showed no interest in their practice of chivalry and fair fights that they began to worry. Here was a boy who held their name and honor, but would not act in their manner. The heads of the family met and quickly came to a decision. Torrhen was stripped of his surname and all hereditary claim to his father's lands and wealth.

    It was Torrhen's mother who would in the end, be his savior. Torrhen, then only eighteen, had decided to head to Andore and make a living there. As he was traveling to the border of Ayume, a letter arrived from his mother, telling him to stop at the closest town to the border. He did as instructed and found his mother who conveyed her deepest and most sincere apologies. She gave him his sword, clothes, enough food to last his journey, and a bank note that was worth a fortune. She had written it out herself, bestowing on him some of his father's money. A large amount to any common man, Torrhen would survive off of this for years to come. He thanked her and said his farewells before crossing the border.

    It is several years later that his story begins in the country of Andore. Torrhen is now a mercenary and part-time blacksmith, out to make a name for himself and increase his personal wealth. His years in the country have turned him as cold as the mountain tops and as hard as the stone they sit on. He is experienced and merciless. It is now that he will show his family that chivalry is not the only way to power.[/b]

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    Can't wait to make another app so I can see sibs and the rest of you lot

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    posted a message on 1.8 | The Last Ark | A Server Based on Exploration and Discovery l A New Role playing Experience l Fully Launched and Rocking!
    Quote from SabzTheGuy»
    Ehhh! HunterActual!

    I remember building with you on some server at some point, good to see you here. c:

    Edit: So I don't get screeched at for bumping, I read your application. 10/10 super-good.

    Thanks! I remember playing on a server or two with you as well. Glad to see you here!
    Quote from syvs»

    Accepted! Welcome back, Hunter. Good to see some familiar old faces making it here. Feel free to send me your Skype for addition to the group chat.

    ( Eyyyyy. New page Claimed! )

    Thanks Syvs. Great to see you back in action!
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    In game name: HunterActual

    Timezone: Eastern Standard

    Age: 18

    What role-playing experience do you have?: Wild Wasteland, FallCraft, War Never Changes, Recrafted Civs, Ancient Civs, etc.,

    Why did you choose us?: I chose this server mostly for the very unique theme and the familiar faces.

    Skype Name (Optional for Group Chat): Will send if the app is accepted.


    Name: Takahashi (高橋) Kazuma ( 籍真) ( Kazuma Takahashi in English )

    Age: 25

    Gender: Male


    Asian/Caucasian (Japanese-American)

    Place of Birth:

    Aboard an old United States naval destroyer, the USS Ashland

    Defining characteristics and physical appearance:

    He has brown hair with a light blond streak on the left side and keeps it somewhat long.His eyes are a reddish-brown color. Kazuma stands at exactly two meters in height (6 feet) and has an athletic build. Besides his eyes, his most notable features are the scars the cover him, including the scar left by a small White Shark. The scar is located on his left arm and encompasses part of his shoulder.

    He is almost always seen wearing a scarf of sorts (Usually a red one) and usually prefers to wear black attire with combat boots.

    Strengths and Weaknesses:

    Kazuma is a very cold person and does not care about showing kindness. This can be argued as being his biggest strength or his biggest weakness. Being cold, Kazuma is able to read a person when he first meets them and usually finds out their personality. However, he does not show kindness to most which causes him to lack in friends and makes him hard to work with at times.

    One of Kazuma's biggest strengths is his knack for tactics and strategy. Kazuma will always take the most preserving and strategical route in any decision making process he finds himself in. Kazuma is also very proficient in the use of firearms and frequently fishes, making him a knowledgeable angler.

    Besides his cold demeanor, his other big weaknesses include a fear of plague and other diseases (Which causes him to become a germaphobe when it comes to cleanliness) and a slight trace of xenophobia. A minor weakness is his somewhat decreased mobility with his left arm, due to an incident with a shark that lead to him being bitten.

    Does your character own property on the ship? If so, what kind:

    Kazuma only owns a fishing pole and a Sig Sauer P228 9mm pistol with only a few rounds.

    Background Story (At least two quality paragraphs):

    Kazuma Takahashi was born on the USS Ashland on December 23, 2055 to a retired American Navy SEAL(Kit McKinnley) and a Japanese mother(Yui Takahashi).

    Before the waters began to claim the land, Kazuma's father, Kit, was shipped out of the States to Japan and stationed aboard the USS Ashland. Kit was stationed there with his team, designated as Kilo-7. Kilo-7 had been sent to Japan to be put on standby until the North Korean's or Chinese made their first move. Their first move would not come for a few years and this provided kit with some time to visit several large cities in Japan. Whilst visiting Tokyo, Kit met Yui Takahashi, the mother of Kazuma.

    Yui was a businesswoman that worked in stocks and made a good living. She owned a nice flat in Tokyo and always had enough for herself. Although she had everything she wanted or needed, she was lonely and did not have many true friends and had only dated one man before. Whilst out on a typical Tuesday afternoon, she met Kit in a coffee shop. She had been sitting in her normal spot (She frequently visited this small coffee shop) when she noticed an American had entered her line of site. She had noted earlier that year that the Americans' presence in Japan had increased but she had not seen many until now. She was intrigued by this American who seemed annoyed by all of the attention he was receiving . Her interest would eventually draw her closer to him until they became friends. After several months, they moved their relationship forward and began dating. It was when they had started getting serious that the North Koreans made their first move.

    The North Koreans had invaded South Korea and announced to the world that they would deploy nuclear missiles on both South Korea and Japan if any other country tried to intervene. Kilo-7 received orders two hours after the invasion. Their orders were to infiltrate North Korea and mark the way for American bombers to destroy missile silos in North Korea.

    The mission went south, fast. The anti-aircraft presence was heavier than initially thought and South Korean troops were having a hard time keeping the North Koreans from crossing the defense line set up just south of Pochean. Kilo-7 was issued new orders to sabotage all AA batteries in the area and continue with their previous mission. Kilo-7 succeeded in their mission and the North Korea lost its only ace. The United States entered the war and began bombing runs that targeted most of North Korea's political and military installations. Towards the end of the war, Kilo-7 and the USS Ashland were pulled back to dry dock in Japan. It was at this time that the waters began pushing inland. The USS Ashland was ordered to return home to aid in rescue/aid missions in the States. The ship's captain, Jonathan Abrams, allowed the sailors and Kilo-7 to gather their family members on board of the ship. Only a few had family in Japan and the ship departed, carrying Kit and Yui aboard it.

    By the time the USS Ashland reached the coast of California, most of the mainland was under water. The crew had been listening to the news when they first left Japan. The waters now covered everything from New York City to just east of the Rockies. What was left of both the American and Canadian populace and governments, had evacuated to the Rockies earlier. The President had died and most of his upper staff with him. What was left of the United States and Canada was in turmoil. This lasted for a few months until a new leader was "elected". During this time, many more ships began arriving. The ships varied from Destroyers to small fishing boats. The USS Ashland and the other remaining naval ships recognized this new government and began working for it. The USS Ashland was given the task of securing survivors and precious resources such as food, fresh water, and fuel.

    The Ashland left and was gone for months at a time. It was in 2055 that Yui became pregnant with Kit's child. Kit, being assigned to the Ashland had no choice but to leave and scavenge/defend the ship from pirates. Yui gave birth to Kazuma two days before Christmas, alone. She raised the boy alone for most of her years as Kit rose through the caste. Kit was eventually promoted to a member of the new leader's "Secret Service". This gave Kit, Yui, and Kazuma a higher social standing than most and put them towards the top of the caste system.

    When Kit was not working, he taught Kazuma how to fish and use what firearms the United Union had salvaged. It was not long before Kazuma became adept at handling both the weapons and the fishing pole. It was on his 15th birthday, when his father had taken him out on a boat to go fishing for his birthday, that tragedy struck.

    Kit and Kazuma decided to go swimming before they began fishing. The waters were warm all year around in the area (Southern Rockies). They enjoyed themselves and swam about, carefree. It was then that Kazuma felt something brush against him. Curious and thinking it only a fish, he turned his head to see the fin just before the White Shark moved its mouth over his left shoulder. Kazuma screamed in pain as it bit down and instinctively began hitting it. Kit, having heard the scream, grabbed his M4 and shot the shark several times, killing it. Kazuma blacked out.

    When he awoke, he saw his mother asleep and holding his right hand. His father was sitting in a chair and reading. When the doctor came in, he explained to Kazuma that the bite would not kill him or take his ability to use his arm away. It would decrease some of his mobility and motor function, however.

    As Kazuma grew older, he continued learning more skills from his father and became accustomed to his damaged left arm. After a few years, he found it easy enough to use his left arm for most of his daily tasks. It was in the year 2074 when Kit became very ill with some sort of disease that had spread through the population. His father died within a few days of catching the disease, as did many others.

    After his father died, Kazuma was assigned to the USS Ashland. He carried out the same missions his father did for many years. In January of 2077, the USS Ashland was ordered to head towards what used to be the East Coast in search of what the United Union called "American resources". They claimed that other nations had been stealing from the Union and sent the Ashland as a countermeasure and to pick up what they could.

    Upon reaching what used to be Charleston in 2079, the Ashland was boarded and raided in the middle of the night. When the raiders were discovered, a firefight began. During the chaos of the fight, someone dropped a grenade in the engines room and it was shot. The grenade went off and caused major damage to all systems in the area. The ship became useless, a floating island of steel. The pirates were all killed and their equipment confiscated. However, the crew was stuck. They remained like this for a few weeks until they were found by the USS Defiance. Now, Kazuma is aboard the Defiance, heading to a new place. Confused and lost, Kazuma can only sit back and wonder what's in store for him. Only time will tell what will happen to him.

    Rp Scenario (Two paragraphs, any scenario you'd like):

    * gunfire rattles around Kazuma and Erik *

    Erik: We need to get to the armory and get some weapons. We can't fight with this stuff * holds up a small combat knife*

    Kazuma: * nods * Let's hurry and get to the armory. Once there, we can regroup with the others and advance towards the lifeboats.

    The two reach the armory and grab all that they can carry. Kazuma equips himself with a Sig Sauer P228 and an M4. He grabs as many clips as he can hold. Both of them finish up and begin to move out.

    Kazuma moves first and motions for Erik to follow him. He descends down a flight of stairs and is met with no resistance. Kazuma continues along and begins to turn the corner when bullets collide with the metal walls near his body. He jumps slightly and turns the corner to fire, killing the pirate with the fourth round. He and Erik slowly advance down the corridor when all of the sudden:


    The pirate jumps on Kazuma and begins ferociously hacking at him with a knife. Kazuma screams in pain fires once into the man's stomach while Erik fires three shots into the pirate's back. The pirate slumps over and gurgles blood from his mouth. Kazuma pushes the body off of him and stands, bleeding profusely from one of the slashes.

    Erik: We need to get you to Doctor Rize immediately! If we don't stitch that wound up soon....

    Erik picks up Kazuma, who leans on him, and begins helping him move towards the medical bay. Both of them notice that the shots have died down and they make it to the medical bay with little resistance.

    Doctor Rize begins working on Kazuma immediately and finishes in what seems like seconds.

    Kazuma: Thanks Rize.

    Rize: Oh? A thank you from the exhaulted Kazuma Takahashi? I can finally die happy now. * she winks as she leaves to attend to other wounded crew memebers *

    Kazuma * annoyed, he closes his eyes and curses under his breath *
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    • Your "IGN" (In Game Name): HunterActual
    • Age: 18
    • Have you voted for Savage Realms at all 3 sites mentioned below?: Yes
    • Any questions/concerns/comments? If not, that's ok.: None.
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    Quote from Nivlaman25

    We are currently in in a planning/building phase on the city of beginnings, we have layout for the 1st floor done and we might release the server once we get 2-3 floors done.

    Good, I'm glad to hear that it's in progress. I will make an app soon!
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    Before I make an app for this, I would like to know how far along the project is and if you guys are looking for moderators or beta testers. I have experience with being a mod and an admin.

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    Quote from Romnas

    I can get you a copy of course!

    I too, would like a copy of the map for single player!
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    What is your minecraft name? HunterActual

    What is the name of the Nation you wish to establish? Great Britainnia/Gaelic Britainnia

    If not the applicant, what is the name of the ruler of the nation?(HunterActual) Braeden Kenway Son of Zeus

    How many citizens does your nation have? What are their names?
    We have eight currently. They are;
    Braeden Kenway
    Adare Kenway
    Erik Ketilsson
    Aodhan Searc

    What are the coordinates of your nation? All of Great Britain

    Give a little bit of the real life history of your nation.

    Great Britain, the largest empire that the world has ever seen, controlled one fourth of the world's landmass at one point in time. Humans have been settled in Britain for over thirty thousand years. After prehistoric times, the peoples of Britain united under many different flags. One was England, another Wales, and the last was Scotland.

    Give a bit of the history of your nation's progress on the server.

    My nation began as an idea and quickly became reality. I built the walls of London in a day with a little help from friends. The towers for defense of the citadel were next. They were finished in several hours. The palace was next and I commissioned a friend to build it for a price. We have also created a farm, granary, several houses, a complete ship, an incomplete ship, an incomplete fortress for the military, and a soon to be financial district.
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    Sorry. Just read that. My apologies everyone!
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    So, I am a bit confused. i was accepted as a mod a while back and asked to be added to the skype chat that you have up. I have not heard from anyone nor do I know of the server's progress. I am still very interested in seeing this project through. Thank you.

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    Quote from crazyal888

    Im gonna wait some time before I apply, but this seems like a good concept, good luck with the building :)

    Quote from Roddo7


    I will defo post an app when i get back home and i will happily help you out with anything

    Quote from DatGuy_

    Nice, i'll be checking this out as I play and build on, the original walking dead server.

    Thank you all! Your support is greatly appreciated! We need dedicated players(when the time comes)! We are also in need of more builders and possibly some texture DEVs! Make an app if you are interested. Thank you! :D
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    Quote from Papa_Efun


    In game name: Papa_Efun

    Age: 24

    Gender: Male

    Country or timezone: United States, uhm I forget timezone stuff. I live in Newyork, if that helps ._.

    Do you watch the Walking Dead and/or read the comics?: I've watched from season one, but missed the last two episodes.

    Why do you want to play on this server?: Getting back into minecraft, and this sounds pretty neat.

    Please explain the Walking Dead (At LEAST a paragraph): Rick was a police officer. He got in trouble with his last call, and woke up in a hospital. He went outside to find bodies littered everywhere. He was almost killed on the streets, but then met with a black dude (I forgot his name, not good with those) Then a lot of things happened. Later, he was in the streets on a horse with a bag full of guns. An Asian boy,(again, bad with names) saves him by directing him how to escape. He eventually meets up with his old longtime friend shane, and his wife and son. MORE SUTFF HAPPENED. Then they went to a place, Rick learned how everyone was infected, went to live on a happy farm, happy farm overrun, lived in a happy prison, angry Governor, meow meow.

    Have you read the lore?: The Coming Soon bit? I got tires after I read Comin

    Did you read the rules?: Yessir.

    What is rule #10?: Something about no military personnel unless you're a donator


    Name: Damon Johnson

    Age: 20

    Gender: Male

    Character's signifying traits and attributes: Nothing really special about him.

    Appearance: Tall, short brown hair, goatee

    Spawn: I don't know the locations, so put me on a highway if there are any. :l

    RP Example (At LEAST a paragraph): Guy1: "Hey, put you! Stop. Put your gun down!" *raises a rifle aimed at Guy2*

    Guy2:"Wo..wait.. what?" *holsters his gun, and slowly raises his hands* Guy1: *shoots Guy2* ((This would be ooc part of Guy2 complaining.

    Character Biography (At LEAST 2 paragraphs):

    Damon was born to a local Lumberjack and house mother. Nothing eventful had happened in his life, so he grew up as a bland person. He started to learn his father's trade of tree cutting. He was able to pick up the trade without much help to learn it. Working one trip, plotting out the new section they were gonna cut along the highway, his father unknowingly lead them near a cave. The cave was a den to two bears, one of which killed his Father. He escaped himself without much injury.

    On a cold night, Damon was working his shift alone. He was assistant manager of their location, so he told everyone else that should have been on duty they could have the night off. It was the anniversary of Damon's Father's death. He went and found the cave that his father died near. On his knees, he prayed to his dad, to talk to him. The snap of a twig made him turn his head, and he saw a very shaded figure, but still identifiable. It was his father. Damon rushed over to greet him, but in return, his father tried to bite him. Luckily, it was a cold night, so Damon had on his think coat, and the teeth couldn't pierce it, but he had played enough video games to know what was happening. But this man zombie was the former of his Father, so he ran. When he got into town, people were and zombies were running crazy together. He packed his things, and set out on the highway, to hopefully find a safer area. Then there was a pack of zombies, and he couldn't turn the car fast enough off the road, hit and killed a few and spun out. When he woke from the wreckage, he heard their scraping around, but the car being crumpled lightly and upside down in a ditch, he was able to gather his bearings and kick out a loose door. Damon has been on the move ever since.
    I know the server isn't up currently, but I just felt like posting it, so when it is, I have something all ready to go on.

    I hate to do this to you, but I accidentally put white-list apps up....they were supposed to wait until 75% of build was done. I am extremely sorry. I will review your app when lore and the spawn locations are added in. Again, sorry.
    Quote from Bailey280899

    I've personally never played the Walking Dead, but Im willing to give this server a shot. ;)

    Thank you! Your support is greatly appreciated! I hope to see you on when the server comes up! :D
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    This server is officially closed. Thank you for the support.
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